Entrepreneurship to create news

advertising plays an important role in the current society, many brands are also aware of this, and also in efforts to invest, but after many companies pay the money, but not what effect. In fact, entrepreneurship should learn to create news, so the probability of success will be greater!

Hongkong operating a glue shop, located on a little-known street, the business is very bad. One day, the owner of the store posted a notice on the door: "nine o’clock tomorrow morning, this will be sold by the store to glue a $4500 gold stick on the wall, if there is any gentleman, miss it with my hands off, this gold offered him (she this shop), I have my word!" The news spread like wildfire.

entrepreneurship at the same time learn I have no people. A rare family name in Germany, a shop that specializes in other large department stores or markets. For example: 6 finger gloves, the lack of a jacket on the jacket, less one leg of the pants, the disabled man on the foam cushion, the hunchback needs the right bed, etc..

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