Three business to help business development

do business once a few years, there will be a certain amount of experience accumulated, and business people once they can learn from these experiences, I believe there will be considerable help for their business development. The following small series to introduce the "Three Goods" business, thereby contributing to the development of more investors.

my store opened in Hubei, Changyang, the beautiful small town, the main cigarette and wine, is the edge of the town of Hubei liquor dealer agent in Changyang. The shop at the shore of Qingjiang, the environment is very beautiful, every day to open the door to see Qingjiang, Castle Peak water, air refreshing, particularly relaxed mood. I want to say a business is not a long time, it is only five years, five years, after the early start of the hard work, the middle hard, now shop on the upgrade, all the way down, I have accumulated some experience to share with you.

good, open the source of wealth

I am not authentic Changyang people, I do not know where the courage to come to Changyang this place is not familiar with the local business, it may be here, the mountains and rivers, local customs attracted me.

shops are very clean inside and outside

do business is popular, this is a little bit right. At the beginning of the retail industry entered the door, my heart is anxious and fearful, strange industry with strange environment for me is a challenge. I am a person who likes to make friends, but also a typical "enthusiastic", it is this good character to bring me wealth. Gradually, the neighbors have what big or small, will be the first to think of me, I quickly into the shop around the circle to go, met a lot of friends, shop business has been the strong support of friends.

so, business people, sincerity is a key, every day to send your keys, will be "God" given wealth. I also bear in mind that the "smile service", the rise of a smile, customers naturally, do not look at a smile, a greeting is nothing, but to be used in business, learning can be big. Usually in the store, the customer frequently, you can pull back a lot of repeat customers, these repeat customers will bring you other customers, which is the customer chain. With good popularity, you have a loyal group of consumers, with a steady stream of wealth.

good vision, seize business opportunities unlimited

in the late Qing Dynasty merchant Hu Xueyan famously said: "the most important thing is to do business vision, you see a province, a province can do business; see the world, will do the business world; see foreign, foreign business can do." Do business, vision to be accurate, be sure to be bold to do.

shop first

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