Shanghai interviewed 6 companies to stop sharing bicycle city put

shared bicycle Luantingluanfang brings people is very painful, so many people are concerned, how to make a small yellow car according to the order, won the people’s recognition. Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission has interviewed 6 v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle enterprises (currently invested a total of about 450 thousand vehicles), taking into account the city center parking capacity is saturated, demand now suspended.

in order to solve the problems in the development of chaos, regulate the development of shared bicycle industry, Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau has recently developed a series of standards for sharing bicycle group.

judging from Shanghai, as of February 2017, the enterprise has been carried out more than 30 bike sharing business, the amount of more than 450 thousand vehicles, more than 4 million 500 thousand registered users, and put the amount of registered households are at first in the country.

in Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association official website headlines, but also issued a shared bicycle in Huangpu District put too much quantity please carey put warning alert. Regulate the development of the industry demand is very urgent.

Shanghai Municipal Traffic Commission in conjunction with the public security, urban management and other departments interviewed shared bicycle enterprises in Shanghai operation that enterprises should strengthen the management of the operation, the implementation of real name registration system and user registration management, establish and strictly enforce the service standards, smooth channels for complaints.

for the interview of the 4 shared electric bicycle enterprises, mainly considering the road conditions, traffic safety and other factors, requiring immediate stop.

in Shanghai, Luantingluanfang phenomenon shared bicycle hoping for an improvement in the future. For the media group in the standard "prescription will be refunded should not exceed 7 days a, Ding Yong lawyers analysis, sharing bicycle enterprises to deposit obtained a large number of users of funds, is actually equivalent to have the financial function.

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