Watch moe.’s Al Schnier Join Pigeons Playing Ping Pong For Extended “Poseidon” Jam At Summer Camp 2018 [Pro-Shot]

first_imgOn May 25th, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong hit the Sunshine Stage at the annual Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL. Toward the end of their set, Pigeons welcomed moe.‘s Al Schnier to join them for one of their fan-favorite jam vehicles, “Poseidon”. The result: an electrified rendition of the song that the band patiently built to a towering peak with the help of the seasoned moe. guitarist.Today, Summer Camp has released a full pro-shot video of the memorable jam as the first installment of their “Summer Camp Sessions” video series. The gorgeous video, directed by renowned photographer Jay Blakesberg and edited by Jake Wisdom, captures the sit-in in all its glory—from the skillful performance to the massive crowd to the breathtaking glow of the sky as brought on by some encroaching storms (The rain that did eventually fall gave life to a brilliant rainbow that arced over the concert field).[Photo: Phierce Photo by Keith G.]You can watch the beautiful footage of Pigeons jamming out with Al Schnier below:Pigeons Playing Ping Pong w/ Al Schnier (moe.) – “Poseidon” [Pro-Shot][Video: SummerCampFest]Setlist: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong | Summer Camp Music Festival | Chillicothe, IL | 5/25/18The Liquid, Somethin’ For Ya > Julia > Kashmir > Julia, Porcupine, Poseidon*, Fun In FunkNotes:* w/ Al Schnier (moe.) on guitarTomorrow, Thursday, July 12th, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will join moe. at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, marking their first show at the iconic venue after their initial Red Rocks play with moe. was canceled last year due to Rob Derhak‘s cancer diagnosis. In a recent interview with Live For Live Music, Pigeons’ Greg Ormont mused about the cancellation as he considered the fact that the band would now, at long last, make their Red Rocks debut:Allegedly. … I mean, we’re scheduled for it again. [laughs] … After experiencing getting the Red Rocks offer and then having it be taken away, for very good reason, it made me realize that you only “play Red Rocks” once you’ve actually played Red Rocks. So…[laughs]…July 12th, we’re both very stoked, and once it’s in the books, we will revel in it.Tickets for tomorrow night’s moe. Red Rocks show with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong are available here. For those unable to make it out, you can tune into a stream of the show, courtesy of read more

Belles invite fathers for Senior Dads Weekend

first_imgMembers of the Saint Mary’s class of 2014 and their fathers enjoyed events at Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame this weekend during the College’s annual Senior Dads Weekend. Susie Larson, vice president of the 2014 class board, who helped organize the event, said the board worked hard to find an open weekend for this event since last spring, because it had to account for the numerous events on campus and the football schedule. Larson said there was a great deal of interest in all of the scheduled events, which resulted in a large turnout from the senior class and their fathers. “The weekend had 280 students register and our class is 298 strong, so we were extremely excited about the turnout,” Larson said.  Student body president Kat Sullivan said the class board did a good job of including the entire senior class community. “Regardless of who the father figure is in a girl’s life, the class board made sure the events were welcoming to all, including some mothers,” Sullivan said.  The weekend’s events opened with a beer garden and silent auction Friday evening in the College’s Student Center.  Sullivan said the event included an open bar with all types of beer and wine, and the silent auction was filled with donated items from the fathers. “Whatever money that was made from the auction was then given to the class of 2014’s board, so it was a great way to fundraise for future class events,” Sullivan said.  “Also, everyone who went got a beer sty with a French cross on it and little koozies with bowties on them to commemorate the weekend.” On Saturday, the College Archives and the Riedinger House were open for morning tours. Sullivan said this helped the girls to share their College’s history with their fathers.  Senior Bridget Byrne said the tours of Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday afternoon were one of her favorite parts of the weekend, as well as a watch party for the Notre Dame vs. ASU game at CJ’s Bar later that evening. “I have always loved watching games with my Dad, so this was something special for us to do together before graduation,” Byrne said. “It was also so fun to do push-ups in CJ’s during the game watch, and I know all of my friends were really looking forward to this weekend after all of the fun we had at Junior Mom’s Weekend last spring.” The weekend culminated with Mass in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit in Le Mans Hall on Saturday night, Sullivan said.  At the Mass, Saint Mary’s students and their fathers celebrated their relationships.  The celebrant, Fr. John Pearson, stressed the importance of letting their parents know how grateful the students were for their love and support, Sullivan said.  “Fr. John talked a lot about making sure us girls recognized that our fathers make sacrifices for us not because they’re expecting a thank you, but because they love us,” Sullivan said. “I think that that really resonated with a lot of girls and their fathers that were present.” The parent weekends at Saint Mary’s are among many students’ favorite traditions on campus, Larson said. “I am a strong supporter in how Saint Mary’s organizes their parent weekends throughout our four years on campus because I think it reflects our experience growing as young women,” she said. Contact Caroline Stickell at cstick01@saintmarys.edulast_img read more