first_imgAdvertisement THE HANDMAID’S TALE PULLS BACK THE CURTAIN ON AUNT LYDIA’S PASTAfter three seasons, fans of The Handmaid’s Tale are finally getting what they’ve waited for: a flashback-heavy dive into Aunt Lydia’s life, revealing how a former family-court lawyer turned school teacher became a Gilead-abiding taskmaster. But ahead of this week’s episode, “Unfit,” no one was more excited and anxious to learn the backstory of the show’s evil stepmother than Ann Dowd, who won an Emmy playing Aunt Lydia in the first season and has waited 31 episodes to get the character out of her sadistic auntie uniform.In “Unfit,” viewers see a seemingly softer Lydia wearing makeup and blown-out hair, getting close with a student and his young single mother, flirting with her boss, and even showing off some of her karaoke moves. It’s a stark contrast to the Aunt Lydia behind several of the show’s most disturbing moments, including a mass hanging in the second season. Until it isn’t. READ MORE Facebook Login/Register With: Twitter THE HANDMAID’S TALE: INSIDE AUNT LYDIA’S ILLUMINATING FLASHBACK EPISODEDid The Handmaid’s Tale really need to fill out Aunt Lydia’s backstory? That’s debatable. Capsule episodes like Wednesday’s—which looked back on a time when Gilead’s dictatorial den mother worked as an elementary school teacher—can add depth to a character, providing context for the way they behave in the future. On the other hand, this series has a history of treating its villains with kid gloves—and when someone has done as much damage as Aunt Lydia, it’s hard to drum up much empathy for them, even after learning how they got to be the way they are.But even now, Ann Dowd feels for her character. “I love her deeply,” she said in an interview about this week’s Handmaid’s Tale. “I hope for the best for her, and I think there’s reasons why she is the way she is.” This episode, Dowd believes, is key to understanding the character—as well as how she’s come to align herself with a monstrous regime like Gilead. READ MORE‘THE HANDMAID’S TALE’: ANN DOWD ON AUNT LYDIA’S PRE-GILEAD PAST AND VULNERABLE PRESENTIn season two, The Handmaid’s Tale came to a shocking close when Emily unexpectedly stabbed Lydia in the back before pushing her down the stairs of Commander Lawrence’s (Bradley Whitford) house. It appeared that she had been killed off, much to the shock of audiences, who’d grown to love and hate the unflinching den mother. Only two seasons in, Lydia had quickly become a fan favorite thanks to Dowd’s layered performance, showing her character’s torment over only wanting the best for her handmaids while maintaining an unflinching dedication to the rules “under his eye.”Luckily for fans and Dowd alike, the producers quickly made it clear that Lydia wasn’t going anywhere. “I’m not a dummy. I know what happens when someone opens a script and sees they get stabbed in the back by Rory Gilmore,” jokes creator Bruce Miller, who wrote Dowd an email before she read the script to let her know that her character doesn’t die and would be returning for season three. “Which was very kind,” Dowd says.  READ MORE Advertisement Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment ‘THE HANDMAID’S TALE’ GAVE US THE AUNT LYDIA BACKSTORY WE DESERVEBlessed be the fruit loops. We can’t help but repeat that little handmaids mantra after the latest episode of The Handmaid’s Tale (Sundays, 9 p.m. ET, Crave) and everything that it rolled out. Between the fallout at Loaves and Fishes and the oh-so-anticipated Aunt Lydia (Ann Dowd) backstory, things are not looking good for June (Elisabeth Moss), her future in Gilead, or her overall sanity right now.The episode, “Unfit” was basically what Mean Girls would look like if it were set in Gilead. June and the other handmaids completely ostracized Ofmatthew (Ashleigh LaThrop) after she ratted out June’s plot to see her daughter, and it derailed her. Pregnancy does strange things to a person, but to be pregnant in Gilead, to have a large group of women hate on you (for doing what’s expected of you), to witness the birth of a stillborn, and then to sit in the centre of Aunt Lydia’s hate circle is… well, a lot. For anyone.That overall storyline also speaks to the power June has accumulated in Gilead, and how she’s become an unofficial leader among the handmaids. If you ask us, she’s not using that power very well. We’d even go so far as to call her unhinged at this particular point in the series, a fact that she herself acknowledged when she spoke about understanding Emily (Alexis Bledel) and why she ran over a guard and pushed Aunt Lydia down the stairs. Think about it: what would June do if she actually got a hold of her daughter at this point? READ MORE Ann Dowd ~ The Handmaid’s Tale (Photos courtesy of Hulu)last_img read more

ISIS-Linked Cells ‘Buy Supporters’ in Morocco’s Northern Cities

Rabat- The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has reportedly established many cells in Tangier and Laarache that are buying Moroccan supporters in order to recruit them and send them to fight with the ISIS military groups.The World Tribune quoted a security source as saying that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has plenty of money, and it is using it to buy supporters in northern Morocco.“The ISIS presence stemmed from nearly two years of recruitment of Moroccans for the wars in Iraq and Syria,” the security source said.He said that ISIS has mobilized more than two thousand Moroccans for these campaigns. The source explained that some of those Moroccans have returned to Morocco and established ISIS-linked cells, mainly in Tangier and Laarach, to buy other Moroccan fighters.Moroccan authorities have dismantled many formed ISIS-linked tourist cells, mainly in Northern Morocco. The most recent cell was arrested on August 14, when Moroccan authorities dismantled a nine-person cell, based in Tetouan and Fnideq, recruiting volunteers to fight with ISIS.However, the World Tribune says that the Moroccan government has not acknowledged the ISIS presence, adding that the country has become a hotbed of radical organizations supporters.According to the same source, ISIS has also attracted criminals involved in smuggling and drug trafficking.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

Morocco Rejects Algerian Accusations on Sectarian Clashes in Ghardaia

Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of Communications Mustapha El-Khalfi has said that the statement made by the Algerian Prime Minister implicating Morocco in the bloody events of Ghardaia this month is “unacceptable.”Mustapha El-Khalfi made this statement during a press conference on Thursday, following  the weekly government meeting held in Rabat.He went on to add that the insinuations made by the Algerian Prime Minster, Abdelmalek Sellal, are “unfounded and hence, null and void.” The insinuations are about the alleged ‘involvement’ of Morocco in funding the Amazigh minority Mozabite in its fight against the Arab majority Chaambi in Ghardaia, “For over twelve centuries, Morocco has developed its history according to the principle that it will not interfere in the internal affairs of other countries,” El-Khalfi added.Last week, the Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal accused Morocco of encouraging sectarian clashes between the Arabs and the Amazigh in Ghardaia that left at least 22 people dead.The Algerian PM indirectly accused Morocco of “financing his country’s enemies in an attempt to foment sectarian conflict in Algeria between the Arab and Amazigh communities.”Sellal was quoted by the news website Algérie 1 as saying that: “We know the source of funding for these plans came from one brotherly country and other countries which are not.”“We have in our possession the names of the authors of ‘Fitna’ (sedition) and the youths they are trying to manipulate,” he concluded. read more

World No Tobacco Day: Princess Lalla Salma Inaugurates Reproductive Health Center

Tiznit – Princess Lalla Salma, Chairwoman of the Lalla Salma Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancers, chaired, Tuesday in Tiznit, the celebration of World No Tobacco Day, and inaugurated a reproductive health reference center for early detection of breast and cervical cancers.Princess Lalla Salma chaired, in the “Al Massira Al Khadra” high school, the celebration of World No Tobacco Day 2016, organized in partnership with the Health Ministry and the National Education and Vocational Training Ministry.On this occasion Princess Lalla Salma followed a presentation on the main achievements of “Secondary and High Schools without Tobacco” program at the Souss Massa region, said a statement of the Lalla Salma Foundation for the prevention and treatment of cancers. Afterwards, Princess Lalla Salma visited several stands where students of the province’s anti-tobacco health clubs presented their achievements in terms of fighting tobacco addiction, before visiting the anti-tobacco health club of the “Al Massira Al Khadra”.Princess Lalla Salma handed over computers and teaching materials to six anti-smoking health clubs of several secondary schools. Her Royal Highness also handed over 280 bicycles to students from 24 junior and secondary high schools in the province of Tiznit.The reproductive health reference center of the province of Tiznit, inaugurated Tuesday by HRH Princess Lalla Salma, will help provide 5,000 consultations per year to detect and diagnose early breast and cervical cancers.The new centre includes consulting rooms for the screening of breast and cervical cancers, and mammography, ultrasound, colposcopy and observation rooms. It also has an administrative unit, a pharmacy and a meeting room.Built on an area of 514 square meters, the center’s construction and equipment is worth 3.5 million dirhams, according to a statement of the Lalla Salma Foundation.The early detection program for breast and cervical cancers in the province of Tiznit, targets a population of 21,516 women aged between 45 and 69 years for breast cancer screening, and 29,034 women aged between 30 and 49 for cervical cancer screening. read more

BASL resolution wants impeachment reconsidered

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) today adopted an eight point resolution which included a call to the government to reconsider the impeachment motion on Chief Justice (CJ) Shirani Bandaranayake.Following a heated exchange of views among the BASL members during a special meeting, the eight point resolution was adopted after which a press conference was convened. Past President’s of the BASL are also expected to support this call, Rajapakshe said. Speaking at the media briefing BASL President Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe said that the BASL had reiterated the need to safeguard the independence of the judiciary. He said the BASL will urge President Mahinda Rajapaksa and parliament Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa not to proceed with the impeachment of the Chief Justice. read more

Caterpillar Inc announces corporate headquarters will remain in Peoria after 2year study

Caterpillar Inc. announces corporate headquarters will remain in Peoria after 2-year study AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email PEORIA, Ill. – Caterpillar Inc. has announced it’s keeping its headquarters in downtown Peoria and expanding its corporate campus in what it calls a re-commitment to the central Illinois city.Chief Executive Doug Oberhelman told a crowd of about 200 people Friday that after two years of study, the $55 billion global construction equipment maker will modernize its riverfront complex to include a three-tower building.The company said it will expand the site to 31 acres and add amenities and innovative workspaces to “retain and attract the finest talent.”Oberhelman reassured the crowd that “Caterpillar will stay in Peoria.”Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner was among those in attendance. Oberhelman had complained about the state’s business climate under Illinois’ previous governor, Democrat Pat Quinn. by The Associated Press Posted Feb 20, 2015 11:25 am MDT read more

Ban calls on UN Security Council for decisive steps to end attacks

“Failure to act is an affront to our shared humanity. It undermines States’ legal obligations and the multilateral system as a whole,” Mr. Ban declared. International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) President Peter Maurer told the Council that States must strengthen domestic legislation to protect access to health care and ensure attacks are punished. “Much stronger engagement is needed to turn your commitment into a reality on the ground, to make a real difference for people suffering in wars. I urge you to continue to push,” he said, referring to a Council resolution in May calling for enhanced protection for health care workers, the sick and wounded, hospitals and clinics in war zones. “Just a few hours ago, the two largest hospitals in Aleppo were reportedly attacked. Patients were killed. Medical staff were injured. And all across the country, many hospitals are no longer functional, leaving injured people with little hope of getting life-saving medical assistance. The violence, the disruption of electricity and water supplies and the lack of medicines have severely jeopardized access to health care,” he warned. Wide view of the Security Council during its meeting on protection of civilians in armed conflict. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard “Failure to act is an affront to our shared humanity. It undermines States’ legal obligations and the multilateral system as a whole,” he told the 15-member body at the start of a debate on the protection and health care facilities caught in armed conflict, noting that nearly 600 such attacks between 2014 and 2015 killed 959 people and injured more than 1,500. “Most heinously, such attacks are often deliberate, to aggravate suffering and force people from contested territory,” he said, stressing that international law is clear that medical workers, facilities and transports must be protected and the wounded and sick, civilians and fighters alike, must be spared. “I urge you to overcome your divisions and meet your responsibilities to prevent and reduce conflict and to build peace and stability,” he added, listing attacks just from this May including one on a hospital in Hajjah, Yemen, where 19 people died, and a suicide bombing in Pakistan on Sandeman Provincial hospital which killed over 70, both last month. In Syria, Aleppo now faces the most sustained and intense bombardment in the more than five years of conflict with hospitals, clinics, ambulances and medical staff under attack around the clock, and 95 per cent of medical personnel who were in the city before the war reported to have fled, been detained or killed. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses Security Council calling “to take decisive steps” in order to protect health care facilities and personnel during conflict. Credit: UN News Centre“Deliberate attacks on hospitals are war crimes. Denying people access to essential health care violates international humanitarian law,” Mr. Ban stressed, outlining three recommendations to the Council. First, with regard to prevention, Member States should do all they can to promote respect for medical care in armed conflict, aligning national legislation with international humanitarian law. Secondly, on protection, Member States and parties to conflict must take precautions to safeguard medical facilities and personnel when they plan and conduct military operations, including in military orders, location of targets, issuing of advance warnings and evacuations. Thirdly, on accountability, Member States and parties to conflict should ensure that those responsible for violations are prosecuted and punished, and provide reparations and support to those affected by such attacks. read more

What Do The Rays Have To Do To Make The Playoffs

The AL East has been really tough to winSince 2010, the most and fewest number of wins for the winner of each MLB division, with the average number of wins (per 162 games) required 2008Tampa Bay Rays1096673 2017Cleveland Indians937111 2019Tampa Bay Rays11611715 WAR Rankings by category YearTeamHittingRunningDefenseStartersBullpenOverall These Rays go to 11MLB teams who ranked among the top 11 in every subcategory of wins above replacement — across offense, defense and pitching — since 1995 NL Central1049095.3 1996Texas Rangers1039763 AL Central1028894.2 AL West1058896.6 2016L.A. Dodgers9951146 2002Anaheim Angels9211164 It’s tough to find a more successful baseball club over the past decade-plus than the Tampa Bay Rays, owners of a 1,035-901 record — fifth-best in MLB — ever since their stunning breakout in 2008. The Rays went to the World Series that season and made the playoffs in three of the five years that followed, creating a blueprint for other teams hoping to win on similarly microscopic budgets. Even this year, the Rays sit 10th in our Elo team rankings despite ranking 30th in payroll.But for all of those wins, Tampa Bay has had some lousy luck in actually getting to the playoffs. The Rays have made only three postseason appearances this decade — and none since 2013. Only three teams in the expanded wild-card era (since 2012) have won 90 games but failed to play in the postseason: One of those was the 2013 Texas Rangers; the other two were Rays clubs, in 2012 and 2018. And this year’s team, on pace for 95 wins, has just a 54 percent chance of making the playoffs, according to the FiveThirtyEight model. What do the Rays have to do to get some postseason love around here?Some of Tampa’s troubles simply have to do with playing in the cutthroat American League East, where the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are together currently spending more than twice as much on players as the rest of the division combined. Whether in terms of the average victories necessary to win the division or even just the bare-minimum requirement, those numbers have consistently been higher for the AL East than any other division in baseball this decade: 2001Seattle Mariners111951 AL East1089397.3 DivisionMostFewestAverage NL East1029096.1 NL West1049194.8 Winner’s Wins (per 162 games) 2002Seattle Mariners3410856 Source: In every division except the AL East and NL West, a 90-win team has had at least had some chance to come out in first place this decade. But in the AL East, no fewer than 93 wins have been required to win the division, and seldom fewer than 91 have been needed to make the playoffs, period.1Two 89-win teams — the 2016 Blue Jays and Orioles — and one 87-win team — the 2015 Yankees — have made the wild card this decade out of the AL East. By my accounting,2Using a logistic regression on team data since 1995, with a dummy variable for the extra wild-card slot MLB added in 2012. being in the AL East makes it 8 percentage points tougher for a 90-win team to make the playoffs than being in another division would make it, 10 percentage points tougher for an 89-win team and 12 percentage points tougher for an 88-win team.That sweet spot around 90 wins happens to be where Tampa tends to often find itself, and it’s tough to make the playoffs from that zone when you’re in the AL East. Last year was a great example: The Rays went 90-72 but were precluded from winning the division (the Red Sox won 108 games) or even finishing in second place (the Yankees won 100 on the number). That left only one solitary playoff spot even up for the Rays to battle for, and it was snapped up by the 97-win Oakland Athletics. Baseball’s seventh-best team by wins above replacement,3Using our JEFFBAGWELL metric to blend WAR from and FanGraphs. sporting a record that would normally earn a playoff slot 81 percent of the time in the double-wild-card era,4Once again, according to the logistic regression I ran. ended up missing the playoffs by seven whole games.But the Rays have found ways to miss the playoffs even when the Yankee/Red Sox hegemony was partially broken. Back in 2012, New York was good (95 wins) but hardly dominant, and Boston deteriorated completely under the not-so-watchful eye of Bobby Valentine, going 69-93. Meanwhile Tampa Bay had the fourth-most WAR in baseball, led by star seasons from Ben Zobrist (5.7 WAR) and David Price (5.5), plus solid years via players ranging from the expected (James Shields, Evan Longoria) to the out-of-nowhere (Jeff Keppinger??). By WAR, that was one of the most talented teams the Rays have ever produced. But they underperformed relative to the record their underlying stats say they “should” have had — according to BaseRuns, they should have made the playoffs with a 95-67 mark — wasting a red-hot 36-22 finish over the last two months of the season to end up three games shy of Texas and Baltimore for the wild card.The disappointing Red Sox will miss the playoffs this season as well, possibly finishing as many as 10 games behind the rival Rays. Although the Yankees have dominated this season, tracking for 105 wins, you would think 95 wins could at least buy the Rays a wild-card appearance, in a wide-open year with Boston out of the picture.And yet, here Tampa Bay is again, fighting for its playoff life on a nightly basis over the final few weeks of the season. Once again, the Oakland A’s — in many ways the West Coast mirror image of the Rays — are almost assured of one wild-card slot, putting themselves on pace for 97 wins by season’s end. And after the Minnesota Twins unexpectedly dominated the AL Central race, the Cleveland Indians’ only playoff hopes essentially rest on the same wild-card spot Tampa Bay has been eyeing all season. In the mega-top-heavy AL, one misfortunate team could win 95 games and still miss the playoffs entirely.5And the team that makes it would promptly haves to face a gauntlet of three hundred-win teams, and a 97-win one.If that team ends up being Tampa, it would obscure what has been maybe the most quintessentially Rays-y season of them all, in terms of doing more with less. The team’s best player by WAR (with 5.1) has been pitcher Charlie Morton, who had 1.5 career WAR to his name before joining the Astros in 2017; he is easily obliterating his previous career-best WAR (3.2 in 2018) this season at age 35. Left fielder Tommy Pham (3.9 WAR) had previously displayed his talent with 6.2 WAR in 2017, and shortstop Willy Adames had up-and-coming star potential. But the rest of Tampa Bay’s expected stars — such as pitcher Blake Snell and center fielder Kevin Kiermaier — have been merely OK, if also injured and/or underwhelming.Instead, the Rays have succeeded with a mishmash of acquired prospects (Austin Meadows, Tyler Glasnow), unheralded youngsters (Brandon Lowe), seemingly random pitchers (Ryan Yarbrough, Yonny Chirinos, Emilio Pagan), retread veterans (Travis d’Arnaud) and other spare parts. They still use the opener, still shift a ton and still play relievers in the field before putting them back on the mound. They’ve fought through key injuries to rank fifth in the league in WAR per game, and through Sunday they were tracking to become just the eighth team since the 1994 strike to rank among MLB’s top 11 in WAR from every phase of the game — hitting, fielding, base-running and pitching (both starting and relieving):6Yes, “top 11” is arbitrary. Who cares? This is an impressive all-around team season! 2019 Rays’ rankings are through Sept. 15.Source:, (Fittingly, the 2008 Rays — the team that started it all — are also in that club.)If Tampa Bay does end up missing the playoffs, it would go down as one of the best teams ever to fit that criteria. Its current Elo rating of 1543 would tie last year’s Rays for the second-best among nonplayoff teams of the double-wild-card era (trailing only the 2012 Rays), and its 0.303 WAR per game would easily be the highest of any nonplayoff team since 2012. The last team to miss the postseason with as many WAR per game was the 2011 Red Sox, who fumbled away their playoff hopes with one of the most infamous collapses in baseball history.But if the baseball gods know what they’re doing, they would maybe consider giving the Rays a break this time around. The franchise has already seen several of the hardest-luck nonplayoff seasons in recent history — and this year’s might be the cruelest postseason snub of all, given how many wins the Rays might rack up in vain. After so many years spent knocking on the door with records that usually belong in the postseason, it seems like it’s time Tampa finally gets in.Check out our latest MLB predictions. read more

Its Time To Take The Warriors Chances Of Going 739 Seriously

FiveThirtyEight’s 2015-16 NBA predictions post dropped on Monday and included, right up at the top, a detail remarkable enough to elicit a double-take from any NBA fan still fogging a mirror: the Warriors’ projected record. As of this writing it sits at a tidy 72-10 — as in the same 72-10 that MJ’s Bulls put up in the 1995-96 season, and the standing record for the most wins ever in an NBA regular season.By now there’s a whole cottage industry dedicated to handicapping the Warriors. On Monday, our colleagues at ESPN Stats & Info published an article about whether Golden State had a shot at breaking the 1995-96 Bulls’ record. They found that the Warriors had a 45 percent chance of getting to at least 72 wins and a 31 percent chance of at least 73. Our CARM-Elo projection is a little more bullish: It has the odds of 72+ wins at 54 percent, and 73+ wins at 44 percent. Still, bear in mind: Sensitivity to excellence (and awfulness) doesn’t mean the model simply takes the current data and makes it the new baseline. Case in point: The projection depresses the 2015 Dubs’ point differential of 14.9, which would be a record, to an average of 12.6 across all 10,000 simulations. This is the expected outcome once the model takes into account regression to the mean, a bigger sample size and all the other flattening effects near to disbelievers’ nagging hearts, yet it’s still a few ticks higher than the second-place mark of 12.3, set by the 1971-72 Lakers.What the model can’t account for is the possibility that Golden State clinches home court some time around the trade deadline and suspends its starting five in carbonite. But then, that isn’t really what we’re looking to measure here, anyway. “Will the Warriors break the record, given all the external incentives not to?” is a much less interesting question than can they. To answer the latter: There’s a damn good chance they can. 652612.694.5 59240.299.4 80610.60.8 663423.491.9 WINSSIMSCHANCE OF EXACTLY THIS MANY WINSCHANCE OF AT LEAST THIS MANY WINS Golden State’s odds of hitting astonishing win totals — we’ve highlighted a few milestones in the table next to this paragraph, like the one-in-four chance the Warriors win at least 75 games — are probably a good deal higher than you’ll see in other models, or in the betting markets, where the Warriors are still about a 3-to-1 underdog to hit 73. That’s for — we think — a pretty good reason. One of the advantages of the CARM-Elo projection is that it allows runs of good play (in the simulation) to inform future performance, meaning hot and cold streaks can occur organically within the model.1This happens because the model adjusts each team’s Elo rating after each game in the simulation. So if a team wins one simulated game, its rating goes up, and it is slightly more likely to win the next. When it loses a game, the same is true in reverse. With CARM-Elo, the spread of potential season outcomes will be a little wider than in other models, as it’s a little more capable of assigning extreme outcomes when prompted by extreme performance.That’s helpful given that the Warriors are performing at the extreme reaches of professional basketball. Right now, they have an Elo of 1831, which is a franchise-high mark and the second-highest of all time, behind only the peak of Jordan’s ’96 Bulls (1853), who floated above the Warriors’ current mark for only four games in the ’96 playoffs. For reference, the Boston Celtics have the third-highest franchise peak ever, at just 1816. A falling piano could take Steph Curry’s size 13s off at the ankle on his way to the arena tonight, and Golden State’s sustained level of play this season would already put it right there at the top of the short list of great NBA squads. 641621.696.1 749379.434.3 60300.399.1 61700.798.8 56150.299.9 521<0.1%>99.9% 739779.844.1 530<0.1>99.9 81170.20.2 674394.488.5 631211.297.3 552<0.1>99.9 708208.271.5 57200.299.8 822<0.1<0.1 544<0.1>99.9 696906.978.4 758128.125.0 58220.299.6 Hot Takedown wonders: Just how good are the Warriors?Conversation begins at 13:20. Subscribe to all of FiveThirtyEight’s podcasts here. 62810.898.1 791531.52.3 783153.25.5 719329.363.3 729899.954.0 774594.610.1 685655.784.1 Check out FiveThirtyEight’s 2015-16 NBA predictions » 766776.816.8 read more

CRC ORE proves innovative Grade Engineering® gangue rejection approach at Minera San

first_imgThere are a number of potential technology opportunities to effect up-front gangue rejection in the minerals sector. CRC ORE has been working with several of its mining participants to assess the efficacy of a range of such technologies, assessed across a variety of operations and commodities. Its “Grade Engineering®” approach references a suite of integrated technologies to effect gangue rejection across several separation “levers” – dependant on the textural amenability of the ore domains concerned.A paper given at MEI’s Physical Separation 2019 conference in Falmouth, UK detailed recent implementation trials of Grade Engineering® at the Sumitomo-owned Minera San Cristóbal operation in Bolivia. This Pb/Zn/Ag mine operates with some of the lowest head grades in the Industry – yet ranks as one of the most profitable. The implementation strategies at the site trails were presented and the upgrading of “mineralised waste halos” to ores detailed.Grade Engineering® is an integrated approach to coarse separation (10 mm-100 mm) and rejection of ore and gangue components, that matches a suite of separation technologies to ore specific characteristics. The efficacy of gangue rejection mechanisms is highly dependent on the amenability (or otherwise) of intrinsic ore texture to a particular “sorting’ technique deployed. Thus, there are a number of integrated technology suites or “levers” that can be deployed (either singly or in combination), to achieve effective Grade Engineering®.On the basis of these highly favourable test work predictions on the amenability of the material to this approach, a production trial was planned and enacted in mid to late 2018. The trial comprised identifying ~200,000 t of mineralised waste in the pit which was due to be extracted between April and August 2018. To identify the “hotspot” zones in the pit a further stage of meso-scale sampling was undertaken. This program of testing followed the same laboratory procedure as previously outlined for the bulk samples. In total 40 ~500kg samples were obtained from different muckpiles in the pit. These samples were then processed at the onsite laboratory to obtain the metal deportment responses. The responses were then kriged into the block model to increase the granularity of metal department response at MSC.To filter these identified hotspot zones, the target ores for the trial, each block in the block model was populated with a Response Ranking number which was obtained from previous variability testing. The Net Smelter return (NSR) for each block was calculated. The next steps were to calculate the Grade Engineering® NSR of the remaining blocks at a mass pull of 25% to the fines; intersect the positive NSR blocks with the short term mine plan and select blocks to target for the trial.To conduct the trial a Metso Lokotrack system was purchased and deployed as the screening unit involved. The screening unit utilised was a dual deck screen with screening apertures of 70 mm and 19 mm. The screen was operated over a four month period screening a total of 70,000 t of ore from the 200,000 t stockpile. Continuous sampling of the three screen products was undertaken. A sub-sample of the coarse, middling and fine fraction was taken every hour during operation. The sub-samples were then combined into a daily composite of each of the three fractions. These daily composites were sent to the on-site laboratory where they were re-screened to determine screening efficiency and obtain a metal deportment measurement for each day.Preliminary results indicate a significant financial opportunity exists in converting these low-grade marginal and mineralised wastes to ore feed. Some two thirds of the total metal value of this material reports to 25% of the “Grade Engineered” mass – contained in the -19 mm fraction. The production trial utilising a mobile screening plant being fed with ROM ore indicated an upgrade of 2.67 times for NSR, with all three elements displaying strong preferential deportment signatures. Utilising this upgrade response in the intrusive rocks, a new mine plan was developed that showed the benefit to Minera San Cristóbal is $451 million in profit and has the potential to increase mine life by two years. This return allows for all the costs associated with the re-handling and material movement of the “Grade Engineered” product. Future areas of investigation will focus on applying the outcomes of the current work to investigating waste engineering options of the currently available mineralised stockpiles and waste dumps.The methodology outlined provides the opportunity to assess “hidden value” at any given operation. All the new ore feedstock in this case would have been classified as sub-economic low-grade ore or as mineralised wastes. Their exploitation has the potential to enhance the financial return of an operation and therefore unlock additional value from material that would have to be mined anyway.last_img read more

TOMRA delivers the goods at Stornoway Diamonds Renard mine

first_imgTOMRA’s ore sorting technology has delivered impressive results in its first diamond processing plant application. The company worked with Stornoway Diamonds and its Renard diamond mine, in Quebec, Canada.The Renard mine, in commercial production since 2017, is the first diamond mine in the province and one of six in Canada. It started with an open-pit mine and subsequently opened an underground mine.The conditions of the mine presented Stornoway Diamonds with particular challenges that required an innovative approach, according to TOMRA.“Due to the geology of our ore, meaning we produce very high yield, we have lots of material that we need to sort through. At times, we have the possibility of losing some of those very expensive diamonds due to inefficiencies,” explains Marie-Claude Hallé, Marketing Operations Manager for Stornoway Diamonds.In addition, “our orebody at the Renard mine contains a high level of internal and external dilution called country rock, a significant issue for us, as it can make up to 30 to 40% of the feed to the plant.“With that comes very, very high energy cost from crushing all this waste material that is not diamond bearing. It causes a tremendous amount of wear and tear on our equipment from screening conveyors, diamond recovery equipment, and on a dollar-per-tonne basis we spend a lot of money processing non-diamond bearing material.”Stornoway needed to find a way to reduce its costs and optimise its operation, which is where TOMRA came in.“You have to really envision that TOMRA has actually changed the game in terms rough diamond recovered around the world, and allowed producers to access large exceptional quality goods that perhaps in the past would be crushed to pieces,” Marie-Claude Hallé said.TOMRA’s solution incorporates ore sorting technology into the mine’s processing plant.TOMRA analysed the situation and worked closely with Stornoway Diamond’s team to design and install a kimberlite pre-concentration plant.The specific conditions at the Renard mine meant the traditional Dense Media Separation method could not provide an efficient and cost-effective solution. It led to TOMRA making Renard the first diamond mine to incorporate ore sorting into its processing plant.TOMRA addressed the mine’s recovery issue with its leading sorting technologies, developing a solution with four key objectives for the ore sorting plant: minimise diamond breakage by removing hard rocks from the crushing plant feed; upgrade the quality of the material to the process plant by increasing the proportion of Kimberlite to waste rock; reduce the energy required for crushing by removing the harder rocks; and improve circuit efficiencies throughout the plant.TOMRA’s solution features five PRO Near Infrared (NIR) sorters in its ore sorting circuit. This technology is particularly well suited to enable discrimination between the various ore and waste materials that need separation at the Renard mine, based on their different chemical composition, TOMRA said.TOMRA also included a COM XRT 2400 sorter, which uses X-Ray Transmission technology to separate material according to its specific atomic density, in the plant’s large diamond recovery circuit.Hallé continued: “The TOMRA solution we have in operation has offered us a very low-cost, efficient reliable means of recovering our coarse diamonds without inefficiency, without causing diamond breakage.“It’s a very neat way to get those diamonds out of the kimberlite at the very early stage of the process. We reduce our power consumption cost, we reduce our wear and tear on material.“We are still optimising this unit, and we feel there are even more benefits to come in terms of how it helps enhancing the overall recovery of our diamonds.”Geoffrey Madderson, Diamond Segment Manager at TOMRA, concludes: “The implementation of this plant proves that TOMRA waste sorting technology can successfully be used to upgrade lower grade run of mine and that sensor-based sorting can be used to further improve value recovery for our clients on lower-grade resources.”TOMRA said the integration of the ore sorting plant into the main processing plant was completed smoothly, with its full involvement in the ore sorting plant design. TOMRA also had a team onsite for the first three months of operation to ensure a seamless transition, and will continue to provide ongoing support for the entire life of the equipment.“We chose TOMRA because we find TOMRA’s approach to problem solving to be very innovative,” adds Hallé. “We see them as a solution provider that thinks outside the box, that doesn’t always come with ‘here’s the off-the-shelf solution to your problem’, but in fact engages with us and looks at what are the best possible options.”In fact, it will develop technology if needed to address those specific problems. We always have outstanding service as well, from TOMRA technicians, from engineers, from every aspect of TOMRA Sorting.”last_img read more

Geek deal 29 off the Dell Vostro 3450 Core i5 laptop

first_imgAs we enter into the second half of 2012, refreshed laptops with Intel’s 3rd generation Ivy Bridge processors are becoming increasingly available. This leads to last generation models having their prices cut, giving us some of the best prices we have ever seen on high end systems.Before you go off saying to yourself, “Why would I buy a last generation laptop,” consider the facts. It is a generally good idea to buy the newest technology you can afford in your budget, because it will last the longest. But with processor technology generally only adding relatively small, incremental performance increases, most users won’t be hurt by going with a “last generation” technology. As we all know, most of what we do on the computer is not held back by the processor!Instead, investing in a well configured system that is built to last is a better use of our dollars than paying the new technology tax we typically see with a new product launch. This deal from Dell offers an incredible value on this well-loaded business-class laptop.This Vostro 3450 uses an aluminum top cover for added durability and style. Weighing in just above 5 pounds, this portable 14-inch machine comes stuffed with a powerful Core i5 processor and tons of standard features like USB 3.0, HDMI and VGA outputs, eSATA/USB combo port, fingerprint reader, and a spill-resistant, backlit keyboard.The huge instant savings and stackable coupon bring the price of this value-loaded machine down to just $521.10. While this price is on par with other Core i5 laptop deals we have seen, other laptops lack the business-class features of the Vostro 3450.Visit LogicBuy for the Dell Vostro 3450 14-inch laptop deallast_img read more

Before and After Photos Drought Wipes Chilean Lake From the Map

first_img Amazon Employees Join Sept. 20 Global Climate WalkoutResearchers Transform CO2 Into Liquid Fuel Stay on target For decades, it was a major tourist attraction in Chile, a booming summer playground where families came to sail, windsurf, and jet ski. Now, all that’s left in Lake Aculeo, located 45 miles from the Chilean capital of Santiago, is cracked earth.Once boasting a depth of 20 feet and a size four times that of New York’s Central Park, Lake Aculeo’s water levels began to fall at an alarming rate in 2011, according to AFP. By May of last year, it had dried out completely.Top photo shows boaters enjoying Lake Aculeo in Paine, Chile on Jan. 1, 2013 and the bottom photo, taken at the same spot, shows the dried lake on March 5, 2019. (Photo Credit: Christian Miranda, Martin Bernetti / AFP / Getty Images)“We have been suffering drought for 10 years, and now the lake has disappeared, with tourism, camping, business, everything,” Marcos Contreras, a campsite employee, told AFP.Experts had called the severe drought that hit the central and southern regions of Chile the “mega-drought.”“We have seen this before, but never so widespread,” Maisa Rojas, a climatologist from the University of Chile, told NPR in 2017.Top photo shows a pier in Lake Aculeo on January 1, 2013, while bottom photo shows an abandoned boat, taken at the same spot, on March 5, 2019. (Photo Credit: Christian Miranda, Martin Bernetti / AFP / Getty Images)There’s no single explanation, but climate change is considered a key factor — locals and experts point to a drastic decrease in rainfall. Average annual rainfall in central Chile during the 1980s was nearly 14 inches, AFP reported. By 2018, that had fallen by half, and scientists predict it will continue to fall because of global warming.But agricultural practices requiring vast amounts of water and lakeside development have also contributed to the depletion of water sources.Top photo shows a woman preparing windsurfing equipment at Lake Aculeo on Feb. 2, 2011 and the bottom photo shows the same spot on February 12, 2019. (Photo Credit: Christian Miranda, Martin Bernetti / AFP / Getty Images)While experts have also said the lake lost some water after its aquifers were disrupted by Chile’s 2010 earthquake, many have acknowledge the man-made factors that have led to the lake’s disappearance.Said Antonia Romero, who grew up in the shore of Lake Aculeo: “We were killing the lake little by little.”More on UN Report Urges Action on Climate Change, PollutionHidden Treasures Uncovered in Hungary as Danube Dries UpWorld’s Most Popular Coffee Species Are Going Extinct, Study Sayslast_img read more

Aubameyang buzzing after derby win

first_imgArsenal forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has thanked the supporters after he scored a brace in their 4-2 victory at home against Tottenham Hotspur.Aubameyang converted a first-half penalty and scored a second-half equalizer as Arsenal came from behind to win 4-2 against Spurs in Sunday’s North London derby.“We had a great first half but after the first goal we conceded, we had a moment where we were a bit down,” Aubameyang told the club’s website.“At half-time we were confident. We spoke and we knew that we could do it in the second half, to come back. We did it. Then we had the fans behind us and we had power, we felt strong. We went for the win.”Jadon SanchoMerson believes Arsenal should sign Sancho Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Borussia Dortmund winger Jadon Sancho might be the perfect player to play for the Gunners, according to former England international Paul Merson.The victory took Arsenal to fourth place in the table, but Aubameyang insists that their performance is more important.“I think the most important thing right now is the performances. Of course, we want to continue this form and we’re still winning games,” he said.“We’re unbeaten, so it’s great at the moment. We just have to keep going.”last_img read more

New Mount St Helens trail opens Saturday

first_imgCOUGAR — The mile-long Volcano View Point Trail on the south side of Mount St. Helens will be opened officially on Saturday with a 3 p.m. ribbon-cutting at the trailhead, which is just beyond Ape Cave parking lot on Gifford Pinchot National Forest road No. 8303.The Washington Trails Association and Mount St. Helens Institute began work on the trail two years ago. It extends from the Ape Cave parking lot to a viewpoint on the south side of the peak.Saturday is National Public Lands Day and no fees are required in the area.Volunteers will meet at 9 a.m. at Kalama Horse Camp on road No. 81 to split into work groups for National Public Lands Day projects.Volunteers need to register at more information, call Luke Wakefield at 360-891-5199.last_img read more

Seward statue unveiled in front of Alaska Capitol

first_imgSibling sculptors Judith, left, and David Rubin flank their 6-foot bronze sculpture of William Seward unveiled July 3 in front of the Alaska Capitol. (Photo by Jacob Resneck/KTOO)A statue of the U.S. statesman behind Alaska’s 1867 purchase from Russia now stands in front of Alaska’s Capitol building.Listen nowThe plastic covering was pulled down Monday afternoon to reveal a 6-foot sculpture of Secretary of State William Seward. The work of Ketchikan-based siblings David and Judith Rubin, it was erected to mark the 150th anniversary of the transaction that shifted Alaska from being Russian-America to U.S. territory.The Juneau Community Marching Band struck up a tune as 21st century politicians honored the 19th century top diplomat who was one of President Lincoln’s closest confidants during the Civil War.“You know you’ve heard the history of Seward but I’d like to just recite what Seward means to me,” U.S. Rep. Don Young told the 100 people gathered. “First, he made me a congressman and and I want to thank him for that. And secondly, every time I fly into Alaska and I do this twice a month and I’d be flying either to Southeast or up around the Railbelt into Barrow or somewhere and I think, ‘My God, what a place he did for us’ when he bought us for $7 million … $200,000 or $200 million or whatever it was.”But Steve Haycox, a University of Alaska Anchorage history professor, noted that many who lived here in 1867 resented the transaction between colonial powers.“Tlingit and Haida leaders have rightly called attention to the fact that their ancestors were not included in the purchase agreement despite their having a concept of property ownership,” Haycox said. “To my mind, it’s appropriate that as part of the sesquicentennial celebration we fully acknowledge Tlingit and Haida sensitivity on this issue.”Lt. Governor Byron Mallot speculated that Seward would have appreciated the negotiating skills of the Alaska Native tribes when the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act was passed in 1971.“Like selling the Brooklyn Bridge, Alaska Natives sold Alaska again in 1971 for a bit more than $7.2 million,” Mallot said. “And that was for a $1 billion and 44 million acres of land that we were allowed to keep.”The statue was largely made possible through private fundraising from individuals and corporate donors. It stands slightly below street level next to the Dimond Courthouse.last_img read more

18 dead as torrential rains submerge Thai south

first_imgHeavy rains continued to hammer Thailand’s flood-ravaged south on Saturday, bringing the death toll up to 18 and leaving thousands of villages partially submerged, authorities said.The flooding, which was roof-high in some areas, has affected nearly one million people in ten southern provinces since it started a week ago, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.At least 18 people have died and one is missing, it added, with the rains turning roads into rivers, inundating farmland and damaging more than 1,500 schools in the region.The downpour is expected to persist for at least two more days, according to Thailand’s Meteorological Department, which warned of flash floods.“The situation is very bad today and tomorrow. It’s still raining heavily,” said Junjuda Pornsri, a meterological official.Military bases across the region have been mobilised to help evacuate flood victims, provide temporary shelters and distribute emergency aid, the government said Saturday.In hard-hit Nakhon Si Thammarat province, two army helicopters were deployed to airlift food to families trapped inside their homes in Cha-uat district.Bapha Suthiphanya, a 60-year-old who has spent the past three nights in a makeshift government shelter in the district, said she was forced to evacuate her home after the waters rose above her head.“I was so shocked and scared. I’ve never seen water like this and I also can not swim,” she told AFP.Peak tourist seasonThe monsoon rains are unusually heavy for this time of year in Thailand, which normally sees a three-month stretch of relatively dry and cool weather starting in November.It is high season for tourists who flock to the kingdom’s island resorts, powering a crucial sector of the economy.But the deluge has already disrupted beach holidays in several traveller hotspots, including the popular islands of Samui and Phangan.Hundreds of tourists have had their flights delayed, while train and bus services on the mainland have also been suspended.Yet some travellers are refusing to let the storm stop the fun, with photos doing the rounds on social media of tourists coasting through flooded streets on pool floats, sipping drinks.“Some tourists are enjoying the flooding, they’re taking pictures and going swimming,” said Nongyao Jirundorn, a tourism official on Samui island.Neighbouring Malaysia was also hit by severe flooding earlier this week, with thousands stranded in relief centres in two northeastern states.But by Saturday, the number of evacuees in Kelantan and Terengganu had dropped to about 13,500, from almost 23,000 Wednesday, as weather conditions improved and authorities forecast less rainfall over the weekend.Prime Minister Najib Razak visited Kelantan on Saturday and met with people seeking shelter at a relief centre.last_img read more

Taxi driver shot killed in Playa del Carmen

first_imgPlaya del Carmen, Q.R. — A Playa del Carmen taxi driver was shot and killed Sunday outside an Oxxo convienence store in the city’s Palmas I subdivision.The shooting occurred just before 4:00 p.m. on Sunday. Emergency personnel were called regarding a wounded man laying on the ground outside the Palmas Oxxo at Boulevard Palmas and Flor de Noche Buena Avenue.Paramedics arrived to find the man was already without vital signs.According to witnesses, a gray van approached the taxi driver as he got out of his car to walk toward the store. A man from the van aimed a gun at the head of the taxi driver and fired once before fleeing the area.The taxi driver was shot in the neck. The bullet was found embedded in the side of his taxi.Witnesses called Emergency 911 and reported the shooting. The taxi belonged to the Sindicato Lázaro Cárdenas del Río. The deceased driver has been identified as 35-year-old Alfonso N. Police combed the area for the suspect and van, however no arrests were made.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Hong Kong Airlines launches Sweeten Family Up getaways to Australia

first_imgSummer holiday is around the corner! But mums and dads planning a great vacation with the kids and family might still be in two minds about where to go.Hong Kong Airlines has the best solution! By simply joining Hong Kong Airlines “Sweeten Family Up” Getaways to Australia campaign, travellers will have a chance to win free round-trip Business Class air tickets to Gold Coast*, enjoying the holiday in zoos and famous theme parks in Australia.From today to 6 July, Hong Kong Airlines is launching “Sweeten Family Up” Getaways to Australia online promotion, giving away free round-trip Business Class air tickets to Gold Coast*, which is worth more than HKD$500,000!To win the grand prize, simply visit the campaign site, upload photos of your family to the picture templates featuring different signature activities of Australia, then design a creative slogan to submit your unique entry. Results will be announced by 13 July on Hong Kong Airlines’ official Facebook page.Apart from online promotion, Hong Kong Airlines will host game booth at the Olympian City from 25 to 26 June. Visitors can register the online promotion on site, and play game in the booth featuring tourist attractions at Queensland and Hong Kong Airlines’ “Sweeten You Up” services to win attractive prizes.Besides flying with Hong Kong Airlines Business Class to enjoy sunshine and beautiful beaches at Australia, we have more surprises for you! Hong Kong Airlines listens to its passengers and understand their hassle when travelling with kids.To sweeten up your inflight journey, kids (7-12 years old) travelling with Hong Kong Airlines for the first time can receive a travel journal where they can enjoy various games, fill in information about their flight, and collect photos taken with cabin crew. If you are flying on your birthday or special events, please contact Hong Kong Airlines in advance for a “Sweeten You Up” celebration in the air.Hong Kong Airlines commenced twice-weekly direct service to Australia on 8 January 2016. The new triangular service operating from Hong Kong to the Gold Coast, and continuing to Cairns enroute back to Hong Kong on every Tuesday and Saturday.The Gold Coast route is operated by A330-300 wide-body aircraft, with its business class cabin featuring 32 seats. Each seat can turn into a flatbed when fully reclines to 180 degree horizontally and measures an overall length of 6 feet 1 inch. As a full-service airline, passengers can enjoy the convenience of traveling with up to 30KG of checked baggage on free-of-charge basis.*Terms and conditions apply Enter to win hereSource = Hong Kong Airlineslast_img read more


first_imgLuxperience Helen Logas has sold luxury travel trade forum, Luxperience, to US-owned company, Diversified Communications Australia, effective 4 October 2017, for an undisclosed sum.Ms Logas was inspired to create Luxperience in 2012 with the aim of raising the profile of some of the world’s unique travel experiences and products, and to connect these to elite travel buyers and corporate meeting organisers from around the globe.“I’m quite emotional about selling Luxperience as it has been a major part of my life for the past six years,’ she said. “I’m so proud of my team’s efforts in establishing it as a must attend event in the calendars of the global visionaries of the travel industry. I know I am handing the baton on to a worthy company in Diversified Communications.”Of Luxperience’s new home, and future, David Longman, General Manager Diversified Communications Australasia, said:‘‘We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Luxperience. Helen and her team have done excellent work to develop a strong brand and successful event since its launch. “As a premium event, Luxperience – which features an invitation only hosted buyer model, awards and networking opportunities – is in a great position to understand and service the needs of this growing community. “Since the launch of Luxperience in 2012 the events have been built on similar principles to Diversified where inspiring meaningful connections are at the heart of what the event is all about. We are excited to be able to work with the team and continue the good work, delivering a world class event for the luxury and experiential travel sector.” Diversified Communications is pleased to announce that the majority of the current Luxperience team will transition to Diversified, moving into their offices in Kent Street, Sydney. IMAGE: Luxperience founder Helen Logas/Camera Creationslast_img read more