Xining food safety regulation

In order to effectively protect the Mid Autumn Festival, national day food safety work, recently, the Xining municipal organization to carry out two food safety regulation work, timely elimination of food safety risks.

"two" period is the peak period of food consumption, the district and county government food safety office and the municipal government food safety committee member units will be intensive inspection, to prevent food safety accidents, organize food safety special law enforcement inspection, to ensure food safety during the two.

the remediation work in urban high, all kinds of food wholesale markets, bazaars, tourist attractions, stations and other key areas, to undertake during the festival of the wedding, large gatherings, tourism group meals catering service units, tourist hotels, family restaurants, small dining table as the key units, increase the moon cake meat, poultry, vegetables, beans, and rice, noodles, edible oil, dairy products, fruits, wine, aquatic products, health food, halal food and other key species and supervise local food festivals such as hot food sampling and risk monitoring efforts, crackdown selling counterfeit and shoddy food.  

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