The country’s largest express ndustrial Park will be built in Wuhu the whole

we all know, Wuhu city with reasonable location, so it has been the rapid development of the electricity industry, the Wuhu municipal government began to enlarge recruited, specifically to build the largest logistics base in Wuhu City, to allow more people to enter the electricity supplier, the courier industry, so as to promote the development of electric business industry, and provides employment opportunities for the majority of young people.

2015 at the end of the year, Wuhu city is located in the center of the southern region of Anhui Province, the construction of the southern Anhui express industrial park. Industrial Park is located in Jiujiang district government earmarked 10 million yuan for the project settled in the park construction, improve park infrastructure, improve the park service platform, at present, SF, post EMS, tact, in the pass, BES 14 express enterprises settled in the park, set up in the region distribution center, the daily express distribution accounted for more than the southern region of 90%. Which SF, Qualcomm, tact, rhyme, every day five courier companies signed a total investment of more than 4 billion 300 million yuan, the project land area of 920 acres.

with the southern Anhui express Industrial Park has been included in the provincial and municipal levels of modern service industry gathering area, the optimal allocation of resources, regional express further highlight the benefits. Wuhu express delivery business volume of nearly nine of electricity providers to express, which express the industrial park in southern Anhui accounted for the amount of business accounted for 70%. In addition, in the vicinity of the southern Anhui express Industrial Park also gathered nearly a hundred electricity supplier companies to achieve the depth of integration of the courier industry and the electricity supplier scale. Through the integration of the role of the southern Anhui express Industrial Park, Wuhu express delivery capacity has been 800 thousand from the day, to upgrade to the 1 million 500 thousand, and to further improve the timeliness of delivery, Southern Anhui express to achieve the next day". 2016, Wuhu express business volume of 84 million, an increase of 82%, the central region of the first non provincial capital cities.

as a business man festival is coming, people’s growing demand for online shopping, this is not the express logistics industry, was established in Wuhu city’s largest express industrial park can promote the economic development of the enterprise, let people see the rapid development of express industry, has become the focus of public entrepreneurship, worthy of attention.

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