Are trail sports better than road sports?

first_imgIllustration by Wade Mickley88% say yesTrails are about releasing the spirit, not simply training the body. I run “on” the road; I run “with” the trail. There is no activity more primal than running in the woods. It reminds me that we are animals. When I run on the road, my legs and lungs are the most engaged parts of my body. When I run on a trail, I watch for rocks, roots, snakes, deer, and changes in the lay of the land. I smell wet leaves and pine resin. Trail running engages my whole body; it makes it sharper and looser. When I run on the road, I’m being dutiful and dedicated. When I run on a trail, I am wild and free.—Chris Alexander, Davidson, N.C. Adventure in the rugged outdoors always trumps the challenges that lay ahead on polished urban landscapes. Nothing beats being enveloped by the living forest, then feeling the raw earth crunching and shifting below, and inhaling the fresh oxygen rushing in to relieve overworked, burning lungs. However, road sports get more attention because spectators can watch them easier—plopping down beside the road or in front of their TV.—Jonathan Poston, Asheville, N.C. Leaving the stresses of a job and society for a few minutes—whether it be on a mountain bike or on foot—gives me a connection to something greater than any human can build. Most trails that I visit on a regular basis run with the topography of the land and provide a greater physical challenge than simply running or biking on asphalt.—Clint Ivester, Dallas, Ga. While being better for your overall physical self, trail sports also provide a better, safer atmosphere. They are primitive and enriching. We should appreciate our forests and trails while they’re still there, because they are being assaulted by development and commerce on all fronts.—Nikki McDuffee, Stanardsville, Va.I have run several road marathons over the years, and I have found that my knees and other joints aren’t as receptive to the pounding they must take on the asphalt. What running I do now is on trails. The ground has a lot more give, and the scenery is much nicer.—Karl Kunkel, High Point, N.C.I prefer to run and mountain bike on trails away from fuel-burning vehicles. Inhaling those fumes can’t be good for my health. A road run or ride may do more harm than good to my lungs.—Torrey Coffey, Loganville, Ga.———-12% say noWhile I enjoy the solitude of running in the woods, I have more fun during the experience of larger road races. At some of my favorites, like the Army 10-Miler in Washington, D.C., and the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta, tens of thousands of runners congregate in a single spirit. The energy is amazing at these bigger races, and I feel like I am attending a festival. It takes my mind off the physical challenges of the distance and lets me just enjoy being a runner.This is what running is all about—going out and having a great time with some like-minded people. It’s also fun to get the encouragement of huge cheering crowds and take in the sights, including many of our country’s greatest historical landmarks. The best way to see a city is on foot with thousands of running friends.—Rick Moore, Alexandria, Va.I rely on road sports for exercise—mostly out of convenience. I need to run after long days at work to clear my head and relieve stress, but living in a city doesn’t give me the luxury of being able to quickly access a secluded wooded trail. The urban jungle certainly has its disadvantages—inconsiderate drivers, smog, and a lack of scenery—but I’ll take it over the confines of a stuffy, overpriced gym.—Mary Graves, Atlanta, Ga. I’d rather head to the track than the trail. For me, running is all about speed and pushing myself to my absolute limits. I love to see how fast I can sprint, and I just can’t do that on trails with a lot of rocks and roots. The same goes for races. I just can’t post a PR on a rugged mountain course, so I stick to the pavement where I can satisfy my need for speed.—Adam Harvey, Charleston, S.C.last_img read more

Advertising Update

first_img October 15, 2002 Advertising Updates Advertising Update The Board of Governors of The Florida Bar considers appeals from opinions of the Standing Committee on Advertising. The Board’s decisions on advertising issues at its two most recent meetings are as follows:1. Illustrations in Print and Television AdvertisementsThe Board of Governors made two important rulings regarding use of illustrations in lawyer advertisements. The Board reversed the Standing Committee on Advertising, voting to allow board certified attorneys to use the board certification logo in their television ads.The board also voted to allow attorneys to use illustrations of the American flag in all types of attorney print advertising, such as yellow pages, newspaper, billboard and brochure advertisements.2. Unjustified Expectations and Quality of ServicesThe board upheld the Standing Committee on Advertising, determining that the following language improperly characterized the quality of services offered by the attorney, in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(3):“For almost twenty years, I have had the opportunity to represent thousands of families who have trusted me and my firm during their time of need.”“Thank you for your trust. ”Similarly, the Board determined that the following statements created unjustified expectations, in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(3), improperly characterized the quality of legal services, and constituted a prohibited testimonial in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(E):“Thousands of clients have trusted us to represent them.”“Trusted by thousands. . . . Turn to people you know and trust.”The board ruled that the following words and phrases improperly characterize the quality of legal services, in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(E):“Pioneers.. . . Pioneering leadership.”“Well-known. . . . Recognized as leading authority/”3. Direct MailThe Board upheld a number of SCA decisions regarding direct mail advertisements, determining that all targeted direct mail advertisements must indicate the specific county where the attorney obtained arrest records, foreclosure records, or other records providing the attorney with information about the prospective client’s legal problem.Recent Decisions Of The Standing Committee On AdvertisingAt the Committee’s recent meetings it made the following decisions on appeals from staff decisions on lawyer advertising:1. Testimonials Not Allowed in Lawyer Advertisements Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(E) provides that “A lawyer shall not make or permit to be made a false, misleading, deceptive, or unfair communication about the lawyer or the lawyer’s services. A communication violates this rule if it: (E) contains a testimonial.” As noted in the Comment to Rule 4-7.2, testimonials from clients or others regarding an attorney’s services are “inherently misleading” because the reader is likely to infer the he/she will have the same good results.The committee found that the following statements constitute improper testimonials in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(E):“[Firm X] has successfully handled thousands of traffic cases.”“Attorney X was successful in having our producer’s ticket dismissed!”“He helps people beat traffic tickets and he’s good at it.”“Thousands of clients have trusted us to represent them.”2. Misleading LanguageThe committee determined that the following language was false, misleading, deceptive or unfair in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(A):“MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.”“EXPERIENCE COUNTS.”“They [insurance companies] recognize that clients receive three to four times what the insurance company offers when an attorney is involved.”The committee specifically noted that the above phrase, regarding insurance companies, is misleading because it does not include a disclaimer stating that recoveries in individual cases are based on the facts and circumstances of that case and are subject to reduction by attorney fees and costs.3. Statements Creating Unjustified Expectations Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B) prohibits any statement in lawyer advertising that “contains any reference to past successes or results obtained or is otherwise likely to create an unjustified expectation about results the lawyer can achieve except as allowed in the rule regulating information about a lawyer’s services provided upon request.”The committee determined that the following language creates unjustified expectations about the results the lawyer can achieve in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B):“Call [A] & [B] at xxx-xxxx and let one of our attorneys take the worry and frustration out of your injuries.”“Whether your injury is the result of a car accident, medical malpractice, nursing home neglect or defective product, [X and Y] can help you get fair compensation for your losses.”“Now let us use our experience to your advantage.”“[Attorneys X and Y] won’t let you down.”“As your legal advocate, I will work hard to make sure you can get the medical treatment and compensation you legally deserve.”“With a structure based on our clients’ business needs, we’re nimble enough to better anticipate business issues before they become legal problems.”The committee determined that the following language does NOT create unjustified expectations about the results the lawyer can achieve under Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B):“WIPE OUT YOUR DEBTS?”“BANKRUPTCY Wipe Out Debts?”This language was viewed as questions only and not as any type of promise by the advertiser.However, the committee determined that the phrase “Get A Fresh Start!” does create unjustified expectations in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(1)(B). Advertising Update 4. Statements Describing the Quality of Legal ServicesPursuant to Rule 4-7.2(b)(3) : “A lawyer shall not make statements describing or characterizing the quality of the lawyer’s services in advertisements and written communications; provided that this provision shall not apply to information furnished to a prospective client at that person’s request or to information supplied to existing clients.”The committee determined that the following language describes or characterizes the quality of the services being offered in violation of Rule 4-7.2(b)(3):“MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE!”5. Targeted Direct Mail Advertisements Rule 4-7.4(b) et seq. sets forth requirements for direct mail communications with prospective clients, such as criminal defendants or foreclosure defendants, whom the advertising attorney knows are in need of a particular legal service.The committee determined that the sentence “If you have already retained a lawyer for this matter, please disregard this letter” required by Rule 4-7.4(b)(2)(H) must appear as the first sentence in a direct mail advertisement, as stated in the rule.The committee also determined that the following language reveals the nature of the prospective client’s legal problem on the envelope in violation of Rule 4-7.4(b)(2)(L):“TRAFFIC TICKET HELP CENTER TRAFFIC * DUI * AUTO INJURY”Pursuant to the rule, targeted direct mail advertisements cannot reveal the nature of the client’s problem on the outside of the envelope or brochure.If you have any questions regarding lawyer advertising call the Bar’s Ethics Hotline at (800) 235-8619 and they will be happy to assist you. You may also review the advertising rules and sample advertisements on the Bar’s Web site at read more

Eskridge, Whigham ruled out of Texas Bowl

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on December 23, 2013 at 1:28 pm Contact David: | @DBWilson2 Defensive backs Durell Eskridge and Julian Whigham have officially been ruled out for Friday’s Texas Bowl, according to Syracuse’s injury report.Eskridge, a sophomore safety, was the Orange’s leading tackler this season with 78 — 52 solo and 26 assisted. He also led SU with four interceptions and saw some action as a wide receiver during Syracuse’s final two regular-season games. Eskridge tweeted last week that he wouldn’t play in the Orange’s bowl game. He will officially be sidelined with an upper-body injury.Whigham, a sophomore cornerback, suffered a lung contusion during a loss to then-No. 2 Florida State in November. He had been SU’s No. 3 cornerback since Keon Lyn suffered a season-ending injury against then-No. 3 Clemson. Whigham had 12 tackles in 10 games this season and finished second on the team with three interceptions.Lyn will also be held out from the Texas Bowl. The cornerback has tweeted during the past months about making a “return” to the field for Syracuse. Head coach Scott Shafer said last week that Lyn would not play in the postseason for the Orange. Monday’s injury report confirms that.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text Commentslast_img read more

Active shooter and soft targets panel

first_imgPanelist Hector DelgadoRetired Navy Seal and Federal Law Enforcement OfficerHector Delgado is a retired Navy Seall and Federal Law enforcement Officer.He has since created an active shooter notification system called ASR that can be used in schools, businesses, and other public areas. Diana MattyWPB  Fire ChiefWest Palm Beach Fire Chief Diana Matty oversees all emergency response from hurricanes to mass casualty situations for the West Palm Beach Fire Rescue. Coming from a family of firefighters she also plans to increase training for firefighters to ensure their safety on the job. With the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton school and students preparing to return to school,  850WFTL’s Karen Curtis hosts a special pop-up panel on school safety, soft targets, and whether or not West Palm Beach is ready for a potential active shooter.She will be joined by West palm Beach mayor Keith James, Fire Chief Diana Matty , the Palm Beach County School District Police Chief Frank Kitzerow, and a panel of experts will address how to identify and protect yourself from an active shooter.Find out if your child’s school is protected by an armed officer and whether bullet proof backpacks actually save lives.Join us on Facebook live Monday at 9:00am for the panel discussion. WPB MayorKeith JamesMayor Keith James was sworn into office earlier this year and has since taken many steps to betterour community and keep us safe.Before he became mayor he was also involved in the community as a  business owner and lawyer who worked with many small and medium size businesses, and local residents, to help them achieve their dreams by guiding them through complex legal issues.His experience working with some of Florida’s top law firms and his Harvard education has served West Palm Beach and our residents well. Stuart KaplanFormer FBI Agent and ProfilerMr. Kaplan is a former FBI Agent and profiler who has appeared on various newscasts related to issues of great public concern.He also is the Founder and President of KSGRMG and serves as Senior Managing Partner of the affiliated law firm of Kaplan Sconzo & Parker, P.A. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)Frank KitzerowPalm Beach County Schools Police ChiefFrank Kitzerow is the Police Chief for the Palm Beach County School district. He will be talking about thesteps the school district has taken to help ensure the safety of students and school staff members as wellas steps we call all take ourselves to be better prepared in the case of an active shooter.last_img read more

Yule debuts for England with Biarritz Cup win

first_img18 Jul 2016 Yule debuts for England with Biarritz Cup win England’s Jack Yule scored the biggest win of his career so far with a one-shot victory in the Biarritz Cup in France. The 21-year-old was 11-under par for the four rounds, scoring 64, 67, 68, 66. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been under par in all four rounds,” said Yule, who was also representing England for the first time. “I’m very happy.” Yule, from Middleton Hall in Norfolk, led throughout the championship – and made his intentions very clear when he finished the first round with five consecutive birdies.   After two steady rounds he teed off on the final 18 with a one-shot lead and compiled a score of three-under which featured two eagles, but no birdies! It kept him one stroke ahead of Jeremy Gandon of France who powered up the leaderboard with a closing 64. “I enjoyed being in contention but I found it very nervy!” said Yule, who also struggled with a bad headache over the last nine holes which, like the rest of the event, was played in high temperatures. “It feels good to win because I didn’t have my A game. One day it was putting which didn’t quite go right, another it was chipping, then I struggled a bit off the tee. So it was nice to get under par by quite a bit.” Yule was runner-up in the Italian international earlier this season and reached the last 32 in The Amateur Championship. He travelled to France with Will Enefer (Wrekin) and James Walker (The Oaks) to play both the Chiberta Grand Prix and the Biarritz Cup. Walker tied sixth in the Chiberta Grand Prix and England were runners-up in the team competition in both events. Click here for the Biarritz Cup resultslast_img read more

South Sound Solar, Inc. Announces the Opening of its New Division,…

first_imgFacebook18Tweet0Pin0Submitted by South Sound SolarWith the same dedication to customer service as South Sound Solar, Sustainable Electric offers full service electrical for residential and commercial properties, including;*New circuits and repairs*Service Upgrades and panel replacement*Smart Lighting and controls*Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers*Heat pump water heaters*Power monitoring systems*Back up and emergency power solutionsSouth Sound Solar began installing renewable energy systems in 2008, and Sustainable Electric continues the commitment to energy efficiency, conservation and renewable energy generation. Our educational approach to sales and service empowers customers to make informed purchasing decisions to lower their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint. Photo courtesy: South Sound Solar Photo courtesy: South Sound Solar South Sound Solar remains the premier solar installer in the South Sound and along with its new division, Sustainable Electric, will continue to provide excellent customer service to our local communities’.Contact us today to schedule an appointment or get a or call 360-352-7869last_img read more

Mallard’s Team of the Week — LVR Bombers Sr. Girls Basketball

first_imgThe L.V. Rogers Bombers take flight this weekend to Invermere to participate in the David Thompson Lakers Invitational Girl’s Basketball Tournament. This is the first taste of East Kootenay opposition for LVR, which has attended two tournaments this season in Vernon. Staff at Mallard’s Source for Sports would like to give the girl’s grand send off with Team of the Week honours. The team includes, back row, L-R, coach Val Gibson, Erica Augsten, Brittany Wheeler, Melinda Halstead, Jayden Roch and Rachel McKenzie. Front, Samantha Einarson, Devyn Parker, Kiandra McLaren, Taryn Scarff and Kylie Mirva. Missing assistant coach Sarah Fuhr.last_img read more


first_imgThe majority of North America’s best racehorses are scheduled to be in action that day, with Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner, California Chrome, likely to square off against Pacific Classic and Malibu Stakes victor, Shared Belief, in the San Antonio Stakes, while Lea targets a repeat in the Donn Handicap against last year’s Florida Derby winner, Constitution. January 28, 2015 (Washington, PA) – Leading online wagering provider, Xpressbet, in conjunction with Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream Park and the Stronach Group, is excited to announce its plans to offer horseplayers the opportunity to play a special Pick 4 on Saturday, February 7. The all-stakes, $500,000 guaranteed ‘X-Country’ (Cross Country) Pick 4 will combine the best races that day at Gulfstream – the Donn Handicap and Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap – and Santa Anita – the San Antonio Stakes and San Marcos Stakes – and will coincide with a live broadcast of those races on Fox Sports 1. “With world-class cards at both Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park on February 7, horseplayers can expect some great wagering opportunities, including the X-Country Pick 4.” said Santa Anita President, Tom Ludt. “We are very excited for a potential rematch of the 2014 Breeders’ Cup Classic in the Grade 2 San Antonio Stakes and an exciting day of racing.” About XpressbetXpressbet provides legal and secure online wagering services to horseplayers in the United States.  It is the industry’s most comprehensive and user-friendly wagering site, allowing customers to wager on more than 300 of the world’s best racetracks from their computer, phone or mobile device.  Xpressbet operates XB SELECT, the industry’s premier destination for high-volume wagering, and XB Net, which connects bet shops and wagering sites from around the world to North American racing.  Xpressbet is a Stronach Group company, which also owns and operates Santa Anita Park, Gulfstream Park & Casino, Golden Gate Fields, Portland Meadows, Laurel Park and Pimlico Race Course, home of the world-famous Preakness. The company owns and operates the Palm Meadows Training Center in Florida, the award-winning Adena Springs operation, AmTote, a global leader in wagering technology, and Monarch Content Management. The Stronach Group is also a major producer of televised horseracing programming through its HRTV cable and satellite network. Customers who play the X-Country Pick 4 at Xpressbet will also receive 0% takeout for their winning wager, as well as 4-times XB Rewards Bonus Points. To sign up for an Xpressbet account and to receive an enhanced $150 Welcome Bonus, please visit and enter promo code XCOUNTRY. P.J. Campo, Vice President of Racing for The Stronach Group and General Manager of Gulfstream Park, added, “It’s going to be a huge weekend. Not only will our fans see four of the country’s most prestigious races and top horses, but another unique wager from The Stronach Group with a $500,000 guarantee. We’re looking forward to working with our partners at Santa Anita and Xpressbet to make this a memorable day.” In addition to the Grade 1 Donn Handicap and Grade 1 Gulfstream Park Turf Handicap, Gulfstream Park’s February 7 card also includes the Grade 3 Fred Hooper Stakes, the Grade 3 Suwannee River Stakes and the Gulfstream Park Turf Sprint. Santa Anita’s February 7 card also features the Grade 3 Robert B. Lewis Stakes, as well as the Grade 2 San Marcos Stakes and Grade 2 San Antonio. “February 7 is a day that many horseplayers and racing fans circled on their calendars weeks ago,” said Xpressbet President, Ron Luniewski. “Not only do these races historically draw exceptional fields, but this year is truly special with so many of the world’s best horses planning to run. We’re excited that the X-Country Pick 4 has become a reality, and we’re excited that horseplayers will have the opportunity to bet on all of these great horses and races as part of one wager.” New and Exciting Wager will include a $500,000 Guaranteelast_img read more