A juice shop generally need what equipment

food and beverage industry in the small project there are a lot of these are very suitable for some want to venture investment novice, on the one hand the investment cost is not high, income is also more impressive, it is suitable for early entrepreneurs, of course, if you do a good job can be bigger and stronger. Many investors who are interested in fruit juice drinks will ask how much money is needed to open a fruit juice shop at the moment. What are the equipment to be prepared? The cost of a small fruit juice shop is not high, and it will be up to about 50 thousand.

the cost of opening the juice shop is mainly: rent, renovation costs, equipment (juicer, refrigerator, ice crusher, container, water heater, water filter, etc.), utilities, personnel management fees, etc.. Store rent according to the level of consumption in your city, shop location to decide, small series can not give accurate cost. You need fifty thousand dollars to get rid of the rent.

the cost of shop decoration is also uncertain, 20 square meters of shops slightly refined decoration costs around 20 thousand, of course is the ordinary decoration or decoration depends on your personal choices, at least to do clean and generous with bright windows and clean tables. In order to facilitate, you can first find out what type of shop you want to open, and then look for a similar style of the shop, with the decoration master to visit, modify some of the details, a direct COPY.

what kind of equipment need to open juice shop

do not buy any online recipes, it is useless. You go directly to the local raw materials wholesale to buy materials when asked how the boss can do. They will have staff to teach you to make the finished product for you to taste. In the future, you can do more research and innovation, making some unique drinks as a shop sign products. Fruit juice shop does not need a lot of products, more than a dozen lines.

juice shop need what equipment? Generally need to prepare fruit juice machine, ice machine, water machine, freezer, fresh fruit display cabinets, disinfection equipment, commercial mixer, commercial ice machine, electronic cash registers, and small ticket machine, stainless steel desk. There are other miscellaneous pieces of fruit knife, chopping block, shaker pot, ounce cup, kitchen scale, the number of pots, ice box, knife, scissors, champagne bucket, measuring cup, sealing film etc.. In order to save money, you can directly on the Internet to find some fruit juice shop equipment transfer.

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above is to open juice shop to join the cost and set up shop equipment, hope you can bring some help, if you have to join the problem what other aspects need to know please leave a comment below consultation on our website. See the message we will reply you the first time.

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