Cooked food brands to join the project recommended

food and beverage to join the project to join cooked food is also a good choice, there are many kinds of cooked food franchise, are attractive delicious food, then the face of so many cooked food franchise which is better? What profit is high? The following Xiaobian recommended for some of the cooked food franchise, for your reference

cooked food brands to join the project recommended

joined the project 1: good cooked duck dog dumpling cylinder

Ningbo dumplings to cylinder duck dog’s most famous dumplings, so have " Zhejiang; Ningbo duck dog dumpling dumpling cylinder under heaven, " a Ningbo folk. The dumpling strict material selection, production of fine. It is a good selection of glutinous rice, black sesame, lard, osmanthus, white sugar as raw material, after the pot boiled dumplings, and other processes have strict requirements, to ensure the flavor. Duck dog eat dumpling cylinder fragrant, sweet, sweet, with fresh and smooth.

joined the project 2: horse meat cooked good Rice noodles

is the famous Guangxi Guilin small horse Rice noodles. It takes the horse, horse Rice noodles cooked with water. Horse meat and horse to water through a special process of pickling, fragrant crisp taste, the more chewing the more fragrant. Rice flour is also a good selection of rice processing, the entrance smooth, slightly elastic. Eat on the horse will Rice noodles bone soup hot, then soup with Rice noodles together in a bowl, mix with seasoning, covering several pieces of meat. After eating for a long time can not bear to leave. Guilin is so popular a word: " don’t eat meat Rice noodles, I do not know all the delicious food. "

cooked food to join the good project 3: Shanghai snacks

ribs crispy tender, fragrant glutinous rice cake taste, bright color juice. Shanghai people like eating food varieties, the most famous shop in Sichuan Fuzhou Road intersection " small Changzhou " and Tibet Jinling Road intersection on the north side of the Guangming Middle School to " " fresh pastry shop.

joined the project 4: good cooked beef and mutton paomo

beef and mutton paomo Shaanxi famous snacks. It is made of cattle, sheep and pig meat, vermicelli, fungus, lard, onions, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, pepper, garlic bolt and other material production. The characteristics of fresh soup taste thick, tender steamed ribs, very welcomed by the masses.

joined the project 5: good cooked fish

fish is a famous Fujian traditional snacks. The selection of eel and mackerel or sharks and other fish, tick peeling, fishbone, cut into puree, salt, starch, stir into a paste as fish skin, like meat, dried shrimp, minced ginger, plus a variety of spices for filling. To make a table tennis ball by hand

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