Xining will support the development of Tibetan Medicine

In order to deepen the reform of medical care system, further support and promote the development of Tibetan medicine, recently, the Xining Municipal People’s government issued "opinions on supporting and promoting the development of Tibetan medicine industry in Xining city" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), Xining city will strengthen from Tibetan Medicine service ability construction, highlight the characteristics and advantages, expand the scope of service and other aspects, to strengthen the support of Tibetan medicine development.

to 2020, in the administrative area did not set up in Tibetan medicine hospital, with the introduction of social capital in the way of the new 1 Tibetan Medicine Hospital; the city’s two hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacy in clinical settings in accordance with the national standard, Chinese medicine beds accounted for a total of 5% beds; the city’s two in the Chinese medicine hospital beds in total beds 50% goals.

in addition, will be carried out in Tibetan medicine research and development, and promote the harmonious development of medicine in Tibetan medicine; vigorously promote the inheritance and innovation, do a good job in the Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine in succession, accelerate scientific and technological progress and innovation, increase in Tibetan medicine Tibetan medicine Jia Dazhong cultural construction; talent cultivation; give full play in Tibetan medicine preventive care characteristics and advantages to strengthen the construction of hospital informatization; Tibetan medicine; Tibetan medicine culture communication and exchanges to accelerate.  

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