Support our province to build new energy power generation base

Attended the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee of the four meeting of the Committee of the province, Zhang Zhouping, Qinghai, proposed to support the construction of new energy power generation base.

Ren Qing Jia, Zhang Zhouping believes that Qinghai sunshine for a long time, the intensity of radiation is the most abundant solar energy in the region, especially in the Qaidam Basin, Gonghe basin, there is a wealth of wind energy resources. The peak load of hydropower reservoirs in the upper reaches of the Yellow River. In our province, with the construction of large wind power and photovoltaic and thermal conditions, vigorously develop new energy for steady growth, structural adjustment, improve energy structure, has very important significance to ensure energy supply, but also through the exploration and summary in the country to promote the experience and practice, make an important contribution to improving the energy structure. To this end, our province of Qinghai will be built a new energy base in the country’s biggest target, through large-scale photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind and hydroelectric power to compensate for each other, to form a controllable adjustable new energy power generation, for the realization of multi energy complementary, improve energy structure, make a significant contribution to safeguard energy security.

Jen Yang, Zhang Zhouping suggested that the relevant state departments, the central enterprises to build a new national energy base in Qinghai to give strong support. As a new energy consumptive power base, would recommend Qinghai to central China, East China UHV power transmission channel into the national power grid development plan, accelerate the preparatory work for the "13th Five-Year" during construction.


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