mproving the work level of county and Township People’s Congress by improving the organization cons

8 month 17 days to 20 days, the provincial people’s Congress deputy director Cao Hong led to the township of Tianjun County, Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Wulan County, Delingha city and parts inspection guidance to carry out the work of the election of county and Township People’s congresses.

Cao Hong stressed that the general election to adhere to the leadership of the party does not waver, the general election of the various procedures, stages, links should be carried out to implement the party’s intention, reflect the will of the people. To strict discipline, earnestly implement the relevant provisions of the electoral law, pay attention to prevent and deal with all kinds of illegal behavior; strict election procedure law do electoral institutions establishment, implementation plan, registration and other aspects of the work; to strictly represent the structure and quality, optimize the structure of representative, elected to a strong political consciousness moral, moral good, strong ability to perform their duties on behalf of. To the county and Township People’s congresses election work and implement the "CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee on strengthening the implementation of the views of" county and Township People’s congresses work and the construction of the spirit of the document and the leadership of the provincial Party committee about the important instructions combined with general as an opportunity to improve the County and Township People’s congresses organization construction and working mechanism, and improve the level of the work of the npc.


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