How to deal with different customers

cabinet products have a great impact on people’s lives, so people are very cautious in the purchase of cabinet products. The operators of the cabinet stores face different consumers, and they should adopt different strategies. How to deal with different customers? Together we analyze.

1, autonomous type: this type of consumer likes to choose slowly, do not accept the opinions of others, do not like the clerk to help and harassment. Avoid direct gaze on the guests, so that guests can decide on their own, in the appropriate time to open the topic with the guests, guests praise the choice of jewelry vision, increase customer confidence in the purchase.

2, bold type: noble clothing, wearing brand-name or expensive jewelry, high consumption capacity, the purchase way, then buy love, don’t care about the price, it is important to show initiative more cordial, introduce new, can introduce some more expensive, to cause the guests purchase interest, make guests feel valued, face.

3, in contrast with the bold type: very careful in reckoning, the guest is very care about the price, usually take a long time to compare the price and bargaining. In response to this kind of guests need to have a strong patience to entertain, avoid contempt of the guests, can be introduced to write cheap goods and goods, so that guests feel that things are planted.

4, arrogant type: this kind of guests like a lot of criticism, especially like to use other company’s products to criticize the entrepreneur’s products. To deal with this kind of guest should not accept guests with resolve to evade the crucial point, well intentioned criticism. If criticism is not reasonable but harmless, can be glossed over, if the company image is polite to guests to explain.


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