To strengthen the implementation of the target two on accelerating the construction of ecological

The provincial government issued the day before the "implementation of < the CPC Central Committee and State Council on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization on > the implementation of views", is to promote the programmatic document for the construction of ecological civilization in our province, the current and future periods, is to adhere to the ecological protection priority strategy, promote ecological civilization construction in the first district roadmap and timetable. Now, the task is clear, the goal is clear, the province’s top and bottom to focus on the implementation of the opinions to determine the objectives and tasks and deployment requirements, to strengthen the implementation of the strength, step by step toward the established goal of solid progress.

"opinions" requirements, by 2020, the province’s resource-saving and environment-friendly society construction has made significant progress, the main function area layout is basically formed, further consolidate the ecological security barrier, ecological products significantly enhance the production capacity, the development of circular economy has become the main mode of the guide, significantly improved living environment, ecological civilization system pilot made great achievements ecological culture, mainstream values gained popularity in the whole society, the level of ecological civilization construction and the goal of building a moderately prosperous society, ecological civilization pilot area and the development of circular economy pilot area basically completed. The pattern of land development space, to further optimize the ecological function steadily, improve the environmental quality, resource utilization more efficient, green economy scale, ecological civilization reform at the forefront of the country.

staring at the deployment and objectives must be scientific planning, co-ordination. Long and short plan arrangement, grasping the project, grasping concrete, to further clarify the target, the construction of ecological civilization and classification stage, discharge schedule, implement the responsibility of people, by advancing on schedule to ensure the implementation in place. Around the target task, the weak links on, focus, focus on the protection of the ecological environment, the development of circular economy, construction of system reform continuously made new progress, greater efforts to accelerate the construction of ecological civilization construction, efforts to conserve resources and protect the environment spatial pattern, industrial structure, mode of production, way of life.

focus on deployment and goals, we must adhere to the problem oriented, benchmarking poor. Over the years, although we have made great efforts in the construction of ecological civilization, we have made great achievements, but we must also see that there are still some gaps and problems in the construction of ecological protection. All localities and units in accordance with the "opinions" of the deployment and control objectives, gaps and problems existing in inspection, sort out one by one, make the problem management menu, in view of the weak links, research solutions, clear standards, detailed schedule requirements, on specific tasks, subdivision index, weak short board shoe good responsibility, to make good grades to ensure the completion of the indicators. To solve the current prominent contradictions and problems, but also focus on the long-term goal of sustainable development, highlighting the focus, the treatment of the disease, and comprehensively promote the protection and construction of ecological environment to a new level.


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