Old Man Michael Vick Beats LeSean McCoy in Sprint

Michael Vick might be old in NFL football years, but he can still run like a track star. Just ask speedy Philadelphia Eagle teammate LeSean McCoy.Vick beat the running back in a 40-yard dash at practice after the running back had been calling him “old.”Vick, who will turn 33 next month, outran the 24-year-old McCoy and then tweeted about it after several teammates posted about the race on Twitter.“So today at the field 1 of my teammates called me old,” he wrote, adding that the teammate begged him to race the 40-yard dash. “Anybody want to guess which player?”“Beat him by a few yards too lol,” he wrote, adding #SpeedKILLS to the tweet.ProFootballTalk.com, citing a source with knowledge of the situation, reported that McCoy had been giving Vick a hard time for weeks, calling him “old man” and challenging him to a race. Vick reportedly had laughingly dismissed McCoy’s challenges until Thursday.According to the report, Vick asked Chip Kelly whether he would allow the two to race, and the coach granted them permission.Eagles teammates buzzed about the race through their own Twitter accounts.Tight end Clay Harbor wrote: “The rumors are true… Vick dusted McCoy in the 40yd dash.”Defensive end Clifton Geathers marveled at Vick’s win and took the opportunity to inform some of his former Cowboys teammates about the result. He tweeted: “Never seen a QB beat a runner back by 4yards until today Vick is a fast as mug @JayRat90 [Jay Ratliff] @hatcher97 [Jason Hatcher] @Fast_Teddy [Teddy Williams].McCoy took the loss in stride, joking on Twitter that Vick “cheated.”He gave Vick credit, however, writing that Vick was “Top 3 fastest man on the TEAM.”Vick made sure to let McCoy and his followers know there are no hard feelings between the two players.“Love you Lil bro @CutonDime25,” he wrote. read more

The Raiders Bad Behavior Might Be What Makes Them Good

On Sunday, in a 30-24 overtime win in Tampa Bay, the Oakland Raiders were flagged for 23 penalties, which cost them an even 200 yards. That was the most penalties for one team in a single game since at least 1940 and the third-most penalty yards that any one team has racked up in a single game in that same span. The Raiders have a history of committing penalties — the franchise led the NFL in that category for four straight years in the nineties and set the single-season record with 163 back in 2011 — so adding the single-game record to that legacy is at least in character. Heck, Oakland was already leading the NFL in penalties this season even before that, um, historic performance in Week 8. But what if I told you that the same factors that are driving the Raiders’ penalties are likely driving their surprising success?The Raiders have the second-most penalties through eight games of any team since 1940, but Oakland is also 6-2. That may not be as surprising as it appears, because committing more penalties isn’t as strongly correlated with losing as conventional wisdom suggests. I looked at all team penalties through Week 8 of each season since the NFL’s realignment in 2002, and there was only a slightly negative correlation between penalties and winning (i.e., the more penalties a team has, the lower its winning percentage).1The correlation coefficient between winning percentage and penalties over that span was just -0.10. And that correlation is actually positive for the 2016 season, thanks to the Bay Area teams: Not only is Oakland an outlier, but also the 1-6 49ers have the fewest penalties in the NFL this season. And while most coaches stress to players that they shouldn’t incur penalties, the relationship between penalties and success (as we can see from the chart) isn’t as clear as you might think. Sure, on any given play, a penalty is bad, but penalties are also associated with aggressive, physical play, and those can be very good things on the plays where penalties aren’t called.Of Oakland’s 103 total penalties (both accepted and declined), a league-high 53 (51 percent) of them have come on offense. (On average this season, 49 percent of all penalties have come on offense, compared to 37 percent on defense and 14 percent on special teams.) Of Oakland’s offensive penalties, 18 have come from offensive holding, which is tied for first with the Patriots (who have only played seven games), and 14 have come via false start, second in the league to Washington’s 16. And Oakland’s offense has been flagged a league-high four times for unnecessary roughness, with tackle Donald Penn owning two of those infractions.So far this season, 45 players have been flagged for at least five offensive penalties, and six of those players are Raiders: backup lineman Vadal Alexander (8), followed by Penn (7), center Rodney Hudson (6), guard Gabe Jackson (6), WR Michael Crabtree (5) and guard Kelechi Osemele (5). In total, Raiders offensive linemen have been flagged for 33 penalties, nine more than any other offensive line in the league.That’s a lot of penalties, but what that analysis is missing is what’s happening on all the plays that don’t result in a penalty — especially if those plays include ones where the refs don’t throw a flag because they’ve already thrown so many. And Oakland’s offensive line is doing really, really well on those plays. No team has spent more 2016 salary cap dollars on its offensive line than the Raiders, and it’s paid off: Oakland has been sacked on just 2.7 percent of all pass plays this season, the lowest rate in the NFL. And Oakland’s top three running backs — Latavius Murray, DeAndre Washington, Jalen Richard — aren’t highly-regarded and weren’t drafted with premium picks, but they have rushed 156 times for 763 yards and 6 touchdowns, averaging 4.9 yards per attempt. The Oakland line is getting things done.We don’t often think of offensive linemen as boom-bust players, but that’s what the Raiders have created under OL coach Mike Tice. Because while that unit has been responsible for an enormous share of the team’s penalties, on most other plays, it’s operating as one of the best units in football. The Raiders have talked about building a nasty, physical, aggressive offensive line — and for better or worse, that’s exactly what they’ve done.CORRECTION (Nov. 2, 12:34 p.m.): An earlier version of the chart in this article misstated the time period of the penalties and win percentages shown in light purple. The correct time period is 2002 to 2016, not 2012 to 2016. read more

Central level administrative review meet to be held on May 8 CM

first_imgKolkata: The Central level administrative review meeting of the state government is going to be held on May 8.The meeting will be held at Nabanna Sabhaghar. Sources said that the meeting will start from 1.30 pm. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will be taking stock of the progress of different projects in the state.This is the second Central level administrative review meeting that is going to be held in Nabanna Sabhaghar. The first meeting was held here on September 4 in 2017 and on the same day, the state-of-the-art auditorium adjacent to Nabanna was inaugurated. Also Read – Heavy rain hits traffic, flightsIt may be mentioned that before the venue of the meeting was shifted to Nabanna Sabhaghar, the Central level administrative review meeting used to be held at Town Hall. It may be mentioned that the new venue, with a seating capacity of around 1,000 people, is more spacious compared to Town Hall.It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister visits every district to take stock of the progress of different projects and holds district level administrative review meetings. She also holds the Central level administrative review meeting in Kolkata. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Merc, 2 B’deshi bystanders killedMinisters and top brass of all departments, senior administrative and police officers and senior officers from districts will be present in the Central level administrative review meeting. The Chief Minister will take stock of the progress of work undertaken by each department. She will also discuss different issues of the departments and the projects taken up by them.It may be recalled that after the last Central level administrative review meeting in September 2017, the Chief Minister had raised her concern over the thirty thousand pending court cases, which was leading to a huge amount of recurring cost to the state government. She had also directed the concerned departments to take necessary steps in this regard.Meanwhile, the meeting of the state plan for the 2019-20 financial year was held in the state secretariat on Thursday. The meeting was led by Chief Secretary Malay De. Senior officials of all the departments attended the meeting, in which there was preliminary discussion on planning of each of the departments for the next financial year.last_img read more

Capturing the visible and invisible

first_imgAlliance Française de Delhi in association with International Women Photographers Association (IWPA) will present an exhibition titled ‘International Women Photographers Awards- Edition 2018’.The exhibition will be on view from August 4-12 at Galerie Romain Rolland, Alliance Française de Delhi every day from 11 am – 8 pm.It’s an exhibition showcases the works of 11 photographers who have been selected from the 60 short-listed candidates.More than 600 women photographers from 82 countries have submitted their entries to the International Women Photographers Award (IWPA). Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe results demonstrate the outstanding success of the IWPA award around the world as the selected photographers come from the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America.This exhibition is a display of photographs taken from each photographer’s series. The participants could choose between either the ‘free theme’ or the IWPA theme 2018 ‘Visible/Invisible’.The final list of the selected photographers include names like Loulou Daki – Swedish, Annalisa Natali Murri – Italian, Estelle Lagarde – French, Tahmineh Monzavi – Iranian, Elahe Abdolahaba – Iranian, Alice Mann – South African, Shu-Chen Chen – Taiwanese and Marylise Vigneau – French among others. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveOne of the finalists Constanza Portnoy, a participant from Argentina will be displaying her series titled ‘Force of Life’ in the upcoming exhibition. Her powerful and deeply moving series will portray the lives of people with disabilities.On speaking about her series she says, “I feel excited, honoured and very happy, especially because in Argentina it is very difficult to raise awareness about this issue.”It is unfortunate that the rights of people with disabilities are very vulnerable over there.”last_img read more

10 Ways Slackbots Will Change the Future of Work

first_img Enroll Now for Free 6 min read Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Now Chatbots have proven to be reliable tools that can be used to increase your sales and improve your marketing efforts. Today, hundreds of companies are already harnessing the power of AI-powered virtual assistants. Although most of these organizations use them to help consumers, others have also started to use them as an internal growth-hacking tool.With the development of business-oriented messaging applications like Slack, the stage is set for chatbots to revolutionize the way we do business. Slackbots that are designed to help a company’s employees are often referred to as internal-facing chatbots, and they can help your employees by answering questions and providing solutions when they need it.In order to help you understand how these AI-powered virtual assistants can improve your internal operations, I’ve put together an article discussing how Slackbots will change the future of work as we know it.What are chatbots?Chatbots are dedicated pieces of software that are designed to help users carry out different tasks by implementing machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). This means that bots can interact with your employees and help them without the assistance of another human being.The main reason Slackbots are used, and their most obvious application, is to improve communications across your entire company. In addition, they’re capable of carrying out a huge array of tasks that have a major impact on your organization.That being said, in order to set up a successful Slackbot, you have to invest a significant amount of time and effort into its development and optimize it on a regular basis.Related: Top 10 Best Chatbot Platform Tools to Build Chatbots for Your BusinessBuilding your own bot.The first step to implementing a successful chatbot is choosing the right building platform. ChattyPeople offers a chatbot-creating platform because it allows users to build an AI-powered virtual assistant without any coding knowledge in just a matter of minutes.ChattyPeople offers a purely visual interface that uses “building blocks” to build your Slackbot. Moreover, because you can create bots for free, you can experiment and create different versions before deciding which one to implement into your business. You can then launch your virtual assistant through Slack and allow your team to start enjoying a more streamlined work experience.Related: Enterprise Chatbots Platforms and the Future of WorkHow slackbots will change the future of work.Slack is already an effective business application, and implementing a chatbot can turn it into the most important tool your employees have available. Using a Slackbot will completely change the way companies operate because they can:1. Enhance communications.Companies that employ Slack often have good communication, and employing a chatbot can improve this across the board. Instead of depending on your team members to respond to inquiries or schedule appointments, Slackbots can help arrange meetings and provide information instantly.Related: Enterprise Chatbots and the Conversational Commerce Revolutionizing Business2. Centralize tasks.Although Slackbots shouldn’t replace important pieces of software, such as CRMs, they can help centralize all business applications and work as an oracle for your company. In lieu of having to switch from one program to another, your employees will be able to ask a question directly to your Slackbot or simply ask them to carry out any tasks they need.3. Sync all your departments.Effective business models break down their operations into specific departments. Most of the time, each department is addressed independently, which can create synchronization issues and result in negative experiences. Slackbots can synchronize all departments by sending out mass notifications, confirming they’re delivered, and answering any questions about any changes that have been made.Related: How to Create a Facebook Messenger Chatbot For Free Without Coding4. Provide a personal assistant for all your team.Traditionally, only business leaders have had access to a personal assistant. However, if you implement a Slackbot, you’ll allow all of your employees to have a dedicated assistant to help them with their tasks without having to hire new team members.5. Analyze big data.Big data plays a vital role in the success of most organizations. That being said, you often need to hire analysts and dedicate hours of manpower into interpreting these findings. Slackbots can help you by sorting and analyzing big data in a matter of hours or minutes. The best part is they can present its findings in a logical manner to decision makers, relevant team members, or the entire organization, as required.Related: 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Expert Tips6. Simplify tasks.There are many tasks that are repetitive and monotonous, yet essential for the operations of any company. Slackbots can help simplify these tasks because they can carry out most, if not all, of them. You just have to set up your bot to automatically take care of them or give your bot direct instructions each time you need it to carry out these actions for you.7. Keep your workers informed.Employees who feel like they’re part of a team tend to perform better. The best way to motivate your workers is by keeping them informed about all changes and decisions, regardless of how small they may be. Slackbots can help keep all your employees updated and will let you know if there are recurring questions that need to be addressed immediately.8. Improve scalability.The main problem with many growth-hacking tools is that they’re not intended to grow. Bots are designed to interact with thousands of users simultaneously, so they provide an awesome tool that will grow with your company every step of the way.Related: 10 Facebook Messenger Chatbot Marketing Expert Tips9. Minimize turnaround.Because they improve communications, help your employees manage their time, and cut out the need for certain actions, chatbots can greatly reduce turnaround and production time without affecting quality.10. Promote smoother B2B applications.Companies that provide services and products to other businesses can use Slackbots to create a smoother and seamless experience for their clients. Instead of overloading your sales team, you can allow your bot to answer B2B inquiries and program them to bring in a sales representative once your potential clients have shown legitimate interest in your products or services.Finally…If you’re looking for the most effective way to improve your company’s overall performance, implementing a Slackbot can help you organize your business and make sure everyone is on the same page. Follow the tips outlined above and you’ll experience firsthand the impact that Slackbots can have on a business’s success. September 26, 2017 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience.last_img read more