Housing Fair will be the most beautiful building concern

Housing Fair for the general public and real estate enterprises to provide a convenient exchange platform. Photo by Li Xiaogang in July 29th 2013, Xining Housing Fair wonderful continue, reporters at the exhibition site to understand, just announced the evening the most beautiful building is particularly of concern, Shangri-La, real estate market has become the most beautiful jinzuo consumers purchase choice. Sponsored by the municipal government, 490 thousand of consumers participating in the evening the most beautiful building, set livable, IKEA, pleasant as a whole, through their own selection, real let the most beautiful architecture presented in public before, but also to the public purchase of housing provides the best reference. "See the evening news published the most beautiful building, more information about the real estate in Xining, intends to look at the people themselves." Information on the real estate is not very understanding of Ms. Lee, in the evening to see the selection of the most beautiful building, ready to go to the scene to look at themselves and choose a set of their favorite house. On the same day, the reporter on the scene saw the show, members of the public to pay more attention to the selection of the most beautiful buildings, Wang uncle and his wife took the crape myrtle Lido real estate publicity, carefully read the above information, they told reporters: "see the evening named Lido as the best real estate Xining Ziwei livable Community Award, we specialize in to the scene to understand, son to buy a house to help him pick out, also save a lot of trouble." In the south of Qinghai International Convention and Exhibition Center real estate exhibition site reporter also saw the evening news selected 11 of the most beautiful buildings and real estate exhibition hall by many people of all ages, went to the inquirer. (intern reporter Liu Caiying)  

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