Eastern traffic along the scenic spots remediation

The reporter learned from relevant departments, recently, Chengdong district will use 1 months time to organize urban management, environmental protection and tourism and other 15 departments and units to carry out a comprehensive regulation of national and provincial traffic routes, tourist attractions and the surrounding area environment. Will focus on the state highway traffic routes, tourist attractions and the surrounding villages "dirty, chaotic, and poor" problem, to achieve the region along the road, tourist attractions and the surrounding environment clean, beautiful environment and facilities, management and orderly "environmental management norms, meticulous and overall normalization requirements.

East will be through the renovation of traffic along the area to control illegal buildings, illegal billboards, no fences, no practical significance without laying on the side of the road ditch wall top wall, no deposit, so that the washing water points, stores, and a market drying grain markets, including urban transit road stall as the city phenomenon has been effectively controlled, set up for road. The tourist attractions and the surrounding environment, road, water, swim step street, railings and other facilities, clean, no huddle misplacing, chaotic ride, unauthorized construction, littering, carve, graffiti, spit "eight chaos" phenomenon; the area of public facilities, cleaning system, garbage Nissan day, sewage centralized treatment; no illegal area surrounding buildings and structures of unsightly; tourist attractions no street vendors, selling, trailing qiangmaiqiangmai damages the interests of tourists, scenic area, scenic image effects disrupt order behavior; to establish scenic trails, recreational facilities, commanding position, warning signs and fence maintenance system, promptly eliminate safety hazards, to ensure the safety of tourists. The village clean and orderly; regularly carry out village sanitation centralized clean-up activities, village Fangqianwuhou no waste and waste; sewage treatment facilities have been completed and the normal operation of drainage and drainage; comprehensive utilization of agricultural wastes to promote livestock breeding, improve agricultural waste harmless treatment and resource utilization level. Do not meet the conditions of breeding, no treatment facilities, serious pollution of the farm for treatment or closed.  

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