Allows you to shop on the money to make eight of the unknown experience

a lot of people want to start a business, but the lack of entrepreneurial experience, so that the process of entrepreneurship in a lot of detours, and finally not necessarily be able to make money. We want to be successful, the first thing you need to pay is to lower your head, to learn from others. Only the springhead in order to increase the suffering of the struggle, wisdom and strength, life and life skills and knowledge.

A, selling clothes is to sell the image

two, compared the advantages and disadvantages of


for those results are not ideal but feel good customers, one thousand words as to her store and took him to the city rival shop to see. Because if we simply talk about her problems, she will find a lot of reasons, what the economic downturn, the small local population consumption force is poor, can not keep up with the goods and so on, a lot of companies are objective and the problem, their own problems not at all. Is that true? Note that the shop business is not good, because we have a slow step, all can not only find the objective and the reasons for the company. I used to shop support encountered a similar situation, no matter what I say, customers simply do not listen to, say is wrong here, not there, this problem is not solved, the problem which did not implement, I heard a big head; of course, the customer said, reflect the good. But this problem can not be used "you are all wrong, I’m full of ideas", then I had an idea, just what is not said, inviting customers to the same.

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