Xining City the first recognition of the 80 virtues

In June 29th, Xining City, the first virtue of youth Star Award in recognition of awards people in the central square stage was held, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Education Department official, city leaders Wang Haihong, Du Shupin, Zhang Ying, municipal committee director Bao Fuyuan and the relevant departments responsible person to attend and for the 10 Summer Youth "" 70, "the virtues of youth" award, Wang Haihong on behalf of the municipal government to the recognition of the 80 by virtue of youth and congratulate speech.

Wang Haihong pointed out that the first virtue youth star selection activities not only reflect the city’s moral habits of the mirror, or the city’s spiritual civilization construction results of a centralized display. In recognition of "virtues of youth", embodies the civilization, excellent in character and learning self-reliance and honesty, respect for love, helpfulness, conscientious devotion and other good quality, fully demonstrated the positive, the spirit of the times, be enthusiastic and press on the majority of minors and tenacious struggle and unremitting self-improvement lofty quality. Wang Haihong hope that the majority of young people in the city to the "virtues of youth" learning, and strive to become a noble character, beneficial to the community, benefit the people. Wang Haihong stressed the need to promote the virtues of youth in the city’s advanced deeds, so that their good qualities to carry forward, so that the virtues of youth to become the city’s minor ideological and moral work of the brand. The relevant departments should further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, and the ideological and moral construction of minors to grasp as a long-term task and basic project; the educators should take the initiative to meet the needs of education reform and the development of the times, to create the legitimate rights and interests of the minors to the pursuit of life leader, organizer, practice experience the healthy growth of the service, the protector and a good environment for the development of the.

it is understood that the city and the host city, civilization office, the municipal Party committee, Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Education Bureau, Xining evening news, Xining TV, Xining people’s broadcasting station jointly hosted in Xining by virtue of youth Star Award in recognition of activities since the start of April 12th, the general public, the city’s primary and secondary school teachers and students to participate in the more than and 70. Since the day, search, recommendation, lively, lively, municipal school district selection around civilized and polite, self-reliance, honesty, dedication, love love, love of labor, respecting thrift, diligence and innovation of 8 types of "little virtue" stars will our city as one falls, another rises, to further promote the "do a Lei Feng a moral person" theme education activities to a new climax, good morality and civilized, in the city’s education system to create a new tree, build our city without The pursuit of advanced, advocating advanced, advanced learning atmosphere. (author: Ge Wenrong)


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