Xining City east of the main residential area resettlement project

October 25th, the city of Xining, east of the low rent housing resettlement housing project held in the main ceremony. After more than a year of construction, the resettlement of more than 3000 households relocated to the community has begun to take shape.

pay in low rent housing resettlement area a total investment of 800 million yuan, the total construction area of about 380 thousand square meters, is a dangerous rock Beishan comprehensive administration of three period, four period of relocation of residents, but also in Xining city affordable housing construction project. It is reported that the construction of a total of 13 projects to the top of the 34 layer of high-rise residential commercial housing, the total number of households, including low-cost housing, public rental housing, a total of 60 units, the total population of 10206 people, planning for a total of 3186 people, including a total of 205 people. In order to facilitate the lives of residents, community facilities, health care, education, community services, cultural and sports, municipal utilities, commercial services, financial posts and telecommunications and other readily available, parking spaces 1479. Pay in the low rent housing resettlement area after the completion of Beishan rock not only meet the comprehensive administration of three phase, the four phase of the project more than 3000 households relocated masses resettlement needs, and through the construction of resettlement project, a simultaneous built part of low rent housing, ease the contradiction between supply and demand, the difficulties of the masses and the low rent housing Shiwupeizu to a certain extent, at the same time so, pay in full development and utilization of land, it is of great significance to promote the eastern economic growth, improve the quality of the city, improve the image of "east exit". (author: Zhou Jianping)

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