To increase skills training to consolidate and improve literacy achievement

to further improve the consolidation of "literacy" results, July 25th -30, Chaoyang Office held the previous "literacy" personnel and consolidate and improve the culture of adult technical training courses, the District Education Bureau supervision office director Yu Songhe visit the guide, contact point unit District Women’s Federation, the District Education Bureau to attend the training class opening ceremony. Encourage everyone to study hard and improve their cultural knowledge.

I Street in literacy at the same time, adhere to the "literacy" and "get rid of" the combination of science and culture to promote science and technology law, jurisdiction of "literacy" key to adult practical technical training, training and re employment of laid-off workers "to consolidate and improve literacy" training transfer, the key to eliminate "illiteracy" "legal literacy", promote literacy object to improve labor skills and enhance their own quality, increasing household income, poverty, improve the quality and efficiency of literacy "work.


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