The City District of Xining city with three carefully push the three basics

  Xining City District adhere to the "serious" word on the efforts by holding the base construction of special training, carry out the "Three Basics" knowledge test, problems combing rectification, to further strengthen the Party cadres at all levels of the spirit and sense of duty, to ensure that the "three basic" building steadily, to see the results.

study in earnest. Hold the base construction of special training, to the "three basic" significance, objectives and tasks, push for the key, take the way of expert guidance, invited the provincial, municipal organization department leaders on strengthening the base construction work carried out a careful interpretation. Grasp the test with serious standards. Carefully designed "Chengzhong district" building "answer questions from the test of knowledge, strengthen the base construction of the meaning and method of path, key tasks, specific measures, both objective questions, promote each student to fully grasp the difficulties of the base construction, to further consolidate the learning content, and subjective thinking of the work of each student, promote the rational focal point and a breakthrough, to ensure the quality and effect of training work. And the establishment of the pass line, the test scores of less than 75 points of the trainees are "recycled" learning. Change the problem in a serious manner. Through preliminary research, find out the problems existing in the construction of the 3 bases, adhere to enact change. The responsibility to implement, the "three basic" construction work included in the annual target assessment, signed letters of responsibility with the responsibility of the unit; implement, by the district "to do" point to send the letter of supervision ", written notice of the time limit responsibility unit; the effectiveness of the work, by the party" construction supervision group of inspection unit "three base" construction of evaluation, and the evaluation results feedback to the district "do. The "Three Basics" as a mere formality, engage in the form of the construction units in charge, the District Secretary admonishing conversation, urging rectification.


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