Clear food exhibition 2015 clear food exhibition rich content is expected

2015 China (Qinghai) International Halal food products exhibition The Belt and Road "green food supplies exhibition will be held in May 15th. It is understood that the exhibition will be arranged China (Qinghai) theme day activities (opening ceremony), Qinghai province and the "The Belt and Road" national economic and trade cooperation Roundtable, foreign halal industry promotion, Qinghai halal Industrial Park Investment Project fair, delicacy halal cooking competition, Hai Qing really green food festival and other activities, rich in content, exciting.

, the theme of the day will take the main participating countries and host provinces and regions to carry out the characteristics of halal food, supplies, arts and crafts show, domestic and international folk song and dance performing arts. The countries that intend to exhibit the exhibits include Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.. The main products of the exhibition are the specialty of the country, the characteristics of halal food, the traditional ethnic costumes, handicrafts, etc., to be displayed in the host provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu, Shaanxi, Qinghai four provinces. The main products displayed are the characteristics of halal food products, traditional ethnic costumes, native products, etc..

in Qinghai province and the "The Belt and Road along the country’s economic and trade cooperation Roundtable will be to strengthen international economic cooperation and promote the development of halal industry" as the theme, and "The Belt and Road relevant state leaders, envoys to carry out high-level dialogue and exchanges; relevant national industry and commerce, business negotiation, economic and trade exchanges and other activities, focus on to promote enterprises in our province and the domestic and foreign trade exchanges, promote the development of our open economy. During the period, intends to start the establishment of The Belt and Road "countries along the development of halal industry alliance and related enterprises in Qinghai province and The Belt and Road along national and regional enterprises signed a cooperation agreement and other important content.

halal cooking contest will be "delicacy of green, ecology and health" as the theme, through the "Museum activities and events outside the museum, the combination of expert evaluation and the public appraisal unifies, delicacy contest and theme day activities combined with" invite a national halal food industry, famous boutique, boutique halal snacks business competition. By processing the production of halal pasta, halal cooking, halal snacks, food experts and guests invited to comment, and on-site awards activities. It is reported that this event will be divided into two outdoor and indoor, the entries will be named best nutrition food, best value food, best popular food, etc..


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