Xining more than 2400 households farewell heating difficult

In December 7th, Xining Ping Hui Property Management Limited company responsible person on behalf of all residential tenants for wool Chengdong District Environmental Protection Bureau to write a "people’s livelihood, the masses do practical heating hanging heart" banner. It is reported that the existing woolen District 54 residential buildings, more than 2400 residents of households, since 2001 after the bankruptcy, the district has been using coal water slurry boiler heating pipeline, due to damage, fuel prices and other reasons, not the normal winter heating has become a long-standing problem in the district. In this year’s "coal to gas" work, the Council to the city, the relevant departments of the district to fight for a special grant funds 700 thousand yuan, a comprehensive solution to the problem of heating the district is not normal. (author: get boat, Jia Quanjun)    

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