China ten beer brands list the whole

Chinese people love wine, not only in the current performance in the liquor, at the same time, beer and wine has become a favorite drink of many people. The beer because alcohol is low, the body of the little harm, it is favored by people. In short, the party to drink, eat to drink, the Chinese demand for beer is huge. So what beer brands on the market? The following small series for you to introduce China’s top ten beer brands list, of which the highest snow Qingdao sales.

China’s top ten beer brands NO.1, snowflake

Huarun snow beer (China) Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, is a production and operation of beer, a national professional beer company. Headquartered in Beijing, china. Its shareholders are China Resources Enterprise Ltd. At present, Huarun snow beer business in China more than 95 breweries, including snow beer brand and the more than and 30 regional brands, a total share of China’s beer market share of 23%. Also on the list of China’s top ten beer brands list.

China’s top ten beer brands NO.2, Qingdao

Tsingtao Brewery, formerly known as Tsingtao Brewery, was founded in 1903 by a joint venture between Britain and germany. Brand value of 80 billion 585 million yuan, ranking first in China’s beer industry, is the world’s top brands, the top 500 Chinese brands.

China’s top ten beer brands NO.3, Budweiser

Budweiser was born in 1876 by Adolphus ·, President George W. bush. It uses the best quality of pure natural materials, strict process control, through natural fermentation, low temperature storage. No artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives are used throughout the production process. In the fermentation process, and the use of hundreds of years of traditional beech fermentation process, the beer is quite crisp.

China’s top ten beer brands NO.4, Harbin

Harbin Beer Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1900, is China’s earliest beer manufacturer, its production of Harbin beer is China’s first beer brand, is still popular in china. China’s fifth largest beer brewing enterprises. Also on the list of China’s top ten beer brands list.

China’s top ten beer brands NO.5, Yanjing

Yanjing Beer through multi-channel selection of high-quality barley, the Yanshan mountains 300 meters deep underground mineral water, no pollution, good quality of hops, typical of high attenuation yeast, spare no effort in pursuit of advanced technology, has always been to Chinese taste for stick >

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