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8 2 on the afternoon, the province’s private enterprises, 100 enterprises to help hundred villages, hundreds of enterprises hundred joint precision poverty alleviation work forum held, vice governor, chairman of the Provincial Federation of industry and Commerce Kuang Kuang attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

grassroots Federation, participating enterprises and twinning village first secretary on behalf of private enterprises to participate in the "hundred hundred villages to help enterprises, joint enterprises hundred households" action to carry out the discussion of precise poverty, and interact with the person in charge of relevant departments.

after listening to the speech by the delegates, Kuang Chung said, private entrepreneurs to participate in poverty alleviation precise positive action is very high, around the village committee team and first secretary is support for action, relevant departments have also given help and guidance, and further enhance the people’s confidence and determination to work. He stressed that private enterprises to participate in precise poverty alleviation industry must be driven by this fundamental, to improve the understanding of the idea, focus on industry. To further strengthen the sense of responsibility, sense of play and innovation, at all levels of industry and commerce, the first secretary to further strengthen the organization and implementation, good service, coordinate and solve the difficulties encountered in poverty alleviation work. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of the precise poverty alleviation, Federation of industry and commerce at all levels not only to unite the contracted responsibility system also sent in charge of this work, we must grasp the enterprise’s key poverty alleviation plan, supervise and inspect the first sign of the 53 poor villages, to assist the local Party government to complete the task of poverty in 2016.


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