Why did you choose to join the potato powder sister potato powder

Why do you want to choose the

potato powder potato flour, potato flour what are the advantages of joining. Read the following introduction you will understand.

company system perfect

sister, is a large domestic potato casserole powder Monopoly chain enterprise, founded in 2001, the first of only 4 square meters of the sister restaurant in Henan city of Zhengzhou Province, established in 2005 in Zhengzhou City sister Restaurant Management Co., mainly engaged in catering enterprises to join, consulting management, R & D special snack "sister" potato powder etc. cuisines, as the center of the business with potato casserole, potato powder was favored by women such as non-staple food snack. Since the development of the national chain stores throughout the country has 16 provinces and municipalities, the total business area of over 60 thousand square meters, more than 60 million people dining in the siblings of each year, the annual output value of more than 547 million, creating employment opportunities for tens of thousands of people, make the corresponding contribution to local economic development.

the company has a board of supervisors, financial department, operation Department, marketing department, development department, logistics department, office, customer service department, engineering department, Ministry of culture, the brand legal affairs department and other departments, with a high degree of multi professional and technical management staff of nearly 100 people, the team from the beginning to the end, to refuse to be cowed or submit the pioneering work hard the spirit of the siblings trademark has been in the country has a high visibility, and in December 27, 2013 by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce awarded the "A Well-Known Trademark in China" honorary title, the real form of these two chain enterprises operating characteristics, creating a chain of "flavor of food" features.

visibility high enough

960 degrees high temperature, the two sisters, Monographs casserole". The production of potato powder series, which is widely known and loved by Chinese consumers, has a good response in the society. The siblings had seven consecutive years by the SASAC Food Service Development Center awarded the "national food service companies, and in 2007 by the China Cuisine Association named" Chinese cuisines "title.

free site guidance and evaluation

sister professional team to assist franchisees for business assessment and market guidance to seek location. To judge the building, merchants, customers, evaluate its feasibility and success rate of the shop. According to the franchise, geographical area, population and consumption features of food culture, market investigation and feasibility analysis combined with the local consumption level, competitors, and market positioning and a series of practical problems. So without any food and beverage experience franchisee completed site selection and store placement judgment work easily.

above is a simple introduction to the potato powder to join the couple, if you have any other aspects of joining ask

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