How to improve the catering business profits Business

do not look at the food and beverage market so big, in which there is only a very small part of the heel, a lot of food and beverage items are replaced year after year. Every year the old and new examples of succession are constantly staged. So how to open restaurants for profit? How to improve the catering industry profits? It is actually very simple: on the one hand to improve the turnover, reduce the cost of all kinds of hand, the gap between larger, more profitable.

how to improve food and beverage operating profit

in finance we have a formula: seat number * seat turnover * per capita consumption level = turnover

case 1:

existing seat number is: 322, assuming that the per capita consumption of $60, then: A, 70% of the seats were used in the morning: 322*70%*60=13524; in the afternoon there are seats used by the: 322*90%*60=17388; total of 30912 yuan. B, if lunch and dinner are : 322*100%*2*60=38640 yuan. In December 18th to do 39 thousand is the case.


if the use of the two floor hall seats are the same, then: A, the same as the general situation in the morning, almost in the afternoon, 436*70%*60=18312; 436*90%*60=23544; total of 41856 yuan. B, if we are lunch and dinner, per capita consumption is a little higher, then: 436*100%*2*60=69760 yuan. If you turn over the table can be more than 70 thousand mark. So in the business season, an average of 50 thousand yuan is normal. C, if the business off-season, the business is not good, in the morning: 436*50%*60=13080, afternoon: 436*70%*60=18312, a total of 31392 yuan. A little bit of money on the basis of preservation is completely no problem.

can be seen above, the key to improve turnover is to increase the number of seats, seat turnover and per capita consumption level.

a, to improve the number of seats to do:

we want to increase the number of seats, is not simply to buy a few tables to buy a few chairs on the line? No, we have to consider many problems such as: who is to recruit service? How many people provoke people to eat? How to solve? Work clothes should build? How to make them become proficient from novice to the fastest speed? What is missing items like material? Porcelain, print, glass, pallets etc.. Consider now is love or guests dining hall dining room guests? Unfortunately can be increased to

the best?

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