Chengdu Fifth Agricultural nnovation and entrepreneurship tea conference ended successfully

investment and entrepreneurship has been found under the wind, it is the rural areas. With the development of urban development is increasingly saturated, the rural market has not yet been fully developed to attract the attention of many investment entrepreneurs.

to encourage the return of innovation and entrepreneurship, promotion of Chengdu agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship policy, yesterday, Chengdu city held Fifth Agricultural Innovation tea will (peasant entrepreneurs session). Vice mayor Xie Ruiwu attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

in tea field, from the city district (city) 13 farmers entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs in the county of migrant workers and their entrepreneurial experience for the exchange and sharing, and consultation and demand there own innovation problems in the process of municipal departments and units responsible person the answer to the problem of related records and field.

in such an era of innovation and entrepreneurship, want to win in the business market in rural areas, we need to combine the needs of the times, to promote the development of innovation, promote integration, innovation and upgrading to innovation, make the rural market as soon as possible perfect docking with the urban market, expand the market.

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