Communist Youth League entrepreneurship in Jiangsu China started helping entrepreneurs

now has become a social innovation theme, a society at the same time, in many city governments are actively helping entrepreneurs realize the dream of entrepreneurship, recently held in Jiangsu Province, a youth entrepreneurship that open up a fresh outlook.

"in order to achieve more to achieve the entrepreneurial dream of entrepreneurs, we reduce the threshold for entrepreneurship, do not accept any deposit, the greater profit space for entrepreneurs, want to start supporting a number of ordinary people become the best distributor." Communist Youth League entrepreneurship in China Jiangsu Province Service Center Guizhou Moutai group, deputy director of the general manager, said Guo Lei.

"this is a strategic transformation of Moutai group, in the low-end wine, launch a small bottle of million yuan venture helping the project, only 10 thousand yuan venture capital, no deposit and agency fees, and we attract people is not only the national liquor brand Moutai, more is to return it." Guo Lei said, Moutai is the only entrepreneurial activities to help return mechanism of the wine industry, so that the majority of entrepreneurs can not participate in any pressure."

it is reported that since 2013, Moutai group in Hunan, Hubei, Liaoning, Guangdong, Zhejiang provinces launched the "entrepreneurial China Moutai business alliance League", has now formed a more mature business model. The country launched a total of 100 thousand entrepreneurs helping projects in Jiangsu, we have a few thousand, the number is considerable. We in the future recruitment of the vast numbers of young people to participate, will conduct professional training, at the same time, we will also recruit individual businesses to join, there are two hundred thousand County dealers access to funds, two-year contract expires will return the rebate of 10%, the township dealer access funds for thirty thousand." Guo Lei said.

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