West District for the grassroots party branches to supplement the spiritual food

in order to further improve the grass-roots party organizations and Party building work, Chengxi district organization department according to the actual situation of the grass-roots party organizations, raising funds for 52617 yuan for the Party (workers) committee, communities and rural areas, organs, schools, the Party branch of retired cadres more than 10 subscription journals, to the grassroots party organizations and Party members to send "spiritual food".

this year, the West District Organization Department to do the 2013 annual subscription of newspapers and journals as the spirit of the party’s eighteen big organization work and promote a political task, according to the actual situation, actively raise funds, free of charge for the grass-roots party organizations of all kinds of newspapers and journals subscriptions to more than 10 species, more than 500 copies, to ensure full coverage. At the same time, the party organizations at all levels are required to establish a learning party organization, so that the party members and cadres at the basic level can timely understand the party’s line, principles and policies, increase the influence of the party at the grassroots level, and promote the education of Party members. The organization order of the party "life", "Xining Evening News", "party", "Wenhui enterprise party building forum", "party digest" and other publications, will guide the non-public economic organizations, social organizations, Party organizations and Party members to pay attention to politics hot, understanding the innovation trend of grassroots Party building, good learning experience, strengthen and improve around the ideological and political work of good practices, to promote the work of innovation.

(author: Ma Zhanyu)


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