Qinghai 145 thousand cadres and workers and 159 thousand and 200 poor households twinning recognize

Jin Tan Cun Jin Tan Xiang

in Haiyan County in their entrepreneurial college students Xue Enhui is ready to open a farmhouse in the county, to earn some money during the tourist season to improve family life, but due to lack of funds, Xue Enhui’s desire to have been stranded. Cadres in learned of his situation as soon as he got closer to his small business loans, farmhouse dream step by step.

"because of the low education level, conservative thought, mode of production is very backward, due to poverty due to illness, marriage is the main cause of poverty." The village first secretary Zhang Wenjun is also the "help" activities "with one of the cadres". He said, Kim Tan Cun, Haiyan County, was listed as 2016 from the village out of poverty, in order to achieve this goal, the provincial poverty alleviation Bureau in-depth and carry out "double help" work at the beginning of this year, and the village of 27 poor households with assistance.

this example is just a microcosm of the province to carry out the double help activities. Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Party Committee Organization Department, the nine plenary session of the twelve session of the provincial Party committee, the province at all levels of Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions of Party organizations and Party organizations, and actively carry out the party organizations, Party members and cadres to help the village twinning help households twinning recognize the pro "double help". As of now, the province’s 145 thousand workers and 159 thousand and 200 households to determine the precise identification of poor households to establish a "one to one" and "one to many" and "many to one" fixed twinning relations, the more than 7 thousand Party branch and 1622 poor village twinning.

it is reported that the implementation of the "double Gang" in the implementation of all the coverage, do not leave blank, adhere to force, help in the end, the overall consideration, the principle of mutual complement. Adhere to all Party organizations all twinning helping the village, all the cadres and workers of all households to help adhere to the custom of Renqin; "poor governance, weak governance, the task is not completed, the responsibility is not separated; adhere to the" double "forces complement each other, mutual support. To grasp the construction of grass-roots party organizations as the core, promote the overall development of poverty alleviation, improving the backward production and living conditions in poor areas, enhance the confidence of the poor people out of poverty, poor people to guide the transformation of the backward ideas, achieve long-term marriage, let every poor masses have relatives in the city. "".

find problems, ideas, cited projects, raise funds, strong organization, construction team, in addition to hidden dangers, promote harmony. The party organization of the unit’s main task is to further understand the village twinning poverty alleviation progress, and the township party committee and government and village "two committees", based on reality, to help build the village to promote accurate poverty, to realize poverty, build a strong grassroots organization, to rectify transformation, realize rural civilization, the implementation of centralized rectification. Party leaders in charge of each year to build a village twinning, helping not less than 4 times.

pair of cadres and workers to help households or regular twinning recognize the pro poor households, and people ate together with labor, chatted, seeking out of poverty, to understand the implementation on household ideology, family status, the party’s policy of benefiting the people, promote feelings of heart to heart. Do pair families will visit, during the visit, there are weddings and marriage will have children drop out of school or unemployed will visit, will visit the disaster accident, abnormal thoughts will visit, will visit the major holidays,;

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