Twitter user roast guys in hilarious way after they send homophobic DMs

first_imgDoesn’t everyone? Until then, YOLO! #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 GAYSTARNEWS- That’s the only way to get better, right? #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Aditi is ‘a proud lesbian’ who started sharing screenshots of the offensive DMs she gets but also her hilarious replies to them, along with a photo of two women.‘Do you want to be a star in a porn film,’ one Twitter user asked Aditi M.‘No thanks. We’re already stars,’ she clapped back.Yeah, we do get pretty dirty sometimes. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018The messages came through to Aditi on the social media network, Sarahah. The network allows people to provide anonymous feedback to anyone on the network. In Arabic sarahah means, frankness or honesty.Aditi’s hilarious responses sprung from an Indian campaign to promote a greater understanding of lesbians.Organization, Love Matters, started the #LforLove campaign which features a photo series of lesbians in everyday contexts.The idea behind the campaign was to reduce the over-sexualized images of lesbians in Indian media and show they were ‘normal’ like all other people.Love Matters answered the most commonly asked 30 questions about lesbian on Sarahah.‘The perception of lesbians in our society is coloured, in that it only consists of pornographic or sexual renditions. The idea behind this campaign was to change the imagery,’ said #LforLove’s curator, Burzin Mehta.Aditi joined in on the action using photos from the campaign to respond to messages she received on Sarahah.Read some of her hilarious responses here:Sometimes, so does she. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Not many things top this. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 No. Dad is more the whisky drinking kind. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Hell yeah! Every Saturday night. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Our parents say we look like angels. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 The #LforLove campaign wants to show that lesbians are ‘normal’ people not to be over-sexualized. | Photo: Twitter via @AditiMPride Thanks, but I already have one for life. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Guess, you’re right. Aviators are our all-time favourites. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Only when she shampoos her hair. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . Says who? #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 But funny faces are fun! You should try them too! #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Like this. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018 Russia website wants users to hunt gays in Saw-inspired horror ‘game’Seven tweeters who really needed to delete their accounts in 2017Icons in LGBTI history and today share their pivotal stories in 29 portraitsRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : A lesbian in India has shared her hilarious responses to homophobic private messages she gets on social media. You wish. But there’s really no space. #LforLove #lesbian— Aditi M (@AditiMPride) April 12, 2018last_img

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