Do business a few cents will not be overcharged the whole

there are many shopkeepers feel a few cents have no specific coins, but also not calculated, then four to five homes in the money, even more will be. In fact, the current economic capacity of people, some money is not really a lot of money, but if the customer received a few cents more than the customer will undoubtedly be dissatisfied. So, do business money can not be overcharged.

one day, a strange middle-aged woman came to the shop to buy snacks for the children. I hastened to smile. I took off the shelves of convenient bags, she chose a few biscuits, beer beans and the like, on the electronic scale. Electronic display: 8.7 yuan. I said to her: "8 pieces of 7, you will give you 8 pieces of it, let you 20 fen."

unexpectedly, middle-aged woman said: "no, I just have some change today, the two steel coin in her pocket, out sooner or later." I determined not to accept, she is determined to give, let me push you to get the last steel coin rolled into the counter slot, we both laughed. Later, the middle-aged women became a frequent visitor to my store, sometimes she bought something, and I will say. Slowly, I feel close to each other.

middle-aged woman told me that she had just moved to the county seat, lived on the north side of the Franco Prussian street. There is a grocery store near her home, the shop is a fat woman. For convenience, she’s been shopping with fat women. Who knows the fat woman’s got the best. On one occasion, she went to the women’s shop to buy eggs, just in the door, listen to the woman nagging: selling eggs is not appropriate, ah, into a basket of eggs are not sold on the weight of the run, the loss of an egg a day ah……

wait until middle-aged women pick up some eggs on the electronic scale, the electronic display 4.93 yuan. The middle-aged woman in his pocket 8 cents coins, but kind of fat woman she wondered a small business is not easy, not willing to give her the money, then, just 10 yuan from his pocket money to the fat woman. Unexpectedly, the woman turned to find 5 yuan. The fat woman gave her the money, wore a sinister smile said: "feel shy ah, overcharged you 7 cents."

middle-aged women, said: in fact, now 7 cents what ah, but it can be put in the hearts of people how to think how uncomfortable. From then on, I’d rather run and never go to her house."

business success or failure is often reflected in some of the details above, although it is a few cents thing, but improper handling, are likely to affect the development of business. Today, people’s good economic conditions, improve the level of consumption, some money is not worth mentioning, but this obviously lose customers practice, will allow the customer to produce. For a few cents petty profits get bad, losing a repeat. The smart business in the course of business who said that the end of the goods add a little, a little bit of money minus the

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