How much money is needed buffet nvestment

buffet has always been a favorite food and beverage consumption, because of the freedom of the people to highlight. The cafeteria is seeking their own choice guests dining at the restaurant dishes taste. There are two kinds of ways: one is the dining guests dine first ticket to the restaurant at seeking food and beverages; two is advanced at restaurants seeking food and beverages, after the entrance to the settlement payment. No food or drink out of the restaurant.

how much does it cost?

buffet restaurant is characterized by rapid supply; free choice of dishes and the number of guests; dining guests, large sales; fewer attendants, guests to self-service. The key point of the management is the table. The table is usually located in a part of the wall or side of the side, to facilitate the use of guests is appropriate.


cafeteria shop management is more important, food Taiwan with a long table, table arrayed with a variety of food and beverage, next to put all kinds of tableware, dishes by guest himself. The general requirements on the hot or cold dish aside, middle, large dish back, middle point or step aside food, in the dish table and stood on the bed, level and artistic sense.

because of the design of the self-service dining room is related to the convenience of the guests, and the guests of the restaurant health image, so in the design also have to worry about. Table top table cloth to be neat, surrounded by a skirt, beautiful and generous, good results. Set the table, covered with cloth, put on the flower beds, five kinds of racks, toothpicks, cloth etc.. Table and table only provide simple service. The cafeteria is located at the entrance of the welcome seat, responsible for the work of the guests.

preparation of articles in the service before the start, the waiter will be counter, the cup frame, the metal surface and the counter surface clean; tableware tray, napkin, cup holder and table to hand; must be neat and organized; service equipment and supply dish to make the appropriate combination of the same type dish should be placed in the same online. Pads, stools and tables should be ready.

food preparation, spices, condiments and pre packaged food should be put in place; hot and cold drinks, food and salad, dessert, bread and other carey decorated display; display entrees, cut meat should be piled up, Rice-meat dumplings should be straight cut emissions, should be placed in the middle plate. Salads, such as fruits and vegetables, should be arranged in a certain height and in different shapes. Arrange the salad, the same kind of different colors of the dishes together, so that customers choose. Dessert counter and other parts should also be clean and orderly. Dessert should be according to the different food and container, according to class group row, keep the balance and straight line, and easy to choose.

food packaging. The waiter at the restaurant counter should provide food according to the requirements of the guests. If the lack of weight will make the customer disappointed, too much waste. So, waiter >

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