The game will attract all provinces in the country to observe the group to watch

7 month 6 days, reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Sports Management Center was informed that the upcoming fifteenth Qinghai Lake international road cycling race, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Inner Mongolia will attract almost from all provinces of the country, nearly 400 people in the study group came to the match, this is the first time in the past. Provincial Sports Event Management Center Director Wang Xianzhong said, it is certain that the fifteenth round of the lake has been developed to a pole, a flashpoint.

is one of the earliest Lake race bike race, Qinghai is the birthplace of cycling events, events of high level, grade and scale, coupled with Qinghai pleasant climate, the most beautiful season, every year during the tournament attracts more and more foreigners come here.

to this day, in addition to the tournament itself, the performance of the heat research? Wang Xianzhong said that at the beginning of this year, the big data analysis by the network, the 2015 most influential bike race list published in the tournament, the first round of the tournament ranked first. Shoulder to shoulder marathon, the lake race to become one of the four sports list. It can be seen that the popularity of the lake, it has become one of the national sports events. Up to now, the country to participate in professional and amateur cycling race has more than 2 thousand people, the club has a total of more than 2 thousand, from this year’s situation, the number of participants and the team is still increasing.

this year than in previous years, the biggest highlight of the lake where? In this regard, Wang Xianzhong said, only from professional events, the Lake Race derived from various types of bicycle activities and bicycle industry is more abundant, involving broader areas. Around the lake race today, has been far beyond the event itself, its skeleton more and more rich. In addition to the opening of the fifteenth session of the annual bicycle race around the lake, the League had a great influence in the country, has been held for 6 years of college, the disabled bicycle race bicycle race, and is planning a mountain bike downhill race; and painting contest, photography contest, animation design contest, the smart show, color run, lake lake the bicycle race essay contest and other cultural industries, added a rich "flesh and blood" around the race for the infinite vitality, stimulate the lake race. Today’s Lake race has been from the past to promote Qinghai’s gold business card, which is a promotional event to develop into the development of the sports industry, and promote the full range of sports consumption.


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