Gansu strive to add 50 thousand people to return home every year

in such a pioneering period, there are a lot of people are in the business, at the same time, local governments also tried every means to attract some entrepreneurs returning entrepreneurship, Regional Entrepreneurial advantage also appear constantly, attracted many entrepreneurs eyes.

fully stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and energy, and retired soldiers and other migrant workers college students returning personnel, the province will strive annual new home business number 50 thousand people, leading 400 thousand people realize the nearest employment transfer.

"Internet plus" on leveraging the herbivorous livestock, herbs, potatoes, fruit, vegetables and culture industry, mining and upgrading the brand, take the modern commercial development path.

in such a new era of entrepreneurship, the government is to attract personnel for some home business activities have become a very common social trend, at the same time, a policy that in many places have begun to get work, received some good results.


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