What small commodities in winter to make money

saw the winter of 2012 slowly close to us, in the winter of 2012 what is the most popular commodity, best selling, the most profitable? Today Xiaobian for you secret, let you in the winter of 2012 more warm, more warm!

winter what commodity money? Light snow shovel

Product: the product is made of engineering plastic, cold resistant, wear good toughness. Suitable for small areas, factories and streets to clean up garbage and snow, etc.. The product is light and durable, easy to use, it is a necessary product for beautifying the home. Generally 100 batches, the wholesale market price of 40 yuan /, the retail price of $70 /.

winter what commodity money? Single energy saving heater

winter what commodity money? USB hand warmer

Product: the product can not only make people hands timely heating, but also used to massage the neck and shoulder, ease due to cold weather caused by muscle soreness.


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