Fate of truck driver in Humboldt bus crash will test sentencing system

first_imgA legal expert says the punishment for the truck driver responsible for the deadly Humboldt Broncos bus crash will put Canada’s sentencing provisions to the test.Jennifer Quaid, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, said she believes it will be difficult for a judge to arrive at a proportionate sentence for Jaskirat Singh Sidhu.“It’s a real test of our sentencing regime,” said Quaid. “This is sort of the nightmare scenario where you have a mixture of … factors that point in different directions if you look at our sentencing law.”Sidhu admitted he caused the collision that killed 16 people and injured 13 when he barrelled through a stop sign in his transport truck at a rural Saskatchewan intersection last April. Sidhu was not hurt.He pleaded guilty to 29 dangerous driving charges and is to be sentenced March 22.In a sentencing hearing this week, the Crown argued Sidhu should serve 10 years in prison and be banned from driving for 10 years. The defence, although citing cases with shorter sentences, did not propose a specific alternative.Judge Inez Cardinal’s task will be to find a sentence that strikes a balance between the consequences of the offence and the blameworthiness of the offender, said Quaid.While Sidhu pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, it was not a hit and run, he wasn’t impaired, nor was he speeding, or texting and driving, Quaid noted.On the other hand, she said, the outcome of his actions was horrific.“On the one side you got terrible consequences. On the other side you have a mistake that is not the worst of the mistakes,” she said.“What’s the right answer?”She believes the Crown is taking a hard line in proposing a 10-year prison sentence.“It doesn’t seem proportionate to his moral blameworthiness,” said Toronto criminal defence lawyer Daniel Brown. “It doesn’t seem proportionate to his actions.”Brown said determining a proper sentence for Sidhu will be challenging because the judge lacks comparable cases.He also said the typical signs of bad driving are missing. That makes it tough to craft a sentence that discourages people from a specific action, such as drinking and driving.  “How do we deter other people from missing stop signs?” Brown said.“He wasn’t distracted by his cellphone,” he said. “He simply missed the traffic signal.”Both Quaid and Brown said another significant factor Cardinal must  weigh is Sidhu’s guilty plea.“This is a person who has exactly the reaction that we hope … every person convicted or found guilty of a crime would have — to have this deep reflection, this absolute acceptance of responsibility,” Quaid said.Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Presslast_img read more

The great CanadaPhilippines diplomatic garbage dispute of 2019 seems almost over

first_imgOTTAWA — Canada’s garbage is coming home from the Philippines.Canada has made a formal offer to have more than six dozen containers of Canadian household trash returned to the Port of Vancouver nearly six years after it was sent to Manila labelled incorrectly as plastics for recycling.The Canadian offer came around the same time as the Philippines has ordered its Bureau of Customs to get the containers back on a ship bound for Canada no later than May 15.Last month President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to declare war on Canada if it didn’t take back its trash and set this week as a deadline for an end to the impasse.Duterte’s colourful comments were matched by his foreign secretary Teodoro Locsin, who tweeted this week that he is going after the Filipino importers who brought the trash into the country but dismissed suggestions they should be sent to Canada with the garbage because that would be “too much pollution.”Global Affairs Canada spokesman Adam Austen says Canada hasn’t received a formal reply to the offer to bring the garbage back but tweeted that the garbage would be on boats by May 15 “no ifs or buts.”The Canadian Presslast_img read more

TV And Radio Presenter Named As UNICEF UKs New President

first_imgTV and radio presenter, Kirsty Young, has been announced as UNICEF UK’s new President, taking over from Lord Ashdown who has been in the position for the last six years.With her exceptional background in journalism, news and current affairs, Kirsty will bring a host of skills to the role, along with passion and dedication for UNICEF, the world’s leading children’s organisation.Kirsty, who presents Desert Island Discs on BBC Radio 4 and also fronts a variety of television programmes, brings impressive experience to the role. She began her broadcasting career twenty five years ago at BBC Radio Scotland and her work has been wide-ranging with stints anchoring network news and television series including BBC’s Crimewatch. Kirsty is a keen long term supporter of UNICEF UK and most recently helped to launch 7: The David Beckham Fund for UNICEF.David Bull, Executive Director, UNICEF UK said: “We’re thrilled to announce Kirsty Young as the new President of UNICEF UK. She brings incredible experience to the role alongside a strong belief in UNICEF’s work for children across the world. Kirsty is able to speak about the issues facing these children with authority and passion. I am excited to have brought a powerful new voice to our mission for children. Kirsty has a natural synergy with UNICEF, it’s values and our desire to put children first. Her experience of current affairs made Kirsty a natural choice for President and we look forward to working with her over the coming years.”Kirsty Young, UNICEF UK’s President, added: “I am delighted to step into the role of President for UNICEF UK and it’s a privilege to follow in the footsteps of Lord Ashdown. I hope that I’m able to help by shining a light on the vital work UNICEF does with children in danger across the world. As a mother, I can think of nothing more important than keeping vulnerable children safe and healthy. UNICEF is dedicated to that cause and I can’t wait to get started by doing my bit to help such a brilliant organisation.”last_img read more

Escalation of Iran-Saudi Arabia Row Could Have Disastrous Effects on the…

New York – The conflict that has erupted in the last few days in Iran and Saudi Arabia has the Middle East under further stress. Saudi Arabia’s execution on Saturday morning of Shia cleric Nimr al-Nimr was denounced by Iranians, who labeled it as a “crime.”On the same evening, angry Iranian protesters stormed and torched the Saudi Embassy in Tehran and the Saudi Consulate in the city of Mashad, in northern Iran. The confrontations led to a series of statements in which both the Saudi and Iranian governments have lashed out at each other’s actions, which ended in Saudi Arabia severing its ties with Iran.Moroccan political analyst M’hammed Grine listed the implications that this Middle Eastern crisis have not only in the region, but at the global level.“Although relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia have always been marked by tensions, but since the unrest triggered by Iranian pilgrims in Mecca, about fifteen years ago, tension between the two countries has never been as alarming,” the high ranking member of the Party of Progress and Socialism (PPS) said in a statement to Morocco World News.“This event carries the risk of destabilization in the Middle East and beyond. If the situation escalates, this could greatly destabilize countries in the region, which are already grappling with precarious internal situations, like Yemen, Syria and even Iraq,” the graduate of the prestigious Centre d’Etudes Diplomatiques et Stratégiques of Paris, added.In Morocco where public opinion is concerned about the crisis between Saudi Arabia and Iran, the authorities are following the development of the situation with “great attention”.There is a “fear that the current excesses will take an unmanageable dimension,” Grine said citing a statement from MAEC.“Morocco relies on the wisdom of the Saudi and Iranian officials to prevent the current situation from spreading to other countries in the region already facing many challenges and multiple elements of fragility,” the Moroccan government said on Sunday.The Moroccan politician firmly believes that due to the “strategic positions” and “key roles” of both countries in the conflicts of the region, this crisis must end to avoid further chaos.“If this crisis is not curbed, it could have adverse consequences on the resolution processes that have been initiated, which would further exacerbate tensions and threaten worldwide peace and security,” Grine said.A larger conflict would “thwart any efforts made by the international community to combat the scourges of our time, such as terrorism and transnational crime,” the analyst stressed.Moreover, Grine believes the religious implications of a violent fight between the two major Muslim communities in Saudi Arabia and Iran, would affect Islam worldwide.“This crisis carries the danger of a serious division within the Muslim world between Sunnis and Shiites, which would cause a disastrous cleavage and carries all risks and calamities,” the human rights advocates highlighted.Analyzing the detrimental effects of this conflict, Grine reflected on the possibility of putting an end to the fight and for both countries to reconcile their differences.“It is therefore clear that the escalation in the crisis between the two countries is in nobody’s interest,” he affirmed, adding that “the voice of wisdom around the world urges both countries to exercise restraint and circumspection.” read more

Uproar in Morocco After Minister Participates in Sit-in Against Boycott

Rabat – In an unprecedented move, Minister of Governance and General Affairs Lahcen Daoudi participated Tuesday night in a sit-in held by workers at Centrale Danone in front of the parliament in Rabat. The minister’s participation sparked outrage among Centrale Danone boycotters who decried Daoudi as the first minister to stand against the demands of citizens.Approximately 2,000 workers of the dairy company protested in a sit-in held late on Tuesday in front of the parliament. Daoudi, along with the protesters,  chanted slogans against the boycott that is targeting the high prices of the company’s products.The workers were protesting losing their jobs after a month and a half of the boycott, which started on April 20. Carrying banners denouncing the boycott, the workers also blamed the government for “degrading the purchasing power of Moroccans,” according to Reuters.Daoudi angers El Othmani?Several Moroccan media outlets reported that Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani has expressed anger over the participation of Daoudi in the sit in. Sources close to El Othmani also claimed that he called on Daoudi to denounce his participation in the sit-in.Daoudi, however, denied that El Othmani expressed anger. “He called me to ask if I was participating in the sit-in and I confirmed affirmatively.”He added that the workers asked him to participate in the boycott and he accepted their request.“I am a citizen before being a minister,” said Daoudi.Daoudi, “spokesperson” for Centrale DanoneThe workers’ protest did not surprise boycotters as much as Daoudi’s participation.Criticizing Daoudi,  a boycotter tweeted: “Is Daoudi the Minister of Agriculture or the owner of Centrale Danone?”????:??????? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ???? ??????. ??????? ????? ?? ?????? ???? ???? ????????.— Said Noussi (@noussielec) June 6, 2018Daoudi has been subject to backlash since the launch of the boycott for statements he made to the Moroccan press.Defending Centrale Danone, the minister said in an interview with Moroccan television channel Al Oula on May 31 that the boycott is ongoing for “no reason,” adding that the “instigators of this movement are playing with fire.”He also claimed that the company’s profit margin is 0.9 percent.  Many people supporting the boycott have heavily criticized and trolled Daoudi for his statements on social media.The photo of Moroccan football player, Mehdi Benatia, who sheltered a little girl from the rain during a friendly game against Slovakia, has provoked boycotters. A Twitter posted an edited photo of the footballer, depicting Daoudi sheltering Centrale Danone from running boycotters.«Au Maroc, gouverner c’est pleuvoir» – Theodore Steeg1 siècle plus tard, Lahcen Daoudi sert de parapluie ????? pic.twitter.com/nAXhCcAVJc— Mohamed Ezzouak (@BouchtaJebli) June 6, 2018Other boycotters changed the name of Centrale Danone into Daoudi.Il faut sauver le soldat Danone : Lahcen Daoudi prend le maquis. Titre de mon billet satirique de ce matin sur @yabiladi_fr ?? pic.twitter.com/NfqQ9GGnkT— Mohamed Ezzouak (@BouchtaJebli) June 6, 2018Another internet user described Daoudi as “the most pathetic person in Morocco.”“Lahcen Daoudi does not represent me as a minister. He only represents Centrale company.”???? ??????? ?? ?????? ????? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ???? #????_??????— Kherjouj hassan (@kherjoujhassan) June 6, 2018Some boycotters have expanded their focus to call on the government to remove Daoudi from the government after his actions.“If Doaudi is not removed from government after protesting at parliament, let us pray for the country.”??? ?? ??? ????? ???? ??????? ?? ??????? ????? ??? ????? ???? ???????? ?????? ?????? ??? ?????— Rien de Rien (@chibhmotakaf) June 5, 2018The boycott pushed Centrale Danone to cut 30 percent of its orders from 12,000 farmers on May 29. The company also announced a loss of MAD 150 million in the first half of 2018 on June 4.For the past seven weeks, the government and officials of Centrale Danone have been calling on citizens to end the boycott on Centrale Danone. Boycotters, however, declined the request, demanding the company to lower its prices.The campaign is also targeting Sidi Ali mineral water and Afriquia gas. The government, however, has yet to take a stance regarding the boycott against the other two companies. read more

Avaya Mitel Said to Be in Merger Talks

business_merger.jpg Last month about this time, we posed the question: Could Avaya be headed for a leveraged buyout? Now the question is more specific: Are Avaya and Mitel set to become one? Log in or register to post comments The answer is clear to Kerravala, who wrote in an email that he thinks “the combined company could bring a level of scale to compete with the big boys that both would struggle to do individually.” Avaya Still on the Block, Resolution May Come Soon Beth Schultz August 14, 2019 As the company plugs away on cloud sales, CEO Jim Chirico looks to wrap up its review of strategic alternatives in the next 30 days. Mitel, Avaya Merger on Tap? Beth Schultz August 20, 2019 On the heels of word that Avaya is close to reaching acquisition deal, the focus turns to Mitel and a reported bid of $20 per share. Avaya Continues Mulling Next-Step Options Beth Schultz September 12, 2019 In a brief update, company said strategic alternative review process continues, gave no indication of new expectations for wrapping it up. What’s more, the proposed merger would be good for the industry, he said. “Rolling up the two installed bases would create a company with market-leading share in every region. The two companies are very complementary, with Mitel being dominant with SMEs and Avaya with large enterprises. Mitel has a strong public cloud solution, where Avaya has a great public cloud.” At the time of the Mitel-Searchlight deal’s announcement, UC analyst Zeus Kerravala, of ZK Research, wrote for No Jitter: The answer is speed and flexibility. Comments Kerravala promises more detailed analysis, so watch this space for additional insight. Permalink Submitted by BethSchultz on Fri, 04/26/2019 – 08:01 So here’s another question: Are the two, each struggling for a bigger footprint in the cloud, better off as one entity or separately? Growth through acquisition is a longstanding strategy at Mitel, which last purchased UC properties with the 2017 acquisitions of ShoreTel and Toshiba’s communications systems business. Mitel itself was acquired and taken private late last year by Searchlight Capital Partners, but in an October 2018 briefing, Graham Bevington, EVP of business development at Mitel, assured analysts that acquisitions were still very much part of the company’s lifeblood. Tags:News & ViewsM&AAvayaMitelindustry consolidationUnified Communications & CollaborationCloud CommunicationsIndustry NewsUCaaSUnified CommunicationsVendor News Articles You Might Like As a publicly traded company, Mitel has needed to balance a number of competing priorities, including using its capital to pay down debt or buy back shares. Now the company has greater flexibility to invest where needed to make the hard pivot to the cloud.” The WSJ report further stated that Mitel is offering about $20 to $22 a share for Avaya, noting that this is a slight premium based on current stock price. This is in line with earlier speculation that the Avaya board is evaluating a private equity offer in the range of $20 a share, as was reported late last month. The question stems from a report published today in The Wall Street Journal, citing “people familiar with the matter,” that the two UC players are discussing a merger in a stock deal pegged at about $2 billion. That would be a reference to So, given that, why go private? Avaya, too, has a large installed base and the ability to deliver private, public, and hybrid clouds – just earlier this week, we learned that international banking behemoth Standard Chartered has selected Avaya OneCloud private cloud for a digital transformation project that will see 18 premises-based contact center installations replaced by four cloud-based contact centers. And, likewise, it has struggled to balance competing spending priorities with the next-generation technology shift. Tick, Tock, the Clock Is Running for Avaya Zeus Kerravala September 06, 2019 Lots of speculation surrounds Avaya’s future, but mum’s still the word on a final decision. “Mitel seems to have all the pieces it needs now — a large installed base and the ability to deliver private, public, or hybrid clouds. Every organization I talk to today has a strategy to move its communications to the cloud, but that doesn’t always mean public cloud and Mitel can deliver a cloud of any flavor. See All in Unified Communications & Collaboration » Justifying Workspace Applications: Time to Up the Game Marty Parker September 10, 2019 Communication technology vendors and their value-adding partners must take the lead in defining business justifications for their collaboration and workspace applications. That would be a reference to Cisco and Microsoft Log in or register to post comments read more

Sport teaches the lessons of peace Nane Annan

“Sport allows young boys and girls to play and use their energies to the fullest, fostering team spirit and competition on friendly terms,” Ms. Annan said at the event at UN Headquarters in New York organized by the Department of Public Information ahead of the International Day of Peace, which will be observed on Tuesday.”Sport teaches children about working together to reach a common goal, and solving conflicts peacefully through agreed rules. This is true for all children, no matter which country they are from, but especially for children growing up in the shadow of war and destruction, poverty and destitution,” she declared, saying “a special hello” to the young people participating from Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone.”I have read the most heart-warming stories about how football returned to Afghanistan, how sports have reunited young players in countries torn apart by civil war. I have visited cramped refugee camps and know what the possibility of playing sport, whether football, basketball or volleyball, would mean for young people who may have pent-up traumas and emotions, and what coaching would mean for children deprived of a guiding hand,” she added.The athletes from Afghanistan, Kosovo and Sierra Leone engaged in a televised discussion with student-athletes from the United States gathered in the auditorium. Italian author and journalist Anna Cataldi, a UN Messenger of Peace, and Norwegian speed skater Johan Olav Koss, a UNICEF Good Will Ambassador, also addressed the gathering. read more

Book based on popular Twitter feed about Goldman Sachs is cancelled

Book based on popular Twitter feed about Goldman Sachs is cancelled NEW YORK, N.Y. – Publication has been cancelled for a planned book based on a popular and anonymous Twitter feed about Goldman Sachs and the financial industry.Touchstone, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Thursday it would not release John Lefevre’s “Straight to Hell: True Tales of Deviance and Excess in the World of Investment Banking,” which had been scheduled to come out in October.“In light of information that has recently come to our attention since acquiring John Lefevre’s ‘Straight to Hell,’” Touchstone has decided to cancel its publication of this work.”Touchstone spokesman Brian Belfiglio said the publisher would have no further comment.The Twitter feed, @GSElevator, had hundreds of thousands of followers and purported to offer an inside and irreverent take on the financial giant. But just weeks after Touchstone announced in January that it had reached a deal with the feed’s purported author, The New York Times revealed his identity as John Lefevre, a former bond executive who was based in Texas and had never worked for Goldman Sachs, despite earlier public comments that he did.Touchstone initially defended Lefevre, saying that he had not misled them and that publication would continue as planned. But earlier this week, Lefevre posted an open letter on businessinsider.com saying the Twitter account was “not a person at all. It’s the embodiment or aggregation of ‘every banker,’ a concentrated reflection of a Wall Street culture and mentality.”“The issue of my anonymity was simply a device, and one that has suited the construct of the Twitter feed,” he wrote. “For the avoidance of any doubt, any person who actually thought my Twitter feed was literally about verbatim conversations overheard in the elevators of Goldman Sachs is an idiot.”An agent for Lefevre did not immediately respond to a message left Thursday for comment. by Hillel Italie, The Associated Press Posted Mar 6, 2014 1:39 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Alberta leadership hopefuls work the crowds at premiers pancake breakfast

by The Canadian Press Posted Jul 7, 2014 1:06 pm MDT Alberta leadership hopefuls work the crowds at premier’s pancake breakfast AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email CALGARY – The three men running to be Alberta’s next leader reiterated their concerns about changes to the federal temporary foreign worker program on Monday and said if they become premier, they’ll fight to make sure the province’s unique labour needs are taken into account.Ric McIver, Thomas Lukaszuk and Jim Prentice were working the crowds at the premier’s annual Stampede breakfast in downtown Calgary on Monday.McIver said he planned to bring the issue up with his caucus colleagues at a meeting following the breakfast.“We need to ask the federal government to take another look at their temporary foreign worker program,” he said.He said he’d ask for caucus support to set up a database where employers and prospective employees can connect, push for more provincial control over the program and cut down on the time needed to bring in provincial nominees.Lukaszuk, who was Alberta’s jobs minister before he entered the leadership race, said he’s been trying to “straighten out” the program with his provincial counterpart for years and that Alberta’s interests are being “compromised.”“The fact is, we do have a bona fide shortage of workers and in certain parts of the province, like Bonnyville, Cold Lake, Fort McMurray, Hinton, Edson. No matter how much employers pay, they can’t attract workers to entry-level positions,” he said.“Albertans overall do not believe in this revolving door of bringing workers in and shipping them out every four years and treating them like rented tools. We want to give them an opportunity to stay over here, invest themselves in our communities and become great Canadians.”Prentice says he aims to have a “constructive” discussion with his counterparts in Ottawa about how Alberta’s huge labour needs can be met under the program, while making sure it remains transparent and any abuses are addressed.“We’re going to have to find Alberta-specific solutions,” he said. “Our circumstances are unique and we need to do that together with the federal government as a partner and we need to do it quickly.”It was the first time hosting the event for Premier Dave Hancock, who took the helm on an interim basis following Alison Redford’s resignation in March. He said the recent tumult within the Progressive Conservative party in recent months hasn’t dampened the mood at this year’s event.“I think Albertans work hard, they need to play hard. I think it’s important for us to be part of coming together as a community and that’s one of the things that the Calgary Stampede actually symbolizes.” read more

Football Expectations for the 2017 Ohio State Buckeyes

OSU freshman running back Demario McCall runs during the second half of the Buckeyes 62-3 win against Maryland on Nov. 12. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorFew words can describe how most of the Ohio State Buckeyes football team felt following a 31-0 blowout loss to Clemson in the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl — devastation, anger and shock are a few of them. Although players were seen in tears following the game, with many offering short responses during post-game interviews, there are more than a few reasons for the Scarlet and Gray to remain upbeat heading into the new year.With departures of star players like Curtis Samuel and Malik Hooker, Urban Meyer will be looking for a group of young players to fill big shoes. That fact, mixed with incredibly high expectations following the team’s second appearance in the College Football Playoff in three years, could yield some interesting results by this time next season.Even with a multitude of questions looming over the Woody Hayes Athletic Center, there are more than a few things to expect as the 2016 NCAA football season comes to a close with Clemson and Alabama fighting for a title while the Buckeyes watch from home.Who’s the next man up at safety?Malik Hooker, Mr. Do-It-All for OSU on defense last season, rose to fame in his first and only year starting for the Buckeyes, picking off seven passes and returning three for touchdowns. His ability to level ball carriers like a linebacker and run effortlessly across the field to break up a pass like a corner boggles the mind.That much is known, but who fills his shoes next season is a bit of a mystery. Soon to be senior safety Damon Webb seems like the obvious fit for the spot, barring any shocking announcement to enter the 2017 NFL Draft. He started alongside Hooker as the second safety for the Buckeyes, and returned his first career interception for a touchdown.Still, Webb was worlds behind Hooker skill-set wise, and it showed at times when he struggled to locate his man in coverage. He might have been a starter last year, but there will be a severe drop in production after this year’s showstopping performance by Hooker.The other options at safety, rising sophomore Jordan Fuller and incoming freshman Isaiah Pryor, have virtually zero cumulative time playing in the OSU defense. Fuller has been predominantly a special-teams player in his short time in Columbus, while Pryor comes in from powerhouse high school program IMG Academy. Either one could be cracking the starting lineup if they have a good offseason camp, but only time will tell.McCall’s expanded roleAs a freshman running back who saw limited time early in the season, Demario McCall is arguably the fastest player on the offense for the Buckeyes. In his brief stints in the backfield against teams like Bowling Green and Maryland, McCall churned out 270 yards and three touchdowns on the ground, and even hauled in a receiving score.That kind of versatility screams H-back, the very position Curtis Samuel flourished in this year.McCall even appeared as a punt returner, briefly, albeit just three showings. His combination of speed and agility could prove useful if Meyer puts him back deep for returns.This year, when asked whether McCall could see more touches after a stellar cleanup effort against Nebraska, Meyer responded: “He might now.”Whether it’s at H-back, spread out wide, sharing carries with Mike Weber or returning kicks and punts, expect to see number 30 on the field often in 2017.Big offensive changes ahead for Ohio StateTim Beck has moved on to Texas, Ryan Day will be coaching the quarterbacks, and Kevin Wilson might very well be the next man picking plays alongside Ed Warinner next year. That is, of course, as long as Warinner survives the offensive overhaul OSU is undergoing right now.Add these changes to the fact that Samuel and wide receiver Noah Brown are leaving early for the draft, and OSU’s field general Pat Elflein is gone, and you have the makings of a complete overhaul. J.T. Barrett came under fire this year on multiple occasions, as fans are still hungering for a repeat performance from his freshman campaign. Even though he holds the all-time touchdowns responsible for record at OSU, Barrett still has a lot to prove in his final year of eligibility.Predictions of a quarterback battle before the dust has even settled seem ludicrous, but Dwayne Haskins and Joe Burrow have shown promise. Burrow has done an admirable job in cleanup, and even has a 169.9 rating.Haskins came in as a four-star recruit, and the 63rd overall player in the 2016 class in ESPN’s top 300.And this doesn’t account for the fact Tate Martell graduated early and committed to OSU in June of last year. The Las Vegas native is the No. 2 dual-threat quarterback in the nation, and is carrying some big hype behind him.Even though Barrett has veteran leadership and experience, things might get a little dicier as kickoff for the 2017 season approaches. Expect some serious talk about a possible different signal caller, although Barrett should get the nod.“I’m going to take a hard look at some things when we get back,” Meyer said after the Fiesta Bowl. “Any time you struggle a little bit, you always take a hard look.”This kind of statement from Meyer leaves nearly anything as a possibility heading into 2017. read more

US to ground all Boeing crash aircraft

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEurope joins wave of countries grounding the 737 MaxMarch 12, 2019In “Business”Ethiopian Airlines: Flight recorders recovered from crash siteMarch 11, 2019In “latest news”Ethiopian Airlines: ‘No survivors’ on crashed Boeing 737March 10, 2019In “latest news” (BBC) US President Donald Trump has said the US Federal Aviation Administration will ground the Boeing 737 Max 8 – the aircraft in Sunday’s crash in Ethiopia.The FAA had previously held out while many countries banned the Max 8 from flying over their airspace.All 157 people on board the Ethiopian Airlines flight were killed when it crashed just minutes after take-off.It was the second fatal Max 8 disaster in six months, after one crashed over Indonesia in October, killing 189. read more

Essequibo family beaten robbed by gunmen

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedArmed bandits rob several persons in BerbiceNovember 6, 2018In “Crime”Gunmen storm Canje businessman’s home…escape with over $1M in itemsMay 28, 2016In “Crime”Armed Bandits break into Eccles home, rob two familiesMay 31, 2018In “Crime” A businessman and his family were on Sunday evening terrorised and robbed of millions of dollars in cash and other valuables after gunmen stormed their Vilvoorden, Essequibo Coast home.The businessman, Nahib Sabar of N. Sabar Cell Phone Connection and his family went to mosque for prayer on Sunday afternoon after which they visited his mother-in-law who lives in the same village.the injured businessman Nahib SabarHe along with his two sons and wife reportedly returned home at about 20:00h and as he was about to enter his yard, he was confronted by a group of armed men dressed as police officers with masks over their faces.  The men were reportedly carrying high powered weapons and cutlasses.The men reportedly held him at gunpoint and demanded that he opens the access door to the house while the others were holding his family hostage.As he opened the door, his family was forced into the house as three armed bandits kept guard outside. Those who went in reportedly demanded $20 million to keep his family alive.The businessman explained that during the ordeal, he was beaten mercilessly as he begged the bandits not to harm his family. After the men continued with their demands and threats, he handed over $3 million and about 30 high end mobile phones.The businessman recalled that one of the bandits were taking instruction over the phone which meant that the person on the other end of the line might have been knowledgeable about his business.  An investigation was launched into the robbery. read more

Hindustan Zinc after improved safety productivity with Epirocs Mobilaris solution

first_imgHindustan Zinc, India’s only zinc-lead-silver producer, has selected Epiroc to equip its flagship Rampura Agucha mine with Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ (MMI).A decision support solution for mine safety and efficiency, MMI enables superior situational awareness and is designed to visualise and support mining operations in all its complexities, in real-time, Epiroc says.Hindustan Zinc has introduced various technologies and innovations and has obtained success in enhancing safety, efficiency and exploration, according to Epiroc.Back in 2017, the miner looked to automate many of its operations, acquiring Epiroc drill rigs, LHDs, haul trucks (including the MT65) and exploration equipment to be used in five of its mines in northwestern India. The automation and other high-technology features of the equipment were enabled through the common Rig Control System, with most machines are equipped with the telematics solution CERTIQ.Following the latest MMI order, Sunil Duggal, CEO, Hindustan Zinc, said: “We are continuously making efforts to develop better, connected and intelligent mines. The partnership with Epiroc will support our direction to develop safer and more productive operations at Rampura Agucha mine”.Ulla Korsman-Kopra, Global Business Manager, Automation and Information Management at Epiroc, said the company would support Hindustan Zinc’s operational (mining) improvement processes with the MMI solution. “The globally-acclaimed features will take Hindustan Zinc’s operations to the next level of performance gains,” she said.The MMI portfolio features situational awareness, short interval control, including machine data integrations, and traffic awareness promises to get maximum productivity and efficiency out of a customer’s mine, according to Epiroc.“Thanks to the openness and transparency of the MMI solution, integrations with mixed fleet machines, sensors and more will create the foundation for vital real-time analytics,” Korsman-Kopra said.The system is expected to be operational during once the networking is up and running at the Rampura Agucha mine.Rampura Agucha is the second largest zinc mine in the world, according to Hindustan, with production of 3.9 Mt in the company’s 2018 financial year. It has a zinc-lead reserve grade averaging 15.7% Zn+Pb, with total reserves of 46 Mt as of March 31, 2018.The ongoing underground mine project is being developed with a vision of producing 5 Mt/y of ore and includes a main production shaft of 955 m depth, 7.5 m diameter and hauling capacity of 3.75 Mt/y; two ventilation shafts, two declines from surface and paste fill plants, according to Hindustan.last_img read more

Over 100 animals die in Dublin Zoo in two years including some

first_img Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 2:48 PM Mar 12th 2017, 2:48 PM Short URL Two White Rhinos at Dublin Zoo. Image: Sam Boal 46,948 Views Over 100 animals die in Dublin Zoo in two years (including some critically endangered ones) Giraffes, penguins and white rhinos are among the 108 animals to die at the zoo. 52 Comments http://jrnl.ie/3283532 Share Tweet Email1 Image: Sam Boal MORE THAN 100 animals died at Dublin Zoo during a two-year period between 2014 and 2016, it has been revealed.The dead animals include a significant number of critically endangered species that are extinct or nearly extinct in the wild.Among the 109 animals to die at the Zoo during the 24-month period were a southern white rhinoceros, two Rothschild giraffes, three grey wolves, and a red panda.The 68 that died in 2015 included seven that were temporarily on loan from other zoos.Details of the animal deaths at one of the State’s most popular visitor attractions are contained in inventory records obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.Documents submitted by Dublin Zoo to the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) as part of its licence application show that 13.4% of its animal population died in 2015.The animals that died at the zoo during 2015 include a pair of Rothschild giraffes, which are one of the rarest species of giraffe, with only an estimated 1,500 left in the wild. Source: Sam Boal/Photocall IrelandA spokesperson for Dublin Zoo said that the facility undergoes rigorous inspections each year, and that the latest inspection by the NPWS resulted in a number of positive comments in relation to habitat design, staff, and other areas.Animal care and wellness is at the core of Dublin Zoo. The physical and psychological wellbeing of animals in our care is the number one priority, ensuring every animal lives out its life to the full is paramount to Dublin Zoo.“However, as in the wild, animals die in Dublin Zoo. In every situation the best of veterinary care and attention is given. We mourn the loss of every animal,” they said.“Every zoo varies in size and species, as such there is no standard zoo mortality rate. Variables that preclude the calculation of a standard zoo mortality rate include whether a large proportion of the animals have long natural lifespans… or shorter lifespans. The age of the animals also differs greatly.”Hunting dogsIn 2014, two African hunting dogs were in Dublin on loan from another zoo. These are endangered with a population of around 6,000 left in the world. Both dogs died at Dublin Zoo.Three scimitar-horned oryxes, a species of antelope that has been extinct in the wild for almost 20 years, died at the zoo during the 24-month period.Three Humboldt penguins – considered “vulnerable” by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) – died in 2015. There are fewer than 12,000 of the penguins left in the wild due to climate change and overfishing.Three red-tipped mangabeys – a red-list endangered species of monkey – also died at the zoo during the same year; while an African spurred tortoise, which can live for over 150 years, also perished.The inventory figures analysed include mammals and reptiles but exclude insects, of which there may be large, approximate numbers and shorter lifespans.Read: Gardaí should interview the surviving Bon Secour nuns over Tuam burial site, says TD >Read: ‘As a parent, this is your worst nightmare’: Sister of child at ‘Grace’ home speaks out > Two White Rhinos at Dublin Zoo. By Darragh McDonagh Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Obama Time for lawmakers nation to act

first_imgClick here to read the transcript of Obama’s speech or watch the speech at the bottom of this story.WASHINGTON — It was not exactly a day for Republicans.Their most recent standard-bearer remained out of sight, home in California. Their two most recent presidents were home in Texas.And as President Barack Obama took the oath of office, those that were there sat stone-faced, barely meriting a mention as the president laid out the kind of liberal agenda they have long feared.“I would have liked to see more outreach,” said Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who sat stoically behind a pair of dark aviator sunglasses, offering little reaction as Obama spoke. “There was not, as I’ve seen in other inaugural speeches, an ‘I want to work with my colleagues.’ “After famously declaring that their top priority was making Obama a one-term president, Republicans begin his second term deeply split over how to regain power and unsure how to engage the opposition over the next four years.An early indication will come Wednesday, when the House holds a key vote on a new GOP proposal to extend the government’s borrowing authority until May.last_img read more

US 1 American released from North Korea

first_imgWASHINGTON — American detainee Jeffrey Fowle has been released from North Korea, nearly six months after he was taken into custody on charges of leaving a Bible in a nightclub, the State Department said Tuesday. Two other Americans who have been tried and convicted of crimes in North Korea are still being held.Fowle, 56, of Miamisburg, Ohio, had been awaiting trial on charges of leaving a Bible at a nightclub in the northern port city of Chongjin last May. He was flown out of North Korea on a U.S. government jet that was spotted Tuesday by Associated Press journalists at Pyongyang’s international airport. The Swedish government helped negotiate Fowle’s release.State Department deputy spokeswoman Marie Harf said the plane took Fowle to Guam on its way to the United States. She said that Fowle had been evaluated by a doctor and appeared to be in good health.White House spokesman Josh Earnest said it was a positive decision by North Korea to release Fowle. He urged Pyongyang to release the other Americans, Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller.“The U.S. will continue to work actively on them,” he said.Washington announced Fowle’s release even before his family’s attorney had been notified. “We are overwhelmed with excitement but still want complete confirmation,” attorney Timothy N. Tepe said in a statement.last_img read more

Lawsuit against ADN owner goes before judge

first_imgA copy of the napkin signed by Rogoff, courtesy of Tony Hopfinger.A Superior Court judge heard arguments Tuesday in a lawsuit against the owner of Alaska’s largest newspaper.Listen nowAlaska Dispatch co-founder Tony Hopfinger is suing the newspaper’s current owner, Alice Rogoff, over an agreement he said entitled him a little more than a million dollars over 10 years for his stake in the newspaper.Rogoff, a wealthy former executive at U.S. News and World Report, and Hopfinger, a former journalist, inked the deal on a cocktail napkin in 2014 — which presiding judge Andrew Guidi asked about during opening arguments.“The napkin in this case is essentially an offer,” Rogoff’s attorney, David Gross said.“Is it a paper napkin?” Guidi asked.“It is a paper napkin, yes your honor,” another lawyer said.Gross argues that the napkin does not constitute a contract.Rogoff, through her attorney, also argues that Hopfinger did not keep up his end of the deal anyway and failed to continue helping guide the media company.Hopfinger’s attorney said his client was under no such obligation to do any work in exchange for the payments and says the napkin contains all the terms that are essential to a contract.Going forward, Judge Guidi could either decide the case himself or send it to a jury trial.Guidi said his decision will be made in the coming days. A potential trial would take place in March.last_img read more

Sri Lanka Muslims pray at vandalised mosques

first_imgSri Lankan Muslims attend a prayer at the Jumha mosque after a mob attack, in Minuwangoda on 15 May. Photo: AFPSri Lanka’s minority Muslims attended Friday prayers as heavily armed troops and police guarded all mosques, including those badly vandalised in riots in the wake of the Easter terror attacks.Police said security would remain tight over the weekend for a major Buddhist festival as well as the 10th anniversary of the ending of the country’s decades-long Tamil separatist war.Clerics said some of the damaged mosques cleared out glass shards and other debris and conducted services with attendance at a high level.”We had about 450 to 500 people,” M. I. M. Siddeeque, the trustee of the riot-hit Kinyama mosque in the worst affected North-Western Province told AFP by telephone.”There were six soldiers outside the mosques and many more police at the top of the road.”Siddeeque said his mosque was cleared of the debris, but windows, furniture and the public address system were yet to be replaced.In the town of Minuwangoda, the faithful packed the first floor of the two-storeyed Hujjaj mosque to pray even though repairs were yet to begin.Local residents said Buddhists and Catholic priests were also present as a sign of solidarity with Muslims community.Police said there were no major incidents although sporadic clashes were reported from a handful of places.”Police are firmly in control and the situation is fast returning to normality,” a senior police official told AFP. A nationwide night curfew was lifted Thursday.The riots came three weeks after suicide bomb attacks on three churches and three luxury hotels in Colombo, killing 258 people. The April 21 attacks were blamed on a local jihadi group.This weekend Sri Lanka celebrates Vesak which marks the birth, enlightenment and the passing of the Buddha over 2,500 years ago on Saturday and Sunday.The most important Buddhist celebration coincides this year with the country marking a decade since ending a 37-year-separatist by annihilating the entire leadership of Tamil Tiger guerrillas.The head of the Tamil Tigers, Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed 10 years ago Saturday while the government declared an end to the war a day later.President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are due to attend several ceremonies in and around Colombo on Sunday to pay tribute to over 28,000 security personnel who died during the nearly four-decade-long war.The minority Tamil community too is expected on Saturday to pay tribute to their war dead, including Tiger rebels at low-key ceremonies in the northeastern district of Mullaittivu where the final battles were fought.Army chief Mahesh Senanayake said security forces will not obstruct any war remembrance by the Tamils. Under the previous regime, any war remembrance by Tamils was outlawed.last_img read more

Line Up and Line Dance for Lupus

first_imgIn recognition of May Lupus Awareness Month, Marva’s Grand Hands of Love, Inc. will host “A Line Dance for Lupus Party” to raise funds to fight lupus and to help amplify the voice of the lupus community, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., May 18, at Diamondz Events Hall, 9980 Liberty Road in Randallstown, Md. Local radio personality and line dance instructor Randy Dennis will teach supporters new line dance moves and call out traditional line dances. “Not only will supporters benefit a wonderful cause, but they also benefit themselves because line dancing is a healthy and fun way to get in some exercise,” said Marva Williams, event organizer. Proceeds support the Lupus Foundation of America (LFA) DC-Maryland-Virginia Chapter. A LFA representative will be present to accept the donation. LFA estimates that at least 1.5 million Americans have the autoimmune disease. “I recently lost a 27 year old cousin to complications from lupus and my best friend has it. I’m determined to help the women, men and children living with lupus,” Williams said. Catering will be provided by Chef Mookie Hicks. Tanya’s Bling Tees has created a custom lupus awareness t-shirt for the event. Informational materials will be available. Tickets are $30 in advance. For more information, contact Marva Williams at 410-599-9159.last_img read more