Webmaster share three core points to get Baidu approval

with a series of scandals broke on the Internet, all kinds of crisis of confidence, a variety of unspoken rule, let the Internet operators have more practical sense to strengthen the management of the Internet, is the time, whether the upper system is still in operation, operators have made some adjustments. Take Baidu, for example, since last year, Baidu’s various modules have strengthened the intensity of the review, which is the most obvious manifestation of Baidu know.

for ordinary people, Baidu know is the most frequently used, because we are used to life, what do not understand, what doubts, want to find the answer inside Baidu. However, the audit system to strengthen the network promotion, for workers is a challenge, to raise the threshold, how to adjust strategies to make website promotion more quickly through the Baidu audit? Next, please look at my summary is as follows: read more

Webmaster must understand the basic knowledge

what is a virtual host?

virtual host is the use of special hardware and software technology, a run on the Internet server into a virtual host, each virtual host has independent domain name, with a complete Internet server (WWW, FTP, Email etc.), completely independent of the virtual host, and can be self management by the user, in the outside world, each virtual host and a host of independent identical. I want to set up a home for small and medium-sized customers to provide high-quality network environment and server, and is responsible for monitoring by senior network management. read more

Ten ways to allow nternet users to stay longer on your web site


Zhucheng forum BBSZC.CN construction also have a day, now the most headache is to keep people away quickly, every day thinking about how to keep it, after continuous consult do the following summary, there may be a lot of

, please exhibitions

1 provides visitors with things they can’t read anywhere else, so visitors will stay on your site for a long time to read your original stuff,.

2, to remind visitors to your site they can easily print the content they need. In this way, they can print on when you browse other pages. No matter what method to use, make sure that your page print interface is friendly or you can offer the special print version. read more

Personal webmaster sentiment we have been working hard


first saw this sentence, it was on a web site. At that time, I was a pure Internet user. I would only check information on the Internet, play games and stuff like that.

the words is the calligraphy font, made into a GIF image display on the site at the bottom of the page, a word from the picture to jump out, finally formed a complete sentence, like a long road, extending to the distant……

at that time, only remember the words that design is very clever, "to add a lot of anger, I also feel that this web site is certainly a very hardworking person, and to increase the trust for the website users. read more

Webmaster training lectures domain name related experience summary

foreword: This is a gathering of friends, we are not limited to talking about domain name investment.


domain name investment is a comprehensive industry with a high degree, can be said that it relates to this aspect of the world, when you really into it, you will find that it is not only an investment, it will bring you great joy, because it is very interesting. Because to understand whether a domain name investment value, you need to go to understand many things, it is a process of learning, your domain name investment vision gradually increase as you learn; and you in some ways to grasp more knowledge, has found a better domain to help you in your field in. read more

Many ideas about SNS

foreword: This article may be longer, as it involves more things, from the SNS community to the game, from 2D to 3D, from community websites to social service sites. But, in summary, it has something to do with SNS. Listen to me, ^_^

, let’s briefly introduce the concept of SNS. The following is an excerpt from Baidu Know Explained: "SNS, the full name of Social Networking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. read more

Do English station begin from WordPress

today, Chinese station traffic has become more and more difficult, the price is not very satisfactory, so many webmaster friends began to consider doing English station, because English station station is much higher than the price, but Chinese, many webmaster friends in the space was the first to take into account their previously used Chinese station program, so began to change the Chinese template into English template away, unfortunately, a lot of people out some of the template is not very satisfied. Here I want to say is, in fact, we need to open the program to do English Chinese station station, first is a lot of energy because we waste themselves, and may not be able to achieve a good result, secondly, some people in the program and it is actually not suitable for Chinese do British station, because after all, many of the Chinese station optimization program is for Baidu, and some foreign website program is for Google, Yahoo and some other foreign mainstream engine optimization, so you use the Chinese station to station and change the program than others is not dominant. So here I suggest you consider some of the procedures of foreign made English station, like Joomla, Man Bo, WordPress and Drupal are some good foreign programs, and is open source, so the plugin is very rich. To do English station novice, suggested here first look at WordPress, although he is a blog, but its function is very powerful, looking for a good template can be turned into a CMS (by the way in the www.en286.cn WordPress English webmaster forum can find a lot of beautiful WordPress business template) recommend him because he is relative to other CMS is relatively easy to use, but when you send it to you for some foreign CMS is easier to accept, this is why I suggest that you do English station reason from the beginning of WordPress, it is worth mentioning that the Google of blog is friendly, it also helps to enhance the confidence you do English station read more

From contact network to site day P tens of thousands of process

from contact network to site day IP tens of thousands of process

1 first we listen to me about my experience, I came into contact with the network from 2001, until 2005, this is on the Internet, chat QQ, listening to music, playing games, watching movies, email, but spent a lot of money, a waste of time, it is often said that the family. I went to a technical school to learn professional knowledge, but also learned a lot of knowledge of the network, also began to make money online began to dare the interest. read more

Baidu is always better than Google in China

everyone is sure not to question the subject. Why didn’t we think about it?. Today also summarizes the

1., Google has been sending traffic to Baidu, and vice versa, Baidu has not been equally rewarded. What are you talking about? Come with me, you in GOOGLE search "crystal" is the first crystal _ Baidu Encyclopedia?. Haozailai super hot MP3 Google first, then what is it? – Baidu MP3 – the world’s largest Chinese MP3 search engine, second -hao123 home site — MP3 (Baidu music search zijiaren) Third – Baidu MP3 rankings on Baidu.Google… You too good. read more

How to optimize the conversion rate of web pages Part Two email marketing

, Facebook, Twitter and Quora user growth team products Daniel Andy Johns dedicated pure dry

email marketing

definition: send business mail or bulk mail to subscribers.

conversion index: from the point of view of email marketing, the conversion index is usually defined by the click of the target page in the mail (containing the final conversion action). Here, let’s talk about the best way to get the converted funnel as much as possible. In other words, email transformation optimization is increasing the percentage of recipients who click to jump to your website or mobile applications. read more

Emotional design how to make nternet products release positive energy

attended the activities of geek Park in Guangzhou last week with the theme "people and machines"". Although the topic of conversation is the relationship between man and machine, I have seen many cases of emotional design. Each user is full of personality, how to best meet their needs? How to make the human-computer interaction process between human and machine to form an effective communication? After all is a cold machine, the other side is full of emotional


has such a line in the movie Casablanca: read more

Anatomical site 34 days day P 10000

just read this article demoseo, site 34 days, day IP> 10000, SEO summary   feel very cow. My station did 1 years, only 8000IP.

will be 10000 in 34 days? No, I have to go to his station to do some research,.

below is a little bit of experience, I (www.yyjuqing.cn) is also an old rookie pull, you pointing out more (dissatisfied brother, do not hit me after the article published enthusiasm, ha)

in " set up 34 days, day IP> 10000, SEO summary " the article does not seem to write the main keywords of the station. read more

How successful is the control quality assurance online design community Dribbble

[core tips] high quality invitation registration, simple interface design and recruitment incentives are the keys to Dribbble’s success, and of course we have to face the reality of the derailment of art and actual work.

this article compiles

according to the article on TNW

design has become the current popular topic, and for start-up companies, gradually become standard. Critical users are no longer satisfied with basic functions, and good design will be the cornerstone of success. read more

How to use Baidu to promote your website ~

1. Don’t use too complex code (just HTML is better), that is, the concise HTML structure.

imagine, people search is also included with the regular, complicated procedures of JS code will be how to see? That means more trouble. If a single HTML code is.

will be easier to regular

two. Do some more links,.

When Baidu

robot to search Sina when, if at the top of the page (relative to the home page, Baidu search is more careful) when you website net pull, it will follow the net out and see what good stuff can be included in the. read more

Humanity Taobao conversion enhancement tool

consumers buy a product, the ability to consume is able to afford, and on the basis of trust, spend less money to buy more and better products.

above that sentence, that is usually mentioned human nature, we must first understand the hearts of consumers thinking, and then according to consumer demand to implement some marketing programs.

through the above points, we know that there are several important elements.

trust, spending power, less money, more, better products.

from the start we trust, to buy something, first of all have confidence in him, of course, for those people who love adventure, they trust in the strength is low, but for most people, trust is very important. How to let consumers trust us, believe our products, the same is said 30 days no reason to return, with what consumers do not think we are fooled him. read more

How should the stationmaster deal with 7 steps to make your web site secure

In the webmaster

training network lecture group, often hear a webmaster blocked and sigh, in this December, for the webmaster is how dark, the station closed nightmare may happen to you at any time, in this special period of time, many webmaster can’t sleep, eat not sweet, afraid of their own website suddenly open. As a matter of fact, we should always be prepared for the closure of the station. A problem will be quickly transferred and the losses will be reduced to the minimum.

crackdown has just begun, I hope the majority of webmaster fully prepared, seven measures, so that the vast number of webmaster website security worry free. read more

A failed webmaster’s bitter pleasure as a cold meat seller there is also a small website

I’m a vagrant, I have a little cold meat store sales, in fact in the morning before, my mood has been very bad, this mood has lasted for more than a year, why? I think some readers have guessed. Yes, I have a small website. I’ve spent all my time and dreams, but it hasn’t given me any surprises. But this idea will begin today. Write it down today and say a few words.

speaks of doing a website, I can say that is a tunnel outsider, I studied the graphic design specialty of the Art Institute in the University, at that time, we discuss every day, the original research, Huang Shuqiang, etc. a lot of design celebrities. Fancy yourself, draw a few strokes, you can paint a brand. But gradually we also recognize their own future direction, it seems that the impetuous youth gone with fantasy and gradually fade away, in that year, I remember very clearly, like zombies not muddle along without any aim, the designer’s fantasy, everything seems to become not meaningful. Finally one day a friend broke up with me. This has become a turning point in my past few years. I have nothing to complain about. I just realized that I should do something practical. Second days break up, we are specialized in web design, the teacher gave us appreciate many colorful gorgeous web design, and it is from this day, I love the web design, I started to do the life. read more

Hand in hand with you to do a thousand webmaster

Internet start-ups, some choose to sell products, and some choose to sell technology, and some choose to open shop, and some choose to do service. Numerous, hundreds of doors, but most still do their own website for entrepreneurship, want to share a wealth of Internet wealth.

Baidu’s rise, Taobao’s win, Tencent’s kingdom…… Too much Internet magic myth seems to be far away from us, but the success of hao123, the wealth of the Czech Republic, tells the grassroots class, seems to be very close to each webmaster. So, the Internet here together thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers, fighting, looking forward to one day, your own website can suddenly be a "angel" fancy, throwing hundreds of millions come, make you happy to sleep read more

Content operation from the landing of tonality and positioning to the construction of UGC ecology

Author: Huang, there are four. Three classes of promoters, 8 years of operating experience, has served several Internet Co partners and COO, designed to share their own experience and thinking about the operation through this serialization. Every Tuesday and Thursday, three grams of oil is updated with the WeChat public number.


, this is the beginning. We are going to talk about another for operation, probably is yet to type something content.

it is said to be "home base", because in the process of operation, the "content" is everywhere. The title of a small article and a Banner guide copy, to a novel, a website content classification and directory, and even a description of activities, and so on, are actually content". read more