Remembering Reggae Prophet Peter Tosh On The 30th Anniversary Of His Murder

first_imgPeter Tosh was, and still, in death, remains Jamaican music royalty. Aside from his longtime friend and fellow Wailers founder Bob Marley, virtually no other reggae artist has garnered a legacy as vast and enduring as Tosh’s. Born outside of Kingston in rural Westmoreland, Jamaica in 1944, Tosh came to prominence in the burgeoning Jamaican reggae scene in the mid-60’s along with Marley and Bunny Wailer in a group that would eventually be known as The Wailers. Tosh was a driving force behind the success of the Wailers and the unfathomable international explosion of Robert Nesta Marley. Although it was never officially confirmed by Marley, Tosh and Bunny Wailer, as well as several others, maintain that Tosh was the person who first taught Bob how to play guitar. A self-taught musician himself, he guilted his bandmates into developing their own musical abilities.A New Peter Tosh Museum Has Just Opened In Jamaica To Honor The Late Artist’s LegacyTosh released his seminal debut album Legalize It in 1976. The album and its pervasive hit single of the same name took a bold stance against marijuana prohibition, a central issue for Tosh and his increasingly outspoken Rastafarian brethren. Upon its release, the Jamaican government quickly banned the album, which only helped catapult the music and its radical message to worldwide notoriety. Today, “Legalize It” remains a universally-known rallying cry for marijuana advocates.Last year, a museum exploring the life of Tosh was opened in his native Kingston. In it, his solo years are then explored at length, including memorabilia like the golden microphones he received as a gift from friend and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger. Tosh’s coveted GRAMMY, received for his final studio album, No Nuclear War, is given pride of place in the museum, after it was reportedly retrieved from a Massachusetts pawn shop following its unauthorized sale. The museum also displays the famous M16 machine gun-shaped guitar that Tosh used to wield as a musical weapon on stage.Listen to Tosh’s 1978 live album, Live At My Father’s Place, below via Spotify:Though it was all part of his unafraid and righteous persona, Peter Tosh’s frequent discussion and allusion to violence seem to foreshadow the unfortunate road the musician would go on to endure later in life. While Tosh’s influence is undebatable, his legacy is one marked just as much by its agony as by its ecstasy. In 1973, Tosh was driving home with his girlfriend Evonne when his car was hit by another car driving on the wrong side of the road. The accident killed Evonne and severely fractured Tosh’s skull.After Island Records president Chris Blackwell refused to issue his solo album in 1974, Tosh and Bunny Wailer left the Wailers, citing the unfair treatment they received from Blackwell, to whom Tosh often referred with a derogatory play on Blackwell’s surname, ‘Whiteworst.’ Tosh had written many of the Wailers’ hit songs such as “Get Up, Stand Up”, “400 Years”, and “No Sympathy,” but was shorted on the royalties for the songs due to morally questionable contracts from the record company.Finally, on September 11th, 1987, just after Tosh had returned to his home in Jamaica, a three-man gang came to his house on motorcycles and demanded money. Tosh replied that he did not have any with him, but the gang did not believe him. They stayed at his residence for several hours and tortured him in an attempt to extort money from him. Over the hours, as Tosh’s various associates arrived to visit him, they were also taken hostage by the gunmen. The gunmen became more and more frustrated, especially the chief thug, Dennis “Leppo” Lobban, a man whom Tosh had supposedly befriended and tried to help find work after a long jail sentence. Eventually, frustration and tension grew to a breaking point and shots were fired. Tosh was hit twice in the head and killed, while one more of his associates and several others were injured in the altercation. He was 42 years old.Although his story ended in unthinkable tragedy and was often marred by sadness, the legacy he left behind through both his own music and the vast amount of music he directly influenced is one of hope, togetherness, peace, and courage.Rest in Peace, Peter Tosh.[Cover photo via Riddim Magazine]last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE: STS9 Reveals Details & Stacked Lineup For New 4-Day Wave Spell Festival

first_imgWave Spell Live Initial 2018 Lineup:STS9 (9 Sets; 6 regular, 3 Wave Spell/improvisational)BAAD Quartet: Dom Lalli (Big Gigantic), Alana Rocklin (STS9), Adam Deitch (Lettuce), Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live)eDIT (of the Glitch Mob)Ooah (of the Glitch Mob)Sunsquabi (2 Nights)Manic FocusCharlesthefirst (2 Sets)Michal MenertPrefuse 73Telefon Tel AvivAlvin RiskAntennaeMaddy O’Neal (2 Nights)Richard DevineDavid Phipps (Solo)Zach VelmerSub IDYak Attack (2 Nights)Adam Deitch (of Lettuce)Borahm Lee (of Pretty Lights Live)Chris Karns (of Pretty Lights Live)Electric BeethovenDaily BreadModern MeasureSolar ShieldMikey ThunderMegan Hamilton (2 Nights)Dreamers DelightTemploMiHKALShanti MatkinFilthy GorgeousWOKES WITH JOKESMegascopesMZGSince JulEYEPruittNaudibleView Full Wave Spell Festival LineupEnter To Win A Pair Of VIP Tickets!<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> In early May, STS9 announced that they’d be hosting an intimate four-day camping festival in the small town of Belden, California from August 16th to 19th, in partnership with Euphonic Conceptions and Cervantes’. At the time of the soft announcement during the third and final show of STS9’s recent run at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, details about the new festival—dubbed Wave Spell Live—were sparse. However, today, STS9 has revealed more details about the festival, and we’re more excited than ever.Wave Spell will host four days of music across the festival’s three stages, including a beach stage that will host most of the late-night and sunrise music. Perhaps most intriguingly, Wave Spell is slated to take place at Belden Town, California—a town with a population of seven. As explained by the promoters, for the event, Wave Spell will rent the entire town, meaning that the town’s residents will totally leave. Given this, there will be absolutely no noise ordinances or curfews, meaning that the festival can go as late as it wants and be as loud as it wants. With these special circumstances, sunrise sets are a given.For the festival, attendees will be shuttled into Belden Town across a bridge and will have access to the town’s main street, which includes a general store, restaurant, hotel, RV park, campgrounds, and a beach leading to a river, which you can tube down and swim in. Given the intimate location of the event, there will be a limited number of tickets available for Wave Spell, and the festival will only sell four-day weekend passes—meaning there will be no single day tickets for sale. Furthermore, there will be a very limited number of RV hookups available at the venue, with an even more limited amount of hotel rooms available for booking at the small hotel onsite.Outside of this insane, too-good-to-be-true venue, Wave Spell Live boasts a massive lineup. STS9, the host band, will play nine sets total—with six sets of traditional STS9 fare and three “Wave Spell” sets, which will be all improvised. These Wave Spell sets take their name from the band’s two improvisational Wave Spell releases that dropped earlier this year.Outside of nine sets from STS9 across four days, Wave Spell Live will also see a headlining set from BAAD Quartet, a supergroup composed of Dom Lalli (Big Gigantic), Alana Rocklin (STS9), Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science), and Borahm Lee (Pretty Lights Live/Break Science). The festival will also host sets from David Phipps (solo), Zach Velmer, eDIT (Glitch Mob), Ooah (Glitch Mob), SunSquabi (two nights), Manic Focus, Charlesthefirst (two nights), Michal Menert, Antennae, Maddy O’Neal (two nights), Yak Attack (two nights), An-Ten-Nae, Chris Karns (Pretty Lights Live), and many more, in addition to stand-up comedy about STS9 and the jam band scene by NY-based comedy team Wokes with Jokes. The festival also notes to expect more announcements and artist confirmations in coming weeks.Tickets for this massive four-day party thrown by STS9, Euphonic Conceptions, and Cervantes’ go on sale on Tuesday, June 5th, in the afternoon. Early bird pricing will be $279 dollars, eventually rising to $299, then $329, and finally $329. Wave Spell is also offering a payment plan that will allow people to secure their tickets for only $100 down. However, given the limited number of tickets, it’s very likely the festival will sell out during its initial on-sale, so don’t sleep on these tickets!Peep the initial lineup for STS9’s Wave Spell Live—scheduled for August 16th to 19th in Belden Town, California—below. For more information, head to the festival’s website here. Tickets go on sale on Friday at noon.last_img read more

ACE Night speakers share educational, personal outcomes of graduate program

first_imgCourtesy of Alysa Guffey Current ACE teachers living in Corpus Christi, Texas, opened the annual ACE information night with a prayer. Corpus Christ is one of 35 communities the ACE teaching fellows program serves.This year, a second option for the application process is available for students who would like to know of their acceptance decision to ACE earlier, Comuniello said. Applicants can either apply early by Nov. 3 and hear back by Christmas or apply regular decision by Jan. 19 and hear back in mid-March.Comuniello said he is proud that all 35 communities the program serves ask specifically for ACE teachers to be assigned in the community.“We’ve never gone to a diocese and asked to place teachers there, it has always been a response to the needs of that community,” Comuniello said. “So we’ve always been invited by the bishop or the superintendent, and then thereafter the principals of those schools.”Comuniello said after the teachers and schools are confirmed, the program plays “matchmaker” to align teachers’ strengths and content areas with the needs of each school. ACE teachers are split into three levels, with one-third teaching each level of elementary, middle and high school.While some ACE teachers graduate from the program and go on to fulfill a lifelong vocation of teaching, Comuniello said former ACE teachers can pursue a myriad of career paths, from medical school to law school and public service.While the online format for ACE Night did not allow for crowd interaction and conversation, interested undergraduates could hear from ACE teachers across the country who are currently in their service programs or recent graduates.The information night began with an opening prayer led by the current ACE teachers living in community with each other in Corpus Christi, Texas.Calling in on Zoom from New York City, Dan Faas, a member of ACE cohort 17, shared his experiences with the program from the two years he taught at the Most Sacred Heart of Mary High School in Mobile, Ala.“The best advice I would give you is to allow yourself to just delight in the lives of your students,” Faas said. “You have the opportunity to engage and become a part of children’s lives for two years or more.”Now a principal of a school, Faas explained his three “immutable facts” on ACE that he believes to be true.“Number one, your students will change you, if you let them,” he said. “Number two, your community will change you, if you let them. And number three, the Lord will change you, if you let him or her.”John Cunningham, a member of ACE cohort 26, spoke to audience members from Saint Joseph High School in South Bend where he currently has a full-time teaching position. Prior to teaching in South Bend, Cunningham taught middle school social studies in Mission, Texas, where he found himself immersed in the community.Cunningham recalled not knowing exactly where he would be located upon receiving his random position.“But when I looked it up [and] I realized where I was going, I was thrilled because I knew I was going to be living in a place where I would not have else lived,” he said.Cunningham connected with the community in Texas in two ways: tacos and basketball.“When I first got to the valley, I didn’t know the culture,” Cunningham said. “During my years in Mission, Texas, I took pictures of every taco I ate and I posted it on Snapchat, so I ended up with 415 tacos. I ate every one of them, and they were absolutely delicious.”Through coaching the middle school basketball team, Cunningham said he was able to connect with his students outside the classroom.“I could let my guard down as a teacher a little bit, they could let their guard down as the students and we could connect over a common bond, which is basketball, and it allowed us to really get to know each other,” Cunningham said.In addition to an educational experience, ACE teachers participate in a total of 12 retreats over the two-year commitment. The largest retreat each year convenes in December in Austin, Texas, where all teachers are invited.“[We invite] all 180 teachers across the country to celebrate with one another and to rekindle friendships, but also to pray and celebrate Mass and really recenter and ground ourselves in the why and what we’re doing,” Comuniello said.Given the relatively easy and free application process, Faas said he sees no reason for an interested student not to apply to ACE.“The process of applying for ACE is itself a form of discernment,” Faas said. “You get to discern ACE, and ACE gets to discern you.”Tags: Alliance for Catholic Education, Catholic Schools, graduate program, masters of education Instead of walking across campus to the Stinson Remick Building, students dialed in from their devices Wednesday night to learn about the teaching fellows program within The Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) in the annual fall ACE night.The ACE fellows program allows recent college graduates to embark on two years of service by teaching in under-resourced Catholic schools while working toward a cost-free Masters of Education degree.Michael Comuniello, associate director for recruiting and a 2016 ACE graduate, said each year there are 90 to 95 teachers who accept the position in the program, totaling around 180 ACE teachers serving in any given year between the two cohorts. According to Comuniello, roughly 50% of each cohort graduated from the tri-campus community and the other 50% come from across the country.last_img read more

Heading to 54 Below: Norbert Leo Butz, American Psycho & More

first_imgCarmen CusackAugust 9 & 11 at 9:30PM, August 14 & 16 at 7:00PMAfter an illustrious musical theater career around the world, Carmen Cusack finally made her Broadway debut earlier this year and earned a Tony nomination. Now, the stage star is ready for another first: her solo concert debut. Between songs that shaped her career will be stories from her road to Broadway. And remember: If you knew her story, you’d have a good story to tell. GET TICKETS Tony Danza”Standards & Stories”August 9 at 7:00PM, August 10 at 9:30PM, September 8-9 at 7:00PMTony Danza makes his Feinstein’s/54 Below solo show debut to revive his latest cabaret act, which he presented at the Carlyle last year. The screen favorite and Broadway alum is bringing out the soft-shoes, the ukulele and plenty of tales from his time on Taxi, Who’s the Boss and his latest Broadway stint: Honeymoon in Vegas. GET TICKETS Norbert Leo Butz”Girls, Girls, Girls”August 5-8, 10-12 at 7:00PMAfter debuting his hit solo show at 54 Below in 2013, the two-time Tony winner will return to the midtown hotspot for another round of songs exploring mythic and contemporary women. Audiences can expect to hear gender-blurring takes on classics from the likes of Frank Sinatra and Loretta Lynn, and maybe even something from a certain internationally ignored song stylist. Bring your own wig in a box. GET TICKETS Coming to Feinstein’s/54 Below American Psycho Sings Duncan SheikAugust 13 & 15 at 7:00PM & 9:30PMThe hardbodies of American Psycho may have met their maker earlier this year, but that was not an exit. A number of cast members, including Jennifer Damiano, Alice Ripley and Theo Stockman, will reunite to celebrate the work of composer Duncan Sheik. In addition to Psycho, expect numbers from Spring Awakening, Noir, and his alterna-pop singles. Attire is Chanel, Gaultier or Giorgio Armani. GET TICKETScenter_img Andy Mientus with Teen CommandmentsAugust 2 & 3 at 9:30PMThe Audience Choice Award winner will take the stage with Brooklyn band Teen Commandments (including Spring Awakening castmate Van Hughes) to present new takes on familiar tunes and some originals, including numbers from their upcoming musical Manhattan Kids. Joining Mientus are Jennifer Damiano, Nicolette Robinson, Damon Daunno and Jo Lampert. GET TICKETS Summertime, and this nightclub is swanky. With an assortment of stars of stage and screen lined up, Feinstein’s/54 Below is the place to be to beat the heat this August. Sit back, have some sorbet/gelato and watch your favorites step up to the mic with tales and tunes. Check out a few upcoming acts that caught our eye below, from a Honeymoon gangster to a cavalcade of Psychos. View Commentslast_img read more

Savings Makes Cents

first_imgUniversity of Georgia Extension agent Rachel Hubbard is instilling lifelong, positive financial habits in Lanier County students.“By the time we’re adults, many of our money habits are already in place,” said Rachel Hubbard, Family and Consumer Sciences agent for Lanier County. “It’s much harder to change those habits as adults. When we start [teaching] them as children, they start developing good habits with money and are less likely to be in debt and have financial problems.”Hubbard worked with two Extension agents and a financial management specialist at UGA to formulate a strategy to teach youth about financial literacy skills. The team came up with “Savings Makes Cents,” a lesson developed to be part of the UGA Extension curriculum titled “Your Money, Your Future.”Hubbard collaborated with the local Family Connections director and Farmers and Merchants Bank to provide savings education to young students in Lanier County.The money-saving initiative began a couple of years ago after the team noticed that the rate of savings was declining. Hubbard realized there didn’t appear to be any programs aimed at teaching youth the importance of saving. “We figured we needed to tackle that issue and start teaching them at a young age so that when they get out on their own, they can manage their finances,” she said. Savings Makes Cents teaches sixth grade students how and why to save money. Hubbard and her team provide informative lectures to the students, as well as hands-on learning. The program takes place once a year in the students’ classroom, usually after standardized testing. “We have one day where we go into every single sixth grade classroom,” Hubbard added.One goal for Savings Makes Cents is to show students that “they do have money and they need to start planning what they’re going to do with their money.” Hubbard wants to see students saving money and thinking about their future goals. She also hopes to see students opening savings accounts at the local bank. Farmers and Merchants Bank provides each student with a savings account certificate. In 2013, five students used the certificate provided by the bank to open a personal savings account. Hubbard is spreading the knowledge and message of Savings Makes Cents among other Extension agents, though some agents in Georgia are already teaching the Savings Makes Cents curriculum. She, along with a team of three other 4-H agents, are teaching the curriculum at this week’s national 4-H meeting in Minnesota. Extension agents from across the country are learning the curriculum and how to apply it in their counties. “We explain the activities and how we use them, but also give them different options for how they can do it,” Hubbard said, of the activities that go along with the lessons. “They can tailor it to their own specific needs.”Extension agents that use the curriculum are bound to see the impressive results of students’ saving habits that Hubbard has seen while teaching the program. In 2013, 97 percent of students in the program learned something new about savings, and 78 percent planned to save money for future goals. For more information or to contact the Lanier County Extension office, visit their website.(Jordan Hill is an intern with the UGA Tifton Campus.)last_img read more

Casting the Net wider

first_imgCompanies and organisations of all complexions within the global railway industry are embracing the Internet. From discussion groups and bulletin boards run for and by enthusiasts to the research programmes of academic institutions, information on railways is being presented by an ever-growing number of bodies to an ever-growing number of users. At the end of 1996, around 70 million people were thought to have access to the Internet.The most basic form of corporate railway site on the Internet acts as a public relations tool, presenting a profile of the company and sometimes news, financial performance and staff changes. This kind of site has been widely adopted, from the Antofagasta (Chili) & Bolivia Railway through Class I railways in the USA, main line networks in Europe and several railways in Japan. Marketing potentialFor passenger operators ranging in size from metros and suburban railways to national networks, the addition of a basic marketing function presenting information on services and fares is a logical progression. The scope of such information often varies. Timetables may cover principal routes only or allow journeys between any two points on a network to be planned. Information on fares and on-board services ranges from the most basic to complete electronic brochures.This type of marketing may be undertaken by third parties. Britain’s Railtrack launched its own Internet site on January 1. Designed by Clarity Communications, the site combines Railtrack corporate information with an electronic timetable planner supplied by BR Business Systems, the IT subsidiary sold on February 5 to Sema Group. Responsible for train scheduling, Railtrack publishes the conventional paper-based Great Britain Passenger Timetable; BRBS produces a disc-based version for PCs known as Rail Planner.Unlike its paper and disc-based predecessors, the timetable available on Railtrack’s site and the ’UK Railways on the Net’ site operated by BRBS is automatically updated twice a week using information downloaded from Railtrack’s mainframe computers. In addition to fares and timetable information from participating Train Operating Companies, ’UK Railways on the Net’ also displays details of that traditional bugbear of weekend rail travel, scheduled engineering works.According to BRBS, the Railtrack site received some 270000 requests for timetable information in its first four weeks of operation. Similar point-to-point journey planning services are provided on the sites of national operators in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany, for example.Retail possibilitiesA report on electronic commerce published in January by Britain’s Interactive Media in Retail Group noted that at the end of 1996 there were 40000 commercial Internet sites listed on the Commercial Sites Index, a figure that was growing at more than 500 each week. Several passenger operators are now looking to the Internet to provide them with a ticket sales presence outside their stations and agents.VIA Rail Canada claims to be the first railway in the world to have offered ticketing through the Internet with its VIA Resernet service, where holders of credit cards complete a sequence of forms on screen. Tickets can then be posted to addresses in Canada or forwarded for collection by the purchaser from VIA ticket offices, travel agents (in Canada or the USA) or general sales agents (outside North America). Sleeper bookings are to be made available on Resernet at a later date.German Railway offers a similar service, where a form is completed on screen and forwarded electronically, or printed out and faxed to a DB station or travel agent. Credit cards are accepted and the tickets are dispatched by post within four working days. Amtrak, Eurostar (UK) – whose site registers 60000 to 70000 visits a month – and Swiss Federal Railways are working to introduce something similar this year, and BRBS reports that many British TOCs are ’definitely interested’. On the other hand, many operators with Internet sites are still content to refer enquirers to conventional ticketing outlets and telesales facilities.One potential problem is the secure transmission of credit card information, complicated in some countries by government controls on the sale and distribution of encryption software. VIA’s Resernet requires the use of an SSL-compliant browser to ensure a secure environment, but Britain’s IMRG believes that many obstacles will be removed by a new Microsoft product due for release this year. Merchant Server 1·0, it believes, will transform corporate Internet sites into secure transaction-processing environments and lead to an ’explosion’ in electronic commerce as companies realise that a non-transactional Internet site is ’a waste of cyberspace’. oCAPTION: Centre: Netherlands Railways offers an international journey planner on its web site: http://www.ns.nlBelow: Among the many operators using the web for general marketing is the Ferrocarril de Antofagasta (Chili) a Bolivia:http://www.fcab.clRight: Moving graphics and bilingual presentation are a feature of the site operated by Japan’s Nagoya Railway: read more

People moves: USS expands private markets team

first_imgUSS, Stap, LSE, AXA IM, BNY Mellon, Northern Trust, Putnam Investments, Xafinity, William Blair, MSCI, LuxFLAGUSS Investment Management – The private markets team of the UK’s largest pension scheme has three more senior members and a new head of direct private equity, with Rob Horsnall promoted to the latter, a new role.Bob Hewson, Craig McAllister and Rob Brindley have joined the private markets as investment managers in private equity, real assets, and private credit and special situations respectively. McAllister joined in April, and Hornsall and Hewson in October. Hewson had previously been at Alchemy for 10 years, and Brindley joined from Commerzbank, where he was head of strategic asset finance.USS said the creation of the role of head of direct private equity “reflects a continuing shift towards direct investments and an increased focus on applying USS’s long-term capital to acquire market leading businesses with the capability to provide sustainable income or growth over the long-term”. Its private markets team has 40 staff.  Mike Powell, head of private markets group at USS, said: “The continued growth of our direct investment programme is core to our investment belief that the in-house team can deliver superior after-cost risk-adjusted returns, and bring additional benefits for our members in terms of alignment of interests and greater governance over our investments.”Stap APF – Erno Kleijnenberg has announced that he will resign as chairman of the general pension fund (APF) Stap, established by insurer Aegon and pensions provider TKP Pensioen, part of Aegon Group. Last year, Stap was the first APF to receive a licence from supervisor De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).As several pension funds have joined Stap, and managed assets by the new pensions vehicle have already increased to roughly €2bn, his work has changed and is now less easy to combine with other activities, Kleijnenberg explained. Stap said it would name Kleijnenberg’s successor as soon as the appointment was approved by DNB.London Stock Exchange – CEO Xavier Rolet is to leave the London Stock Exchange Group by the end of next year. The exchange will seek to appoint a successor within the next 12 months with Rolet’s input. He joined from Lehman Brothers in 2009 and has led the company’s expansion both in services offered and market capitalisation.AXA Investment Managers – Alessandro Tentori has been appointed chief investment officer for Italy, based in Milan. He joins from Citigroup in London, were he spent five years as managing director and head of international interest rates strategy. Before that he was chief strategist for Europe at BNP Paribas. BNY Mellon – Rob Rushe has joined the company as European ETF segment executive. He was previously at State Street, where he was managing director and EMEA head of exchange traded fund servicing. He was at State Street for seven years and before that at Bank of Ireland and Northern Trust for 12 years. Northern Trust – Herman Prummel has been named country manager for the Netherlands by asset manager Northern Trust. Prummel joins from BlackRock, where he was chief operating officer for the Netherlands, North America and the Isle of Man. At Northern Trust, he succeeds Wim van Ooijen, who has recently been appointed as head of the company’s activities in Switzerland, while remaining head of operations in Germany.Putnam Investments – Oliver Grimson has joined the firm as director of investment management for the Nordics and Benelux regions, with responsibility for leading the firm’s work with institutional clients in the area. Grimson is based in London. Before joining Putnam, Grimson was client relationship manager in the EMEA institutional sales team for Dimensional Fund Advisors in London from 2011 to 2017. He began his career as an investment analyst for Xafinity Consulting in the UK.Xafinity Group – The UK consulting and administration group has hired Mark Barlow from PwC as an actuary in its pensions business. At PwC he worked on the pensions aspects of RBS’s work to ring-fence the bank, Xafinity said. William Blair – Stephanie Braming has been appointed global head of the company’s investment management business. She was most recently a portfolio manager for the William Blair International Small Cap Growth and International Growth strategies, with responsibility for nearly $20bn (€17bn) of client assets. She has been with William Blair since 2004 and was previously a principal at Mercer Investment Consulting. MSCI ESG Research – Panos Seretis has joined the company as executive director and head of ESG research in EMEA, based in London. He joined from Credit Suisse where he was responsible for fundamental equity analysis based on “HOLT” methodology for European banks, consumer staples and real estate companies. Before Credit Suisse, Seretis worked at Procter & Gamble and General Electric.  Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) – Mario Mantrisi will take over from Annemarie Arens as general manager in January 2018. LuxFLAG operates labels for responsible investment financial products that currently cover investment products worth €31bn. Mantrisi was previously at  Kneip and Inreg, which he co-founded.last_img read more

Fernandes taking new approach

first_img Fernandes is determined things will be different this time around, with the focus on players’ hunger rather than their reputation – though Lescott was offended by the insinuation he does not fit within that plan. The Hoops have also been linked with another experienced England defender in Rio Ferdinand, a free agent at the end of his Manchester United contract as Lescott is at City. But Fernandes told Sky Sports: “I think these are all fantastic players being mentioned but we have brought in players who’ve been at big clubs before and we got our fingers burned. “We have a different philosophy from this time two years ago. We know what we want, we have a list of targets that we think are the right sort and will add tremendous value to the club. “You need a balance of youth and experience but you need to get the right experience – people who are ready to come down and battle. People who have come from places like Manchester City, having won titles and been in the Champions League, might not have the right energy you want.” Lescott responded on Twitter: “Still undecided about my future but questions over my hunger 4 next season disappoint me I will never represent a team & give less than 100%” To shy away from big-name signings would be at odds with QPR manager Harry Redknapp’s track record in recent years but Fernandes was positive after he and chief executive Philip Beard met with the former Spurs boss on Friday. “We had a fantastic day talking about our targets and what we want to do,” he said. “We need maybe four or five new players and we are a much better prepared club than we were two years ago. “We saw at Wembley a new type of QPR culture and it made me proud. We want to keep the spirit together and get the right dressing room. It’s amazing what you can do with that. “We said we’d learn and come back stronger and next season we will see. No-one can guarantee anything. It’s so unpredictable. But we will give it a bloody good fight to stay up.” QPR chairman Tony Fernandes has played down the likelihood of a move for Manchester City defender Joleon Lescott and signalled a change of approach from previous high-profile recruitment. Rangers have been linked with the 31-year-old England international as they rebuild for Premier League football, having achieved promotion by beating Derby 1-0 in the Championship play-off final. The club’s previous dalliance with the top flight proved ill-fated, ending in relegation in the summer of 2013 despite infamously carrying a higher wage bill than that season’s Champions League finalists Borussia Dortmund. center_img Press Associationlast_img read more

1 million doses of anti-malaria drug heading to Florida to treat coronavirus patients

first_imgAccording to Gov. Ron DeSantis, one million doses of a drug used to treat malaria and lupus are being shipped to Florida to treat coronavirus patients.Gov. Ron DeSantis said on Tuesday that Amneal Pharmaceuticals is sending a massive shipment of hydroxychloroquine to the state and it’s expected to arrive on Wednesday. Teva Pharmaceuticals is also sending a shipment of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, an antibiotic commonly known as a Z-Pak, to Florida from India.The combination of those two drugs has been used to treat COVID-19 patients across Florida.Gov. DeSantis said those drugs would be delivered to hospitals right away.Last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients.However, health officials said it hasn’t been fully vetted as a treatment for COVID-19 and does have side effects.Dr. Sunil Kumar with Broward Health said “I think we need to have every option that’s available for these patients.”last_img read more

Football News Tottenham come back from brink to qualify for last 16 of UEFA Champions League after Inter Milan draw

first_img For all the Latest Sports News News, Football News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. Barcelona: Tottenham came back from the brink in the Champions League on Tuesday as Lucas Moura’s late equaliser salvaged a 1-1 draw against Barcelona and sent them through to the last 16. Lionel Messi was left out of a heavily-rotated Barca line-up at the Camp Nou but Ousmane Dembele’s stunning early goal looked set to put Spurs out, until Moura intervened. Mauricio Pochettino’s side only had to match Inter Milan’s result at home to PSV Eindhoven in Group B, which they did, as the Italians only managed a 1-1 draw themselves. It made for a night of exhilarating drama, climaxing in the final five minutes when Tottenham must have wondered whether to push for a winner or hold on to what they had. At the final whistle, their players faced an agonising 30 seconds, only for a roar in one of the stadium’s deepest corners to tell them the whistle had blown in Italy. “No-one believed in us,” Pochettino said. “People said it was mission impossible but we are here. It is a massive achievement for the club.” Barcelona’s coach Ernesto Valverde may not be popular with Inter supporters after he rested several key players, including Messi, but his team already had first place wrapped up. We qualified quickly and that speaks for itself,” Valverde said. On Messi, who came on shortly after the hour, he added: “It’s good to keep him busy.”Read More | Liverpool beat Napoli to enter last 16 of UEFA Champions LeagueBesides, Dembele scored a goal of which the Argentinian would have been proud, his brilliant run and finish providing the perfect riposte to more reports of indiscipline from the 21-year-old this week. “It was a great goal, the kind only players with his talent can score,” Valverde said. “We are happy with him.” When Barcelona crashed out in the quarter-finals in April, Valverde took much of the blame, the accusation that he failed to rotate his players in games of lesser importance.Read More | Roma stall Inter Milan’s progress in Serie A, AC Milan move to fourthPerhaps he listened, because while Messi’s absence was the key point of relief for Tottenham, Jordi Alba and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, both excellent in recent weeks, were also left on the bench. Spurs, though, were also unfamiliar, at right-back, where Kyle Walker-Peters made his Champions League debut and it was the 21-year-old’s error in the sixth minute that gave Dembele a sniff. He robbed the ball and tore away, brushing off Walker-Peters again before brilliantly dummying a late Harry Winks dive and finishing past Hugo Lloris.Pochettino said he would be kept aware of the score at the San Siro, so news may have reached him soon after that PSV had taken the lead. Spurs put Barca under pressure Tottenham improved, peppering Barca’s right side, as another break saw Danny Rose fire across the face of goal.Son Heung-min’s lunge came up just short. Son’s best chance was still to come as he skipped away from Thomas Vermaelen’s desperate challenge, which might have earned him a red card had Son tumbled. Instead, he powered on, only to see his shot meet Jasper Cillessen’s leg.Along with Dembele, Philippe Coutinho was Barca’s biggest threat.He clipped the outside of Lloris’ post with one bending effort before half-time and had another blocked by Walker-Peters just after. The stadium had risen to its feet as Messi began warming up but Tottenham continued to push early in the second half. Harry Kane blazed over, put off balance by a nudge in the back from Vermaelen. Rose pulled back when he might have shot. Barca fans cheered like they had scored when Messi came on in the 64th minute but the chances kept coming at the other end, where Moura, on as a substitute, failed to head in from five yards as Cillessen clawed the ball off the line. Inter equalised against PSV, leaving Tottenham needing a goal with 15 minutes to play. Instead, they were almost dead and buried, as Coutinho again hit the post.Finally, they found a way through. Erik Lamela threaded Kane free and he crossed for Moura five yards out. This time he could not miss. Inter were still level but Spurs could hardly risk settling for a draw in case the Italians scored a winner. Kane’s deadly disguised pass set Rose clear but he fired high. In the end, it mattered little as the whistle blew and Tottenham’s players waited. Then they heard the cheers. last_img read more