Paralysed lad shows improvement

first_img– mother thanks public for assistanceBibi Khan, mother of eight-year-old Mathew Zaman who became paralysed following an accident on the Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara in December 2017, is counting her lucky stars that the young boy is showing signs of improvement.Injured: Matthew ZamanKhan related that she had been praying for her son over the months, and this is a stage of comfort with the development in his condition.The mother of eight explained that Zaman could not speak, or move his hands and legs, but is now able to sit up with little assistance.“We try to see if we could get him to sit up, but he can’t sit up for long; he does sit up for 10 minutes at a time”, the elated woman told Guyana Times during a telephone interview. Although he showed some improvement, he cannot breathe without the help of a tube in his throat.Khan added that she has been contacted by several organisations throughout the country, and they willingly contributed to the cause with the aim of getting Khan better.Other persons have shown interest in Zaman’s case, and are also willing to assist the family. “People (are) donating things for him, but he needs financial help,” Khan’s mother noted.Nevertheless, she is thankful for all the love and appreciation shown to her and little Matthew Khan over the last few months.Little Matthew was struck by a minibus outside their home at Lot 20 Felicity Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara on December 18, 2017 while he was playing.The mother, who was almost brought to tears as she recalled the incident, said she was at work when she heard about her son’s tragedy, and she immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where, to her horror, when she arrived there, her son was motionless.Little Matthew sustained a fractured skull, which resulted in swelling in the brain; damage to his lungs, and injury to his spine, which hinders his mobility. At just eight years old, the child’s life has come to a drastic point, where he is unable to function like a normal child his age.Breathing only with the help of tubes, due to the damage to his lungs; and feeding only through tubes as well, little Matthew has met a cruel fate. Recognising this, his mother said, she quit her job as a domestic worker to care for her baby. Khan, a mother of eight, said she had no other option but to leave her job.She said this phase of their lives has become very challenging. Matthew’s dad does not play a role in his life, after his parents separated when he was just two years old; so his mother is left to grapple with all the expenses of raising her children and caring for Matthew. Khan says she has a 26-year-old daughter who assists her.The driver involved in the accident had allegedly been charged for dangerous driving last December, and was released on $100,000 bail.The matter was adjourned until July 23.last_img read more

“We need answers; we need justice” – family demands thorough probe

first_imgDeath at Suddie Police StationWhen he was arrested on a drunk driving offence, family members of Lalbachan Bachan never thought his life would have come to such an abrupt end.Family members picketting outside the Suddie Police StationDead: Lalbachan BachanBachan, a 39-year-old father of four, of Maria’s Lodge, Essequibo Coast, died under mysterious circumstances after three days of being confined in the lockups at the Suddie Police Station.Bachan was the lone prisoner in the cell at the time of his demise.Though emotionally distraught, his wife and children are willing to fight for justice, as they strongly believe the man’s death was more than just an accident.A post-mortem examination performed on the man’s body showed that he died as a result of asphyxiation due to a fractured larynx (voice box).This means that Bachan suffocated due to a fractured voice box but a police statement issued by Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan suggested that this could be as a result of a “fall”.But Bachan’s eldest daughter is contending that the explanation cannot be justified.In fact, she told Guyana Times that she told the police of her suspicion that her father was attacked, but the officer who visited the family did not seem to care.“I asked the question; how can someone possibly get a fractured larynx by a simple fall? Something is not right.”“He is not a crazy person to go and knock himself on a wall or if he fall, I would understand there [will be] marks on his head, but the throat have black and blue marks, what happened there?” the daughter posited.Family members took to the streets to demand an investigation into the matter. Even the children were outside of the Suddie Police Station waving placards reading “we are fatherless” and “our father is murdered”.The family suspects that Bachan was attacked by Police officers on duty because he did not pay $100,000, which they demanded for him to be set free.Bachan’s mother, who joined the protest, waved a placard which read “My son life cost him $100,000”.“We need justice; we need answers,” relatives demanded, some even in tears.Bachan’s wife, Samantha, told this publication that she is trying with all her strength to be strong for her kids but she cannot help but break down and cry every time her youngest child asks for his dad.Bachan’s mother, Maharanie, recalled seeing her son for about fifteen minutes on Sunday at the police station. She had gone down to the station since Friday, when he was arrested, but the officers allegedly refused to let her visit him.“When me was at the station on Friday to take food for me son, the police take the food from me and they did not allow me to see he but me hear me son ah cry out fuh pain he saying that he nah feeling well but the police just ignored he,” the grieving mother said.Photos seen by Guyana Times show bruises on the man’s knees, hands and neck.The Guyana Police Force’s PRO, when contacted, confirmed that an investigation should be launched into the matter, as it is a policy of the administration to probe such incidents.last_img read more