Provincial People’s Hospital and South Korea Friendship Hospital Hospital Guangzhou Huizhou

August 17th morning, the provincial people’s hospital hospital in Xining and South Korea signed the Guanghui Friendship Hospital agreement, which opened the province of medical institutions to enhance medical exchanges and international cooperation in a friendly hospital, hospital between the lateral contact and expand friendly exchanges, complementary advantages, to improve medical diagnosis, a new chapter the overall level of scientific research.

Korea Guanghui hospital located in the Seoul Gangnam area, has 20 years of business history, experience and our country long-term cooperation in neurology and Department of pain, specializes in spinal surgery. In order to strengthen the international academic exchanges, to better integrate with the world advanced medicine, in the past few years, the provincial people’s hospital regularly carry out academic exchanges with South Korea Guanghui hospital, laid the foundation for the establishment of friendly hospital. According to the agreement, the provincial people’s Hospital and the hospital of South Korea Guanghui friendly hospital, will carry out substantive cooperation. The two sides will not send scholars to conduct regular visits and training exchanges, the establishment of "China Northwest pain minimally invasive technique in second clinical centers in the province, and in the pain department, neurosurgery, Department of orthopedics specialist, carried out extensive exchanges and cooperation in the field as well as medical research, hospital management, resource sharing. In the issue of mutual concern of medical diagnosis and treatment at the same time, the provincial people’s hospital will bring the popularity of Korean medical experts, advanced technology and management experience, to promote the rapid development of health care in our province; South Korea is also committed to the Guanghui Hospital of traditional medicine and modern medicine Chinese the combination of traditional medicine to the world, will China.

signing ceremony, the provincial people’s Hospital, Shangdong Province-owned Hospital, China-Japan Friendship Hospital, also invited the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Xijing Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University, Affiliated Hospital of Qiingdao University and other famous medical experts well-known hospital were on the frontier problem of new advances in treatment of pain diseases such as academic lectures. (author: Li Xin)

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