The initial formation of the provincial government service system

reporter from the provincial government information and public affairs office to understand, at present, our province has formed a provincial government affairs service center as the leading city (county) government affairs service center as the main body, the convenience center based in the province government affairs service system, promote the transformation of government functions and management innovation.

province adhere to regulate the operation of administrative power as a breakthrough point, to open the transparent operation of administrative power as the focal point, and strive to improve the level of government services. According to incomplete statistics, the province’s 8 cities (prefectures), 46 counties (districts) administrative service center was fully opened, municipalities (state) public resources trading platform integration work basically completed. Provincial government administrative services and public resources trading center only in the first half of this year to accept administrative management, consulting and other matters to answer 42872, the cumulative number of transactions into the 970, the transaction amounted to $7 billion 980 million.


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