Xining preganglionic condolences to send supplies to the village

On the eve of the Spring Festival

, municipal authorities Authority to Dongxia township of Huangyuan county to the village of blue accounted for, 25 poor households sent 10 thousand yuan worth of cotton, rice and other holiday supplies.

in January 29th, accounting for the village in the blue, I saw an old man surnamed Dong, because of physical disabilities, the elderly action is very inconvenient, carefully understanding that: the old man’s wife is also disabled, since her daughter married, leaving the old two had each other, life is very difficult. There is a 74 year old man in the village, the only son suffering from mental illness, life can not take care of themselves, the elderly do not have a source of income, life is also very tight, like this difficult households, the village a total of 25. The blue village of mountain area located in the brain for the inconvenience of traffic, the main economic source of the village is relying on the export of labor services, so many "double female households" in marrying the daughter, only the loss of labor man depended on each other in the village, the village also has many "double residual households", two children have no physical disability economic source, in the face of this situation, since the city to carry out the "one thousand rural Party branch hand in hand" activity, municipal authorities Authority and the village formed a helping pair, every Chinese new year, will carry out condolences warmth activities. (author: Wang Qiong)

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