Beloved Comedian And Phan Harris Wittels To Be Honored During New Festival Dubbed Harris Phest

first_imgBeloved phan, comedian, writer, musician, and Parks and Recreation executive producer Harris Wittels, who died in 2015 following a drug overdose, will be honored at a new memorial festival year dubbed Harris Phest. Wittels was a gifted comedian and known Phish fan, serving as our favorite tour guide through the cosmos (sorry) as cohost with Scott Aukerman on the Earwolf podcast Analyze Phish. The phestival is being organized by his sister, Stephani Wittels-Wachs, and will take place on April 20th–Harris’s birthday–in Houston, Texas, at 8th Wonder Brewery.As a tribute to Wittels on what would have been his 33rd birthday, the day will serve up things that Wittels would have loved, such as a performance by Phish cover band A Live One, stand-up comedy shows, and a special-edition Humblebraggot Beer, named after Wittels introduced the word “humblebrag” into the common lexicon with his 2012 book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty. The day will also serve as an exhibition of Wittels’ hilarious work and gift of comedy, with selections from his book, best tweets (@twittels), and Parks and Recreation clips also showcased throughout the day.Proceeds for the event will go toward the Harris Wittels Fund, which supports Houston’s High School For The Performing And Visual Arts. You can get more information about Harris Phest here. Rest in peace Harris, you are missed. [H/T A.V. Club]last_img read more

Trey Anastasio Shares Emotional Note In Memory Of Childhood Friend Chris Cottrell

first_imgEditor’s Note: We originally ran this post with the headline “Trey Anastasio Shares Hilarious Mushroom-Fueled Story In Emotional Tribute to Childhood Friend.” We recognize now that this took a tone which was inappropriate for the topic at hand, and we regret that this headline came off as being disrespectful toward Mr. Cottrell and his friends and family. In the time since this piece’s initial publication, we’ve amended the headline, which you can read above. We sincerely apologize to those who knew him and the Phish family at large for this error in tone.On Saturday night, Trey Anastasio lost one of his oldest and closest friends, Chris Cottrell, also known as Co-taaage. The two of them attended Taft boarding school together and heavily influenced each other’s musical tastes. Cottrell died of adrenal cancer last night, leading Anastasio to pen a lengthy tribute to his lifelong friend.The post includes heartfelt memories of Cottrell, reasons that made him such a good friend, husband, and father. The post also includes a few Phish-related stories that are hilariously wonderful, including a mushroom-fueled prank on the night before the Primus “Harpua” show in which Children of the Corn actor Courtney Gaines and Trey elaborately switched places while watching the horror movie and place Cottrell into a terrifyingly hilarious situation. The stories Trey tells in the post below will make you smile from ear to ear, as he tributes a man that clearly left huge fingerprints in Phish history.Rest in peace, Chris. You can read the full post by Trey Anastasio below:My lifelong friend Chris Cottrell died tonight from adrenal cancer. My heart is truly broken. He leaves two beautiful daughters, Ayla and Kiara, his loving wife Amanda, and two brothers, Hamm and Trow.Chris was a deeply caring father, husband and friend, and at the same time, Chris was a true badass, as tough as nails on the outside, while Inside he had the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever known. Chris and I were like blood brothers from the age of 15. Chris was always the first friend who would call when times were hard, he always knew exactly what to say, and more importantly, what not to say. He was also hilarious, and right up until his last day was cracking all of us up, including his nurses, who all loved him. He died surrounded by his loved ones in the comfort of his home.Chris was a wicked skier, and In the early 90s the four of us in Phish even sponsored him when he competed in the extreme skiing competition. He planned on skiing the competition in Fish’s dress, naked underneath, with the dress flapping up in the air as he went down the mountain. That didn’t actually end up happening, but we all had a good laugh picturing it, and he did well in the competition that year, despite wearing regular ski clothes. Chris loved elk and deer hunting in Colorado, and especially loved spending long hours above the tree line, he loved being up in the mountains. He also loved surfing, and he and Amanda loved spending time in Costa Rica, surfing, and being by the ocean. When our kids were all little, Chris took our families on 3 day rafting and camping trips out west. We’d go kayaking, and he was also an expert fly fisherman. He would take me fishing and I would never catch anything…while Chris would end up with 12 fish. It was like he could sense where they were hiding behind the rocks- he was in tune.Chris’s fingerprints can be found on the world of Phish and TAB. If you look in the liner notes of the live TAB album “Plasma” you’ll see that Chris was a co producer, helping me pick which tracks would make the cut. The song “Push on till the day” is packed with references to our countless adventures together. It begins with the line “C Cott is a friend of mine”, and among other things it includes a reference to “The Back of the Worm” which was heard at a Phish show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam in 97 but actually came from the night before that, when Chris and I were wandering aimlessly thru the dark streets of Amsterdam at 3am, completely lost and cracking up, when we both suddenly stopped in our tracks and realized at exactly the same moment that there were giant 100 foot long sand worms swimming just below the surface of the water in the canals right next to us. It was a horrifying thing to realize, but there was nothing we could do…the worms were there, and that was the end of it. So I looked sheepishly at Chris and sort of mumbled, “I think you know where you are….” and he replied, “…’re on the back of the worm”…which started us off laughing, whispering back and forth as we walked quickly away, “I think you know where you are…you’re on the back of the worm!” the chant continued all night and into the next day…right up onto the stage the next night. Stuff like that used to happen all the time with Chris. He lived in Boulder in the 80s and early 90s, and whenever Phish would come to town, which was quite a lot, we had a ritual where we would circumnavigate the entire city of Boulder, walking for hours at night, just talking and laughing. Chris and I both loved Jimi Hendrix so much…and we would always crank Band of Gypsies or Red House or some other Jimi track on the stereo when we were together, really loud, standing in front of the speakers together, and Chris, (whose nickname for me as “stain”, because my last name is Anastasio, which morphed into “Ain Stain”, which morphed into “stainus on the ainus”, and then into simply “stain”).. would lean into my face while Jimi ripped, at ear bleeding volume, and he would yell…. “stain!!! Listen to that sustain!”Meaning… not just sustain of one note, but the way Jimi always kept the energy flowing like a torrent…like whitewater rafting, how he would sustain, a roaring rapid of sustain. So when I walked onstage at the countless shows where Chris would be hanging backstage, he would always say to me, just as I walked out, “Stain!….. sustaaaiiiin!”Even when he couldn’t be at the show I’d often call or text him before the show and say, “Co-taage! (My nickname for him.. taaage is pronounced “taj” like in Taj Mahal) I’m gonna sustaaiiin!” And he’d say something like “well done, grasshopper”.If you are ever in Crested Butte, there are many gorgeous homes in that town that Chris built. He had his own construction company, and built beautiful luxury homes, including his own, which was breathtaking, and always spotlessly clean.For the last decade of his life Chris was a grower in California. He loved and cared for his plants like a doting father, like they were his babies, watering and spraying for hours and hours every evening and early morning, building solar powered watering systems, or special air transfers and lighting systems for the indoor grow, dealing with pests, weather changes etc…He always took enormous pride in everything he did, and it showed…and of course he was a caring, loving expert as a grower too. Mostly, Chris loved Amanda, deeply and unconditionally. They had a rare and beautiful relationship. He was unwavering in his love for her, and she for him. It was such a heartwarming thing to witness. When he got sick, all he ever talked to me about, other than how proud he was of his beautiful daughters, was Amanda, and how he wished she did not have to go thru this.This post is way too long, so forgive me, but I guess I don’t care…because I’m so heartbroken, and I just want to share one more memory, if you will indulge me.Sometime in the mid 90s Mike was driving up the highway when he picked up the actor Courtney Gaines hitchhiking. Courtney was well known for playing the character of Malachi in Children of The Corn, with his wild red hair, he was the one who hacked everybody up.Mike started to contemplate a crazy gag, and at band practice and the gag came into focus.. So the next time we played in Vegas, we rented a giant suite with a balcony and a piano, and we invited tons of friends to a huge party in the room…Mike even hired two opera singers… The gag was this…Courtney and I bought the exact same clothes, because with my long red hair at the time, Courtney and I looked similar… we each bought an identical bright blue blazer, pants and shoes. Chris was chosen to be the target of the gag, because this was going to be so scary that we needed a person who wouldn’t have a heart attack when it happened, and Chris was literally the only person we could think of who would be able to withstand it.After taking some mushrooms just to add to the fun, I took Chris out gambling for a couple of hours while the party raged on in the room. Chris of course had no idea that Courtney was there…I was supposed to bring him back at exactly 2:45 am, which I did…When Chris and I got back to the room, everyone had left and we were alone, even though secretly they were all hiding up on the balcony looking down at us. There was a large screen TV placed in front of the couch and Children of the Corn was playing on the TV. Chris and I sat down on the couch…it was very dark in the room, except for the light from the TV, and just as we sat down, Courtney begin hacking furiously…with that weird curved blade thing and horror music blaring…at that moment I excused myself to go to the bathroom, Courtney and I switched in the bathroom, and Courtney returned to my seat on the couch dressed in the exact same clothes I’d been wearing, wearing my glasses, with his shaggy red hair, and sat right down next to Chris…the whole party and the opera singers, (who were instructed to scream at the top of their lungs at the exact moment that Chris screamed) were watching from above.Adding to the weirdness was the fact that Courtney is a professional actor, so he sat down next to Chris on the couch and then turned and made eye contact with him, with a horribly scary “I’m gonna kill you” face that i could see from the bathroom, and was so scary that even I was scared…this was only moments after I had been sitting next to Chris in the exact same spot…and meanwhile in the background, “movie Courtney” was hacking up a storm, with the movie cued to the exact worst spot. Chris stood up and started slowly backing away in terror and confusion…trying to get a handle on what was happening…at which point I sort of panicked because I felt worried that it was just all too much, so I ran out, thinking I’d make it would easier for him, but in reality, that’s when he really lost it because now there were two of me, in the dark, dressed identically, but one was Malaki.Anyway, my favorite part of this whole story is that by the next night Courtney and Chris had become pals, and while we were playing the show I kept seeing the two of them running around drinking and partying together (it was the Primus Halloween Harpua show), and that says more about Chris than anything. He loved the whole thing.We will all miss you Chris.[photo via Trey’s Facebook of Chris and Trey backstage at Red Rocks in 2001]last_img read more

Deap Vally Shares Update On Collaborative Project With The Flaming Lips

first_imgRock duo Deap Vally appear to be in the final stages of their recent collaborative project with Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd of The Flaming Lips.The band comprised of guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards shared an image to their Instagram on Saturday showing Troy standing beside Coyne and Drozd in some kind of creative setting, along with the caption, “Our collaboration record with the Flaming Lips is nearly done! We couldn’t be more freaking excited. It’s been a crazy honor working with these geniuses.” The members of Deap Vally are no strangers to sharing social media posts featuring photos of themselves having fun with Coyne. Last April, the band shared a video originally posted by Coyne showing both himself and Drozd along with the copy, “The ILLiad: a Deap Vally Flaming Lips odyssey” while music is heard playing in the background by way of computer. Prior to that, Deap Vally had shared a mix of photos of themselves with Coyne during what was likely the project’s original recording and writing sessions in the singer’s home city of Oklahoma City. One of the sessions apparently resulted in four songs in the three days, giving fans a gauge to a least a little bit of what could be coming down the pop from both parties.The Flaming Lips actually shared one of their own new singles earlier this week with “Giant Baby”, which is set to be included on their forthcoming album, King’s Mouth: Music And Songs. The album is due out on July 19th via Warner Bros. Records.Fans can also catch the band on tour this summer alongside The Claypool Lennon Delirium and Particle Kid. Head to The Flaming Lips’ website for tickets and tour info.last_img read more

Rock Center names entrepreneurs-in-residence

first_imgAs usual, M.B.A. students attending Harvard Business School (HBS) this year who are interested in entrepreneurship or looking to create and even launch a startup of their own will be able to take advantage of plenty of resources on the HBS campus, including more than 30 faculty members and this year’s cohort of 21 Entrepreneurs-in-Residence at the School’s Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship.These successful entrepreneurs will bring their deep experience and insights to the large entrepreneurial community at HBS. Spending time on campus throughout the academic year, they will advise M.B.A. students eager to start their own companies as well as work with faculty members on research and course development.“We are grateful for the time, effort, and many contributions that these practicing entrepreneurs bring to the Rock Center and the entire HBS community,” said Jodi Gernon, M.B.A. ’91, the Center’s director. “They bring an extraordinary array of talents, insights, and success stories to the School.”Since 1947, the study of entrepreneurship has been a vital part of the Harvard Business School M.B.A. Program, which includes a semester-long course in the first year Required Curriculum, numerous offerings in the second-year Elective Curriculum, and a thriving annual New Venture Competition for students and alumni from around the globe.The Rock Center for Entrepreneurship, which has won praise as the top program for entrepreneurial studies in the nation, supports faculty and their research in the field of entrepreneurial management and infuses the HBS community with the energy and spirit needed for new ideas and innovations to thrive and grow. Through a community that provides support, access to content, and a gateway to entrepreneurial ecosystems everywhere, the Rock Center helps students and graduates create revolutionary and disruptive ventures in both the for-profit and social enterprise sectors.Please visit the HBS website for the full list of The Rock Center Entrepreneurs-in-Residence.last_img read more

Rabac Open Air is another proof that quality content is imperative for destination development

first_imgBased on an excellent and successful concept, Poreč Open Air, the second Rabac Open Air it attracted more than thirty thousand people, which took place in twelve different locations in 76 days and proved to be excellent quality content.Valamar, in cooperation with the City of Labin and the Labin-Rabac Tourist Board, as well as the company MPG, the organizer of the festival, organized an excellent and important quality content in a tourist destination in Rabac this year as well. Tourists and locals were delighted with many concerts, costumed entertainers, lots of music and laughter, and excellent films under the stars marked the summer in Rabac, and the size of the project says enough that 116 hours of music marked the summer in Rabac. “The concept of the festival provides a variety of entertainment for all generations, so all festival programs were very well attended. All the feedback we have received from foreign and domestic visitors is very positive and commendable and that is why we need to continue in the same direction with small changes to offer our guests something new every year. With its almost daily program, Rabac Open Air definitely influenced the quality of entertainment and changed the perception of Rabac as a small place where little happens.”, Said Radmila Paliska Kos, director of the Labin-Rabac Tourist Board.By the way, the Rabac Open Air program was divided into four categories and took place at several locations during June, July and August. In fifteen different programs, the organizers prepared as many as 66 events in which 160 domestic and foreign performers participated. With the aim of further enriching the content, this year the excellent cooperation with the program partners, the organizers of the Labin Art Republika festival, continued. Interesting events in nearby Labin further complemented the Special Events program and connected Labin and Rabac through a variety of content in the form of the Shpeena Dox Documentary Film Festival, a night tour of the Old Town of Labin on Tuesdays and a beautiful event in Spina, the Labin Jazz Festival.On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, visitors enjoyed the Open Air Cinema and eighteen in the park below the Valamar Sanfior Hotel.  free screenings of family and animated films as part of the Cinema and Theater program, and Saturday was reserved for Istra Inspirit, a popular stage-educational attraction. Tuesday during the summer months was a day for Circus in the City within the Street Performance program, while for the youngest this year Sunday was a favorite day, a day reserved for the interactive program Princess Ball.Quality, diverse and authentic content is imperativeIf we want to increase tourist spending, to have better quality guests, then it can certainly no longer offer only the sun and the sea. Quality, diverse and authentic content is imperative. Apart from the fact that guests have something to do in the destination through various facilities, apart from swimming, we directly raise the overall satisfaction of tourists with the destination, as well as increase tourist consumption, and thus the profile of guests. Not only in the financial context but with targeted content we target a specific target group that is attracted to the destination by active vacation, culture, entertainment, etc.… Of course, first and foremost we need to know which tourism product we build and for whom, and only then work on strategic destination development through the offer, service, arrangement and contents.In the end, we should certainly praise and emphasize the communication on social networks, which took place in English.last_img read more

Governor Wolf Statement on Parkland, Florida Tragedy

first_img Flag Order,  National Issues,  Press Release Harrisburg, PA – Governor Tom Wolf issued the following statement regarding the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.“Frances and I are heartbroken by the tragedy in Florida and join with all Pennsylvanians in mourning the loss of innocent lives. We are praying for the victims and their loved ones and honoring the law enforcement and citizen heroes who put themselves in harm’s way to protect others.“Our children deserve to go to school without fearing for their lives and parents should be confident their kids will be safe after they leave for school each morning. And our country deserves elected leaders with the courage to act.“Our country must come together to stop this senseless violence and loss of life. It begins by putting aside political differences and taking real action to keep people safe.”The Governor ordered the Commonwealth flag at the Capitol Complex, Commonwealth facilities, and all public buildings and grounds throughout the state lowered to half-staff, effective immediately. This order is to mark respect for the victims of the attack at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.The Commonwealth flag shall be lowered immediately, Thursday, February 15, 2018, until sunset February 19, 2018. Per an order from the White House, the United States flag should also be lowered immediately and until sunset February 19, 2018.All Pennsylvanians are invited to participate in this tribute. February 15, 2018 SHARE Email Facebook Twittercenter_img Governor Wolf Statement on Parkland, Florida Tragedylast_img read more

Gov. Wolf: More Pennsylvanians to Benefit from Rental and Mortgage Relief Programs

first_img Economy,  Press Release Governor Tom Wolf announced today the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency is improving the COVID Relief Mortgage and Rental Assistance Grant Program to help more renters and homeowners remain in their homes. Effective Oct. 17, landlords and mortgagees will have a new option to reach agreements with renters and homeowners for repayment of rent and mortgage payments above the program’s $750 monthly cap. The program previously required them to forgive the balance of the payment.Earlier this week the governor signed an executive order extending the application deadline to Nov. 4.“We cannot allow thousands of families to become homeless because of the pandemic,” said Gov. Wolf. “Improving the program and giving people more time to apply will help families to stay in their homes. That will reduce the strain on social services and help landlords to pay their mortgages.“These are positive steps, but we still need a larger solution. I continue to urge the legislature to fix the program’s other flaws so more struggling families have a place to live.”The program has been helping fewer renters and homeowners than intended. Under the new guidance, landlords can still forgive the balance of rent and mortgage payment above $750, but creating the option to enter into repayment agreements with tenants and homeowners, and therefore recoup balance of payments, should encourage more participation in the relief program.The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act, passed by Congress in March, provided $3.9 billion for Pennsylvania. As part of Pennsylvanian’s response to the pandemic, the governor signed legislation in May directing $175 million of the CARES funds to PHFA to provide $150 million for rental assistance and $25 million for mortgage assistance.Governor Tom Wolf has repeatedly urged the General Assembly to remove the barriers so more Pennsylvanians can qualify.The governor’s proposal would:Raise the $750 monthly cap on rent relief to at least 130% of HUD limits – In some parts of the state rent payments exceed $750 a month, therefore landlords decline to participate, leaving tenants without payment assistance.Eliminate the requirement that households be 30 days behind on rent to be eligible for assistance – The requirement creates an unfair burden on applicants who prioritize rent and mortgage payments over paying for food, medicine or other bills.Eliminate verification that applicants applied for unemployment compensation – The added administrative step creates unnecessary processing delays of applications and availability of assistance.“Program changes are still needed to keep people in their homes, but in the meantime, these changes will let more people get rental assistance and avoid eviction,” said Gov. Wolf. “I continue to urge the General Assembly to make changes to allow more affected residents to qualify because, now more than ever, all Pennsylvanians need and deserve an affordable and safe place to live.”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention halted some rental evictions nationwide until Dec. 31; however, some tenants and all homeowners are still at risk. October 13, 2020 Gov. Wolf: More Pennsylvanians to Benefit from Rental and Mortgage Relief Programscenter_img SHARE Email Facebook Twitterlast_img read more

No reason to celebrate

first_imgSWISS Federal Railways’ sesquicentenary celebrations this summer were marred by a series of unhappy events ranging from the suicide of Personnel Director Jean-Pierre Kalin on July 29 to a clutch of failures by the high-profile Cisalpino tilting trains. Arguments over who should take responsibility for the Cisalpino problems spawned much adverse media comment and have not helped SBB in its attempts to mobilise public support at a time when it is embattled with politicians over its future status.Widespread civil engineering work for the Bahn 2000 programme and reconstruction of sections of the Bern-Llast_img read more

Affordable coastal Queenslander hits the market

first_imgThe modern kitchen now features a butler’s pantry. Picture: Supplied.“We redid the laundry, we renovated the walk-in wardrobe and we put in a butler’s pantry, which is my pride and joy,” Mrs Mifsud said. More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019“We also did a few other minor things like polish the floorboards.” Set across two-levels, the home has a lounge room on the ground floor, along with three bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, a bathroom and a laundry. The living area opens to the front deck. Picture: Supplied.“Sitting on the balcony and getting those nice cool breezes on a warm day is so nice,” she said. “I also love being able to walk around the corner for a coffee by the water. It’s a really friendly here, and nice and close to everything.” Mrs Mifsud said the property would suit all types of buyers and, with some work downstairs, it could even work as a dual occupancy home. One of the three decks at 71 Mein Street, Scarborough. Picture: Supplied.STROLL to the local cafes for a coffee or wander down to the beach from this renovated Queenslander in Scarborough. The two-storey property with pool at 71 Mein St has been recently freshened up and is back on the market. Owners Jennifer and Robin Mifsud bought the home two years ago for its location and charm.“It has a nice feel and a bit of character about it,” Mrs Mifsud said. Since purchasing, the couple have added their own touch to the home. center_img The rear deck overlooks the inground swimming pool. Picture: Supplied.There are front and back decks on this level, with the rear one overlooking the inground swimming pool and backyard. Internal stairs lead up to the open-plan living, dining and kitchen area, which flows out to a covered deck. The main bedroom has a walk-in wardrobe and there is a second bathroom on this level. Mrs Mifsud said her favourite part of the home, apart from her cherished butler’s pantry, was the upstairs balcony. last_img read more

Denmark, South Korea to Cooperate on E-Navigation

first_imgIllustration; Image Courtesy: BahriDenmark and South Korea have decided to expand their cooperation to maritime navigation.As informed, the two countries will jointly collaborate in the field of digitalization.This entails the promotion of e-navigation and the development of advanced technologies that will be used by autonomous vessels, according to South Korea’s Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.Kim Young-choon, South Korea’s Minister of Oceans and Fisheries and Brian Mikkelsen, Denmark’s Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, signed an amendment to the memorandum of understanding (MOU) in Seoul on February 23.The MOU for the maritime cooperation between the countries was signed in May 2012 and it will now encompass artificial intelligence and big data as well.World Maritime News Stafflast_img read more