Qinghai Laoba disc production techniques included in the intangible cultural heritage

In January 29th, Xining City, the second batch of intangible cultural heritage project Symposium held. After the initial evaluation, expert review, reporting, publicity, publication of links, at present, Qinghai Laoba disc production techniques and other 20 projects have been included in the second batch of city level intangible cultural heritage list in our city.

was selected for the second batch of intangible cultural heritage in Xining City, the 20 project is rich in content, covering folk literature, traditional music, traditional drama, traditional art, traditional art, traditional medicine, folk and other seven categories. Folk literature 1 (Kumbum Monastery Legends); traditional music 1 (ramming song); traditional drama 1, Qinghai Mihu (two melon at car); 4 (Xining traditional art glass painting, calligraphy, Hehuang Muslim Huangyuan sachet, Datong paper-cut); traditional art 9 (Qinghai eight old disk production art, Huangyuan Yu sweet grains brewing techniques, Xining embroidery, Xining handmade silk wool tapestry production techniques and other traditional medicine (1); Zhang back to the medical department of gynaecology); 3 (under the Luo Ma folk out of Hades etc.).I

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