The Huangshui River County water quality according to Quarterly Bulletin

The reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, this year is to determine the Huangshui River Basin water quality to achieve stability of the province’s total water environmental function zoning standards of grade IV goal of the year, our province will unremittingly promote the Huangshui River pollution control, and strengthen the environmental quality objectives of local government responsibility, from this year as a unit at the county level on a quarterly basis of water quality. Briefing section.

to continue to improve the quality of the Huangshui River, this year, our province will accelerate the upgrading of urban sewage treatment facilities revamping construction schedule. Strive to October, Datong, Huangyuan, Huangzhong, and other eastern people, Gan River sewage treatment plant mentioned standard transformation operation. The pollution control and ecological restoration, landscape construction more closely together, on the basis of Ning Lake Wetland operation, and actively promote the construction of sewage treatment plant tail water wetland in Ledu, and people, mutual aid, Huangyuan and other places. As far as possible to reduce the amount of sewage into the river, improve the utilization rate of recycling of water resources, and actively promote the construction of facilities for plant water reuse in Datong, Huangzhong county to promote sewage treatment, water used for watering green, street sprinkler dust, improve the utilization rate of industrial water. Comprehensive control of pollutant emissions, centralized treatment of industrial agglomeration pollution, focusing on textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry and other industries to achieve a breakthrough in the depth of corporate governance to achieve stable discharge standards. Combined with the pollution reduction, forcing the scale of the scale of the farm (plot) supporting the construction of sewage treatment facilities, the implementation of fecal sewage recycling. At the same time continue to do a good job of good lakes and important water source protection, strengthen water quality monitoring and timely reporting of monitoring results, to protect the ecological environment of water safety.  

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