Can not miss the small business in 2016 this year a good project

In fact,

in the past 2015, there are a lot of people with a dream, just haven’t met a good project, so it has been stagnant, now in 2016, there are a few good business projects, do not miss oh.

2016 small business project: head of long grass on the opportunities brought about by

on a Beijing street, "the grass hairpin" price of 5 yuan two. Street aunt told reporters that the cost of the card is 4 cents, the cost of purchase is very low. Half a month ago, when the grass is the most popular, in Houhai stall an hour can earn 200 yuan.

2016 small entrepreneurial good project: selling fireflies to lovers

2016 small entrepreneurial good project: foreigners’ Taobao

Chongqing home electronic commerce network, the business out of the ordinary, it is only to want to buy China foreigners service products. According to the boss of the site, this business can be said to be absolute profits. For example, there are many churches in Europe, where members of the church and visitors are free. But if you want to light a candle in the church, make a wish to pay. A candle in the European church, as long as 0.7 euros. In fact, this small candle is purchased from Tianjin, our price is only five or six yuan, and we sold to the church is the euro, the median profit margin of up to 100 times as much as possible.

In fact,

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